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Asa Avdic is a popular novelist from Sweden, who is fond of writing thriller and science fiction books. She is particularly famous for writing the highly successful novel of her career, The Dying Game. In addition to being an author, Avdic is also a journalist by profession and a famous TV host. She works in the Public Service Television of Sweden, the SVT. During the fall of the year 2016, author Avdic began her literary career with her debut psychological thriller novel called Isola. Author Avdic has even worked for the Public Service Radio and TV in Sweden as a program host. She has spent numerous years in this field and gained a lot of popularity throughout the country. As of today, she works as the popular host of the biggest morning current affairs show of Sweden, the Gomorron Sverige, along with focussing on her writing career. Author Avdic was born on April 10, 1974, in Orebro County, Sweden. Currently, she stays along with her family members in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Dying Game novel that author Avdic has written as her debut novel is a masterly mystery of locked rooms and takes place in the near future’s Orwellian state. The book depicts the story of 7 people, who are taken to a distant island and are asked to compete among themselves for 48 years continuously. The test is aimed at selecting one person among the seven, who would occupy a top position in the secret intelligence service. Also, a woman is required to fake the death of her own in order to make things easy for her while working undercover. Author Avdic was highly praised by the critics and the readers alike for coming up with such a unique story. Her fan following increased by huge numbers within the span of a few days. She gained a great boost from the success of this book, this increased her confidence and helped her to work towards the development of the next novel in her career. Her first book is still being sold in different countries of the world. It is translated into a number of foreign languages in various countries. This has helped her gather a wide range of audience and an increase in her fans. Many of them have started requesting to write a sequel to her debut book. Author Avdic is now being asked as to when she is going to publish her second book.

The only book that Asa Avdic has written so far in her writing career is entitled ‘The Dying Game’. It was released by the Penguin Books in the year 2017. Author Avdic has set the plot in the year 2037 on a small island called Isola. She has mentioned the chief characters of the book as Anna Francis and Henry, along with a number of other important secondary characters. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that seven people get selected to take part in a 48 hour competition on a small island named Isola. This competition is being carried out to fill up a top secret position in the intelligence department of the totalitarian Friendship Union. Among the participants, there is Anna Francis, who is a bureaucrat by profession and has a workaholic nature. She has a 9 year old daughter whom Anna Francis very rarely meets, but always keeps a watch on her so as to ensure her safety and well being. Anna seems to be going through a haunting experience because of a personal secret that she has kept hidden. The reason for getting haunted is that she is finding it very difficult to keep the secret and wonders what would happen to her daughter if she is not around to help her. Later, it is learned that Anna Francis is not a participant in the competition. In fact, she herself is the test. Her commanding officers give her the assignment of staging her own killing and then observing from a hiding place, which is inside the walls of a house, how the other 6 candidates react after knowing that they have a murderer among them. Anna has to see and find out whom among them takes the lead and who cracks down under pressure. But, the competition turns into a real game when a storm arrives, causing a power failure and complete darkness at the place of the competition. Author Avdic has done a great job in writing this extremely thrilling novel by combining unexpected twists, suspense, psychological gamesmanship, as well as sinful dystopian future. The book seems to conjure a world where a woman is ordered to fake her murder in order to save her life in the real sense.

The plot moves forward mostly by the narration of the two main characters, Henry and Anna. These two people are shown as having full knowledge about each other. They share a type of teasing and unfaithful relationship with each other throughout the story. Anna in particular is described as suffering from PTSD. However, the reason for this is not properly told by the author. With her character description it becomes quite obvious that Anna Francis is an intelligent human being, however, she has gone through a phase of torture in her past life, which appears to be making her stressed out in the present life. On the other hand, Henry is depicted as a cold and clever guy. As the plot progresses further, the readers are able to witness the differing viewpoints of the two primary characters. The portion in which the island is described looks a little bit creepy. The author has played on numerous fears while describing the island as a haunting place. She has layered possibilities and has put characters in different circumstances. Anna goes on to realize that her role is not what she expected and prepared herself for. The background appears to be well imagined, only somewhat loose on detailing. Several readers were engaged just by reading about the relationship of Anna Francis with her daughter and mother.

On the whole, the novel looks more like a horror film, where people disappear and the audience is not able to see the complete picture until the very end. The book looks to be a well written page turner. Therefore, the critics recommend it to all those fans of thriller novels who look for something unusual and different. Numerous readers are eagerly waiting for author Avdic to complete the sequel book and get it published. The publicity of this debut book spread far and wide because of its unique content and excellent writing skills. Author Avdic considers herself lucky to have come up with the imagination of such a story in her mind and put it on paper. With the expectation from her fans and critics, increasing each day, she wonders whether she will be able to maintain the standard of her next book and come out true to the expectations.

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