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Publication Order of Art of Love Books

Carved In Stone (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Created In Fire (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Captured In Ink (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Commissioned in White (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cruising Speed (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Covered in Paint (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Carved In Wood (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Love is a pure and perfect art! Just ask Mr. Will Larson and his sons. Each of the Art of Love series novels is themed on contemporary romance comedy that will work for sure quench your thirst if you are a fan of romance drama spiced novels.

The author Donna McDonald was born in Vanceburg, Kentucky United States. She is popularly known for writing Science Fiction, Contemporary Romance, and Humor & Comedy. She is an active dreamer, finding writing as the best way to express her creativity. Most of her novels have appeared on the bestseller list for a romantic comedy, space opera, humor and more.

The series consist of five novels, the first book in the series is Carved in Stone published in 2011, Created in Fire was released the same year as the debut novel.

Carved in Stone (2011)

Despite his son’s teasing him about not having a girlfriend and his ex-wife thinking that he will not move on after breaking up with her, William Everett the 53-year old former principal and stone sculptor is happy that after all those years of waiting he has found the spark to his heart. Jessica Anderson, the 47year old high school teacher, has caught the attention of William and sent his heart in a crazed marathon.

William admires Jessica for she is courageous and also likes her for the way she has been able to deal with her life despite the setbacks that she has experienced. Looking at the gorgeous woman and ultimately the one he would comfortably call “my love” he realizes that the only part damaged by Jessica’s past is her heart.

Jessica convinces Willy that she is not capable of lasting love, but he does not agree with her words. However, it is true since for Jessica her past is heavily loaded with heartbreaks to the point that she sees dating as just a recreation while men as interchangeable. However, when she decides to offer him a short-term sexual fidelity, Will decides to salvage all that he can get until he finds a way to convince her that she is capable of loving and giving love a final shot.

Jessica is happy with her life; her daughter is soon graduating from college. She is some few years from retirement, and lately, she is stopped having a passion both for her art as well as for men. For Jessica, she is unique, and never looks for any set of qualities in any person but rather dates all men that she wants.

On the other hand Will is a nice and handsome guy; however, Jessie is not sure whether he is worth a short-term relationship. She loves riding his motorcycle, admires his art and for sure thinks that he is a good man. However, after spending thirty years being single, she is sure that many relationships do not work for women with the past like hers. After will insists on sleeping with her, she gives in but deep in her heart knows that their “relationship” will never last.

In the first novel of Art of Love series, the author Donna McDonald showcases her superb writing skills. Everything flows in order; the plot development is fantastic, flowing at a good pace. All the characters featured are well crafted in a way they are all artist in some way or the other. As for Jessica, the heroine, she seems happy with her life and does not feel sorry about the choices/lifestyle that she might have chosen for herself. She is bold, flirty, vibrant and honest and tells Will the truth when he approaches her.

On the other hand, Will is the Mr. Nice Guy; he has two adult sons, Michael and Shane handsome as their father and plays a vital role in the story. This secondary character perfectly fits into this family tale and are also featured in other novels are primary characters.

The sex scenes in the novel are phenomenal and satisfying; it is so amazing to have a story that involves “older” lead characters who still have a passion for sex and who are not afraid to showcase it.

Created in Fire (2011)

Would you like to laugh for a few seconds and then cry next? Then this is the perfect romance for you. When you read Created in Fire, you are immersed in the Larson family circle. In the second book, you get to encounter Michael Larson, the eldest of the stone sculptor son as he learns the painful art of love.

In his late youth years, Michael Larson has kept himself a good man even though he is far from being a perfect man. He considered himself a reformed man and had buried his past full of bad dating habits. However, Carrie Addison, soon to be the mother of his child does not agree with Michael statement about reformation. The challenge he now faces is how to kept the mother of his child aligned until he figures a way to change her mind.

Despite the advice that his family is giving him regarding clinging onto a woman who is ready to escape him, Michael finally manages to convince Carrie into marrying him. For Carrie, she is still undecided on what to do with Michael and the baby. However, Michael is determined never to let her go, for he cannot bear losing her together with his child.

Captured in Ink (2011)

If you are jaded about love and lust you are not alone, so is Reesa Callahan, a 34-year-old dumped by her boyfriend right in the middle of a family crisis that changed her life and the view of relationship forever. Now the longest period she can stay offer a man is only one night, and that is what she told Shane Larson the night when they met. However, Shane Larson is a stubborn man and won’t accept the limited offer.

The 27 graphic novelists Shane was not ready for a relationship until a one night stand ended being the woman he would forever love.

That night he knew that the “Anne” as she claimed to be was not the real name for the beautiful lady. Shane had almost given up hope on finding the “one-night stand girl” until one day a friend leads him right to “Anne” Reesa Callahan’s front door. What he found was a shocking surprise of his life.

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