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The “Arliss Cutter” series is a set of thriller novels by thriller novelist Marc Cameron. Cameron is a Texan native born in 1961, where he grew up reading the “Hardy Boys” novels and anything to do with outdoor adventure and mystery. Since he lived on a farm, TV was not something that held his interest as he loved reading more. The adventure stories that he read as a child would later influence his writing as an adult. He went to the Weatherford High School and then joined the police academy to become a police officer for more than three decades. Working in the police force, he spent a lot of his downtime reading “The Hunt for Red October” among other Tom Clancy works. In 1991, he joined the US Marshall’s Service, where he started out offering his services to the protection of dignitaries. At some point, he spent several weeks guarding several witnesses in prison that were scheduled to testify in a prominent mafia trial. During this time, he spent much of his time living in the prison playing cards, doing pushups and learning everything about the prisoners he was protecting.

Over the years, Marc Cameron rose through the ranks and by the time her left the service, he headed an Alaskan district. Even though he left law enforcement, he still teaches defensive tactics to a range of civilian groups and law enforcement agencies given that he is a black belt jujitsu. In addition, he is a man tracker, adventure motorcyclist, and certified scuba diver. All of these experiences combined with his time in law enforcement usually give him the inspiration for much of the content in his novels. Marc Cameron’s debut novel was “National Security” that was first published in 2011 and spawned the “Jericho Quinn” thriller series. He found so much success with the novel that he decided to write even more books in the series. Under his pseudonym Mark Henry, he published “To Hell and Beyond,” a western novel. “Open Carry,” the first novel of the “Arliss Cutter” series of novels was first published in 2019.
Arliss Cutter the lead in the “Arliss Cutter” series of novels. He is introduced as a US Marshal who works in the remote reaches of his home state of Alaska. Apart from being an exceptional Marshal, he once upon a time served in the military though he does not like to talk about the past. Just like his grandfather, whom he idolizes for his work ethic, he works as hard as he can on his given his assignments. He is slow to show compassion even though that does not mean that he is heartless. He always finds a way to combine family life with work but never lets one get too much of his attention at the expense of the other. Nonetheless, he is a tough guy that possesses survival smarts and deadly skills and this is the perhaps the reason he never smiles. He is comfortable with home life as he is ridding the society of master evil doers and petty criminals which he sometimes does with a heavy hand. His temper is for the most part earned after the life he has lived which had at some point made him disillusioned. While he does seem to share some traits with popular action heroes, he is his own man who makes his own way and takes no orders from anyone.

“Open Carry,” the first novel of the “Arliss Cutter” series introduces Arliss Cutter, a US Marshall who possesses a unique set of skills. He was raised in the swamplands of Florida, fought in the Middle East, and served in the military before he came back to start working in the US Marshal Services. When it comes to taking someone out or tracking them down, he is the best you can get. But his latest assignment is proving to be out of his comfort zone as he is headed to the dark and cold uninhabited forests of Alaska. It is a homicide case in which a Tlingit Indian girl was brutally murdered. Even the tough and hardened Arliss had his blood run cold when he saw the pictures. But this was just the beginning as he soon learns that three people have gone missing on Prince of Wales Island. Two of the men were working on “Fishwives,” the reality TV show and Cutter had to track down the men that killed them by examining some of the footage they had taken. But resolving the case is not easy as every trail seems to be a dead end and everyone in town seems to have some kind of secret.

“Stone Cross,” the second novel of the “Arliss Cutter” series is set in a native rural community of Alaska. Moose and caribou are a major source of food in Stone Cross which usually has dark and long winter months. But Arliss Cutter is not in town for the moose or caribou. He is there to protect a stubborn judge that is getting threats against his life but would not allow the government to give him the protection he needs. Cutter and Lola Teariki his deputy are shadowing the man as he tours the icy outland to ensure that no harm comes to him. But it is soon apparent that no one is above suspicion and no one no matter how tough is safe in the district. There is a lot of fear in town as a young couple has gone missing eight miles upriver where they had their fishing lodge. Their handyman was found dead and lying prostrate next to a bizarre symbol. The worst thing is that the town is totally isolated from civilization as a dense fog has descended. The judge they are supposed to be guarding is still at risk but things just got more complicated.

“Bone Rattle” the second novel of the “Arliss Cutter” series opens to a series of brutal murders in the icy badlands of Alaska. Arliss Cutter the Deputy US Marshal heads into a firestorm of bone chilling fear, clashing cultures and searing corruption. Meanwhile, a young Indian archeologist goes missing after he is sent to some ancient burial sites that an Alaskan gold mining company had discovered. On the shores of Anchorage are found a female torso without the feet, hands and head. While Alaska is in an uproar, Arliss and Lola are sent to a federal court in Juneau to protect several sequestered juniors who are witnesses in a high profile trial. The case they are involved in is about a complex drug conspiracy that involves two state senators, a lobbyist, and a mining company. But then a reporter is attacked viciously and the prosecuting attorney is killed. Cutter realizes that they are faced with something darker and much bigger than a drug trial.

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  1. Julia Ha: 3 months ago

    I found the Arliss Cutter books one day,when I had read most of the action and mystery and horror books in the town library.I read Breakneck. All in one sitting. I went back and got the rest of them at once. Read them too. I am hooked. I hope there are more.Arliss has to solve his brother’s murder. Lola has to be there too.

  2. Matt Cahill: 1 year ago

    A golf friend of mine who is headed to Alaska on a fishing trip asked me if I ever read the Arliss Cutter series of books about a Marshal in Alaska? I hadn’t but when he told me it was written by a former Marshal I knew I had to read them. I too was a Marshal and worked some mafia trials, mostly in Philadelphia during my early career with the USMS. I just ordered Open Carry and will bring it with me on my Canada fishing trip next week with some former and current deputy u.s. marshals. Can’t wait

  3. Ken J Palmersheim: 1 year ago

    I absolutely love the Arliss Cutter series, and have read the first four books and have ordered the 5th.


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