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Down and Across (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Gone Viral (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
How It All Blew Up (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Arvin Ahmadi is an upcoming author from America, who has interests in writing young adult, fiction, and contemporary novels. His writing career comprises of just one novel so far. Author Arvin is hopeful of becoming a successful writer as his writing skills and style have been very much praised by the critics. His debut book, Down and Across, has succeeded in attracting the attention of a large of critics all around the world. Even the fans of the young adult stories have appreciated his writing abilities and style of storytelling. Just a few days have passed to the book’s release and it has already started finding interested audiences at a number of places. Some of them have even reviewed the book with quite praising reviews. All of this has come as a big boost for author Arvin. Gaining confidence from his praises and appreciations, author Arvin already started working on his next book.

He considers himself lucky to have found the Vikings Books publishers, who showed trust in him by agreeing to publish his book. Now, Arvin looks forward to collaborating with this publishing house on several more occasions. Author Arvin was born and brought up in Northern Virginia, United States. He earned his graduate degree from the Columbia University. After completing his graduation, Arvin moved to Brooklyn in search of work. For a brief period, he was involved in the tech industry. However, it did not take him much time to realize that his real interest lies in writing. Therefore, he resigned from his work and began focusing on honing his skills as a writer. Over the years, Arvin has lived in places likes Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Brooklyn. As of today, he resides in Brooklyn. Whenever author Arvin is not writing or reading books, he can be seen watching late night TV shows as well as editing pages on Wikipedia. Arvin considers himself lucky to have found the path of writing. He wishes to turn into a noteworthy author, whose works shall be appreciated for years. The initial success of his first novel has raised his hopes to a new high level. Many reputed authors have praised him for his characterizations and plot descriptions. His creation of the lead character named Saaket Ferdowsi is very much liked by many. Numerous critics feel that Arvin has described Saaket’s character based on his own nature. Similar to his irresistible hero, Arvin too is charming and quirky, unpredictable and wise, and filled with big hearted grit. Author Arvin’s coming of age debut novel tells the story of Saaket Ferdowsi. The story is every bit about grit, Saaket Ferdowsi’s dedication of wanting it, thinking about ways of getting it, and finally discovering where grit lies. Saaket Ferdowsi is introduced into the series as a 16 year old boy living in Philadelphia.

The family of Saaket has its roots in Iran, and when his parents decide to make a visit to their homeland for some work, Saaket feels left alone at home. He wonders what are the things with which he could keep himself busy and spend the summer days. Author Arvin’s ways of describing the story appears so phenomenal. It seems like he knows very well about the ways to attract young readers by giving them something that they really have their interest in.

The debut book written by author Arvin Ahmadi is entitled ‘Down and Across’. It was released by the Viking Books in the year 2018. The chief characters mentioned by author Arvin in this book include Saaket Ferdowsi and Fiora Buchanan. Arvin has done the setting of the plots in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. At the start of the book’s story, it is depicted that Saaket Ferdowsi has never taken anything seriously in life and has the habit of quitting. In fact, he has a long track record to his name when it comes to quitting. He is commonly to as Scott by his close ones. The latest task that Scott receives is that of writing a novel as a part of his internship for the summer. Writing the three chapters of the ‘Great American’ novel comes as a great challenge for Scott. He finds it very difficult to keep up with the deadline of one week. On one hand, all the close friends of Scott Ferdowsi where they are headed with their lives. They seem to have gone through their options and made plans about their future. And on the other hand, Scott does not have any idea as to what he is going to do about his own life. He cannot even decide what he wants for breakfast and thinking about his future looks like too big a task for him.

When the time comes to send out college applications, Scott Ferdowsi’s parents put pressure on him to become serious and choose a definite career path such as medicine or engineering. With the pressure mounting on him day after day, Scott feels he has become too helpless. And so, he runs away to Washington in search for help. Scott intends to approach a popular professor specializing in the success psychology or grit and take and request the professor to guide him. However, Scott never thought that his decision of him would set him on the path of adventure. He had planned the visit as a one day affair, but shocks and surprises turn it into something else. In Washington, Scott Ferdowsi comes across a ballsy student from college named Fiora Buchanan.

Fiora’s ambition in life is to create crossword puzzles. When Scott and Fiora get acquainted, she offers to lend her bike to him for the rest of his journey. But, it gets him into a high speed chase. And in the next few days, Scott Ferdowsi goes on to indulge in activities that he had never thought he would ever do. He sneaks into bars, tries picking up girls from the National Zoo. He even tries his hand at crossword to see what does it have in it that interests Fiora so much. The adventurous journey teaches important lessons to Scott about the fundamental truths of life. It even makes him realize the real person that he is from the inside. Finally, Scott is able to decide what he really wants to become in life. All the while, he keeps thinking about Fiora Buchanan. Scott starts to think that he is falling for the quirky girl. The story ends with Scott Ferdowsi becoming a responsible person and taking control of his career and life.

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