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The German Girl (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Daughter's Tale (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Night Travelers (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Silence in Her Eyes (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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In Search of Emma (With: Cecilia Molinari) (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Armando Lucas Correa is a Cuban author who has made a reputation for himself penning stories that ring true across cultures and borders.

He is also a lifelong journalist that has been front and center in the coverage in covering issues to do with the Hispanic community in the United States. In this regard, he has been responsible for the development of culturally relevant content in all manner of formats.
Armando is also a knowledgeable resource on anything from digital transformation, to omnichannel business, and publishing. He is also a writer and speaker on multicultural issues such as gay parenthood, and surrogacy.

Correa published “The German Girl” his debut novel in 2016 and the work would become an international bestseller. The novel has since been published in more than 17 languages and was optioned and is about to be made into a TV series by Hollywood Gang Productions.
He has also had a long career at the Spanish Edition of People Magazine where he worked for more than a dozen years as Editor in Chief. During his time there, he managed to expand the reach of the paper and made it into an omnichannel operation that catered to more than 75% of the Hispanic population in the United States.

Lucas Correa the Cuban author landed in Miami in 1991 where he got a job working for El Nuevo Herald as a freelancer. He got his start in journalism working in the entertainment section in which he wrote a range of dance critiques.
Ultimately, he was offered a full-time position and began covering everything from crime to politics and elections among other things. It was while he was working as a journalist that he started thinking of pursuing his dream of becoming a fiction author.
However, writing is something that he has always done ever since he was a child. He started out writing essays but his first ever literary fiction work was the award-winning play “Final Exam.”

He would then work on a novel about Cuba during the 1980s but ultimately never published it. It was more of an experiment to play with the language he told the story of young people who were wandering on the streets of Havana.

Years later, he was approached by a Harper Collins/Rayo editor who asked him to write about his experiences as a surrogate father. The editor was impressed with the manuscript and from then on talk developed about him writing a fiction novel, which he finally did in 2016.

While Armando Lucas Correa has achieved a lot with his fiction works, he still works as an editor for “People Magazine.” The biggest boon of working as an editor is the strong presence on different media platforms and a strong social media presence that makes the promotion of his works easier.

When he is not writing his novels or working as an editor, he can usually be found speaking on Latinx/Hispanic issues and culture in addition to issues about gay parenthood books, surrogacy, historical fiction, and digital transformation.

“The German Girl” by Armando Lucas Correa is set in 1939 where the St. Louis, a German ship set sail from Havana heading to Hamburg. On board are more than 900 passengers, most of them Jewish refugees of German nationality, running away from the horrors of the Nazi regime.
This work follows Hannah Rosenthal, a 12-year-old girl who is a passenger on board the ship. Together with her influential and rich family, they are hoping to start a new life in Cuba. However, the ship and its passengers are denied entry into Cuba.

Ultimately, Hannah and her mother manage to disembark but most of the nearly 1000 passengers including Leo her best friend, and her father are denied. The ship is turned away from Canada to America and eventually heads back to Europe.

Seven decades later, her grandniece gets a package from her aging aunt who has finally agreed to tell the family story. This work is a timely reminder of the things refugees have to deal with and the real consequences of turning them away.

Armando Lucas Correa’s novel “The Daughter’s Tale” is the story of loving parents who are facing impossible choices. The work is set in 2015 in New York City and features Elise Duval an elderly woman that gets a call from a strange woman.
The latter had recently visited Cuba where she had stumbled upon some letters addressed to Elise. The work then jumps to 1933 Berlin and tells a story right up to the end of the Second World War in France in 1947.

Following the death of a Jewish doctor named Julius Sternberg in a prison camp, his wife follows his wishes and leaves Germany. The family is planning to head to Cuba where it is to live with an uncle.

However, they cannot secure the documents they need to travel and Amanda decides to live with Claire Duval an old friend in France until things settle down. At the last minute, the mother decides one of her kids is too young to head to France and instead sends the eldest alone.
The youngest daughter and her mother Amanda then begin a new life in the fashionable part of Vienne but things turn dangerous when the Second World War erupts. The Germans have now come to France and things get even worse in 1944 when they arrive in town looking for one of their missing soldiers and weapons.

“The Night Travellers” by Armando Lucas Correa tells a stunning multigenerational tale that involves the Cuban Revolution and Germany during the Second World War. Ally Keller is a poet living in Berlin in 1931 that recently got a daughter with a Black German jazz musician named Marcus.

In the opening stages, Marcus has just gone missing just as Germany is marching toward war and Ally fears her child may become a target of the Nazis given her dark skin color.

She turns to Albert and Beatrice Herzog her Jewish neighbors to take her kid with them to Cuba.As Lilith gets integrated into life in Cuba living with her adoptive parents, she makes friends with Martin Bernal who ultimately becomes her husband.
But Martin has close links with the Batista government which is not a good thing when Fidel Castro takes over. Soon enough he is taken by Castro’s forces and leaves Lilith and their young daughter alone.

The mother decides to leave Cuba and heads to the United States where her daughter is adopted by an American couple. Years later Nadine is attending college in Germany even as she is employed as a research scientist in Berlin.
It is at this time that she gets interested in her family heritage and starts digging into the palpable sacrifices made by her grandparents and parents to ensure their survival.

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