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Publication Order of Nate Thomas Books

Arthur McGillem is an American author that writes action suspense thrillers. The author is best known for Nate Thomas and his team of highly talented covert operatives who spend the run of McGillem’s books saving the United States from internal and external threats.

Arthur McGillem only started publishing fiction in 2013. However, the author was writing for many years before that. Arthur doesn’t know exactly when the notion of pursuing a career in publishing struck him.

He isn’t even really sure when he decided that writing was the one passion he would set his sights upon. However, he remembers igniting a love for reading at a young age.

And he also knew early on that the idea of producing the sort of fiction that could give other people the same joy he felt whenever he read his favorite novels appealed to him. But as with most authors, life never gave him the opportunity to put his mind solely to the task of producing fiction professionally, let alone honing his craft as a storyteller early on.

But Arthur McGillem did have a chance to write for a living. Though, at the time, Arthur’s interests were primarily restricted to technical writing and research; the author was fortunate enough to land a position in the United States Government at a young age.

He proceeded to spend a significant portion of his adult life producing reports for his department.

McGillem admits that the work would have bored most people. However, McGillem wasn’t one of those authors who spent their entire life in a dead end job that gave them little more than misery, only pursuing publishing as a means of achieving a modicum of happiness.

McGillem actually enjoyed his work. He derived purpose and satisfaction from the reports he produced. And when he finally decided to move on, it came as little surprise when the author secured work in a field that wasn’t so different from the position he had filled in the government.

McGillem’s employer was a major automotive component manufacturer and the author worked on their technical training team. That particular position was far more time consuming than McGillem’s previous work.

More than writing reports, the author was also expected to plan and develop the programs under the company’s technical training campaign. Though, the production of literature for his work also played heavily into Arthur McGillem’s daily activities.

Most aspiring authors, especially the ones stuck at dead-end jobs, often describe a chance encounter with particularly inspiring literature as the spark that drove them to embrace their publishing dreams once more.

But Arthur McGillem never abandoned his reading habits. Even as life took him away from any fiction writing prospects he held, even as his education and his work manifested obstacles that kept him thoroughly busy, the author always found time to read his novels.

Interestingly enough, even though his books are international spy thrillers with plenty of action and adventure, McGillem always read widely. He took every opportunity he got to experiment with as many genres as he could possibly find.

And along the way, McGillem’s mind took what he read and begun to transform it into original ideas; concepts that used the characters and stories that McGillem encountered and reworked them into original plot threads.

Like most authors, McGillem allowed these concepts to dance around his mind for a very long time; probably longer than was wise. But a time came when he realized that he had to give them life by pouring them on paper.

At the time, work wasn’t quite as hectic for Arthur McGellim. He was experimenting a little more recklessly with life. The author was already getting quite a kick out of his ragged Roadking classic motorbike.

McGillem and his wife went riding often. But then arthritis came into the picture and McGillem decided that he was better off removing the motorbike from the picture rather than allowing it to tempt him with the sort of fun that he was incapable of pursuing.

It was around that time that fiction writing came into the picture. Many of the author’s fans encountered him through his blogs and he was able to count on them when his first novel, ‘Slightly Off’, hit the publishing landscape.

McGillem looked to Amazon’s Kindle program to see the novel published. The author saw fit to keep his readers apprised of his progress through his blogs, making mention of the interesting twists, turns and transformations his characters kept taking as his story took shape.

Once the novel was finally completed, the author initially attempted to sell it to readers at a competitive price. But after a while, when it became clear that not as many readers were showing interest in his debut novel as he expected, McGellim decided to offer the novel for free.

Several months later, the author followed ‘Slightly Off’ up with the Rubric, the novel delving further into the adventures of the characters he introduced in his debut novel.

Arthur McGillem’s novels typically feature mysterious fictitious groups committing crimes behind the scenes. The author’s heroes are brazen men and women who take extraordinary measures to overcome the physical and political obstacles keeping them from delivering justice.

+Slightly Off
Nathan Thomas is a Major in the army. He leads a Delta team on dangerous missions designed to protect the interests of the United States. The military figure doesn’t expect to encounter much challenge when his team is charged with destroying those submarines a drug cartel uses to covertly transport its product.

But then the activities of the Delta team are brought to light and all hell breaks loose. Nathan learns that a US senator in the pocket of the cartel warned them about the team’s efforts. Now Nathan and his people are in dangerous waters. They must find a way to complete their mission whilst keeping their lives.

+The Rubric
The Rubric is a group of wealthy men and women who control the economy of the United States from behind the scenes. They have been doing so for the last three decades.

When Nathan Thomas discovers the existence of the Rubric, he makes it his mission to unravel the hold they have over the government.

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