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Publication Order of Wolfshead Books

Oath Of Blood (1973)Description / Buy at Amazon
The King's Death (1973)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Light in the West (1974)Description / Buy at Amazon
Viking Slaughter (1974)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Flame in the Fens (1974)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Axe in Miklagard (1975)Description / Buy at Amazon

Arthur Frazier is a house pen name that Laurence James (who wrote the third and fourth books, writing only two of the books in the series) and Kenneth Bulmer (who wrote four of the novels: first, second, fifth, and sixth installments in the series) use. Books in the series were published by a publishing company called New English Library. The pen name is used by the pair to write the Wolf’s Head” series of novels, and was one of many that prolific authors Kenneth Bulmer and Laurence James used during his lifetime.

He was an author that wrote a lot of novels in a short amount of time, and was involved heavily with each piece that he worked on. Kenneth Bulmer wrote over two hundred short stories and one hundred seventy novels, both of which are staggering numbers to be sure; he even wrote under a lot of different names (the number is estimated at 22 pen names that he used). When writing under a pen name, he would often times come up with a fictional biography to go along with the pen name. Rather than just publish the books under another name and leave it a mystery as to who the author really was. Some lists that try to compile all of his works fall short in capturing every single novel that he wrote, there are just far too many.

After a stroke that he had in the year 1997, he stopped writing for the final eight or so years of his life. He died in the year 2005 after a long illness.

During his time as a writer, he wrote things from all kinds of genres; things like novelizations of television series, historical, science fiction, fantasy, and adventure.

The series of books is from the historical fiction section, this is set in Anglo-Saxon England.

Writer Laurence James (who was born in the year 1942 and died in the year 2000) is, of course, best known for writing the “Deathlands” series (for which he wrote over thirty installments of, and published under the name of James Axler). Along with Kenneth, was quite a prolific author who wrote under a lot of different pen names. He too had about fifteen pen names (three of which he shares with Kenneth).

It took Laurence two years of working on writing stories to finally get his first novel published, which was called “Earth Lies Sleeping” and was published in the year 1974. It was the first novel that starred Simon Rack, a galactic secret agent. He started in the year 1972, working as a freelance journalist and author as a full time gig. It was during this time that he was writing science fiction stories in both America and Britain.

During the time his first book came out, his publisher supplied things like he both liked and disliked. Some things he liked were Wilson and Beraddock, old movies, rock n roll music, Alf Tupper, and old comic books; things he did not like were earwigs, suits, and gherkins.

Laurence James and Kenneth Bulmer worked together on stories they published under the following pen names: Andrew Quiller (“The Gladiator” series or “The Eagles” series) and Neil Langholm (“The Vikings” series) as well. They included a bio for Neil Langholm to make it seem as though the series was written by someone Danish, which is important to this character.

The series began in the year 1970, with the release of “Oath of Blood”. The series lasted for six books. The final novel in the series, titled “An Axe in Miklagard” was released in the year 1975. Half of the books in the series were released in the year 1974. the other three were spread out, one in the year 1970, 1973, and 1975. Of the series that he wrote, this is one of the shortest that he wrote, at only six installments.

Like most of Kenneth Bulmer’s work (whether working with Laurence or not), the first novel sets up the main thing that his main character will be doing throughout the entire series. He gives the protagonist some kind of major goal that he will then spend the rest of the series pursuing until he is done with it. The books in the series are also pretty short as well, making it easy for any readers to get through them quickly.

When some started the first book, they were really eager to find out what was going to happen next, and that eagerness to see what came next only grew and burned more intensely. These books are hard for some readers to put down, making them glad they took a chance on them to begin with. They are underrated books that keep them glued on the pages the entire time they read them, despite the fact that they are unable to get any of their work done in the process. The books never slow down for an instant, and readers find themselves wanting to know what will happen next for this guy. He is just someone that it is hard not to root for.

Fans of the series find that they cannot get enough of this main character, wishing that Frazier had written more stories about the character. Like he did with some of his other characters, feeling that this one is their favorite of his characters. Throughout the series, readers enjoy going on this journey with this character, finding that he was unique and sticking with them, even a long time after they had finished reading about him.

The books have held up pretty well, since their original publication, some have found. That is something that is pretty rare when dealing certain sections of pulp fiction. Readers are pulled into everything Kenneth Bulmer writes and keep on coming back for more, buying them whenever they are able to find anything by him. He is one of the heroes of the old pulp stories.

Some find that if you have never read these incredible books, you should. They are just that good. People cannot stop recommending them to people enough, that is how much they love them. Some may not think highly of these books because of their designation as pulp, but readers simply love reading these action packed books with a unique lead character. It is that simple. Men wish they could be this guy, and women wish they could get him in bed.

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