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If all the modern writers are called out today and asked to raise their hands and make a presentation of their books, a lady by the name Asa Maria Bradley would rise, gracefully raise her hand and read out boldly and fluently her impeccable Romance Novel VIKING WORRIOR RISING Book 1 leaving the crowd satiated and begging for more. If any of her past prowess and records is to go by she knows her trade and has mastered it to the letter, not just that she has a simplicity with which she communicates, transmitting the information gracefully, steadily and clearly to the reader. Her work has placed her on the Globe and the brain and grace of this author will probably engrave her name in history for all time and future generations to see and admire. A perfect balance of mental rigidity and lingual liquidity has bathed the Swedish author to taunt our desires and expectations, to capture us from the onset of her works to the very last page; a True page turner. Leaving us wondering what just happened, hers is Asa Maria Bradley.

Perhaps it’s her humble past that inspired her growth into such depths and mystery. She was born in Sweden in about 1970, and had a normal upbringing surrounded by the Swedish folklore and culture. She grew up among the natives and the norm back then which was History steeped in Norse mythology, this may explain her liking into the mystical mythical tales popular in her books. Another norm that surrounded her earlier life was the archeology in Sweden. She spent her childhood drenched in the two and till today draws a lot of her story telling charisma from these early years. Up until she was seventeen she was a Swedish girl, with ambitions for higher education and a future family. She garnered an opportunity to fly to the US for her university studies, where she overstayed for an extra couple of decades sculpting her life.

At age seventeen she got a scholarship to Texas, USA, as a high school exchange student. From then her path was forever changed, she completed her high school education not long after that and went on to pursue her higher education. She went on to join the acclaimed University of Colorado and pursued an MS in Medical Physics, she then proceeded into the high technology industry within the San Francisco Bay Area and later moved on to teach physics in Washington state. All this while, she admits, even though it was dominated by science the inner story teller in her was never dead but continued formulating stories just as before.

At a modest age of forty four (44 years) she has, under her belt, an impressive number of accolades in her name. Owing to her prowess in writing the 2014 Golden Heart Finalist award in the paranormal romance category for her work on VALHALLA’S VIKING, as book one in the Viking Warriors series is just but the first in a list of mentions.

She has worn over many of her fans with her stories into the mystical realms and her talent to paint a vivid picture of a mystical love in her tales. She brings her fantasy into reality in her books, expected though but that’s just the tip of it. She toys with a fascination of the unknown, of the mystical worlds out there, untouched and unexplored, maybe her physicist is working up in this but we can’t complain of the results. Since her childhood she had been deep into the mysteries of the unknown and of what could have been the truth a couple of thousands of years ago, away from our prying and documenting eyes.

The dynamic history with which she grew up with and the archeological sites and findings dotting her home country inspired a young Asa Maria Bradley to try figure out the origin in a bid to fill up the answers to the many questions she pondered to herself in a bid to make sense out of it all. Her surroundings were filled with historical tales based on the historical sites there coupled with a lot of Norse mythology from her native Swedish folklore. From her early days she learnt how to tell stories and she perfected her art progressively as she grew. She honed her skills being a great story teller and as soon as she learnt about letters she started penning stories to paper. Her specialization into science may have worked to fortify her resolve and thoughts. Her studies based on facts have made her a rare combination of fact and fiction, bringing out fictional tales in the most well balanced and calibrated way, standing to the test of time and logic.

Asa Maria Bradley has made a reputation for herself by writing short stories and as she claims unplanned and impulsively, such as the MFA in Creative Writing that she completed at a desk in Eastern Washington University after a lecture. Her culture of writing stories since her childhood has matured this paranormal author into something enviable in the literally circles. Short stories have been her strong suit, producing a number of steamy romantic works, with a paranormal twist to it. Her themes and main characters seem to follow a certain path where the woman seems to be powerful and outspoken in all her quest and the gentleman, one with the guts to dare love such a strong woman! Perhaps one of the key styles that has kept her attractive to the public is her skill in suspense, leaving us yearning for more. Natural skills in writing will definitely place her at the top of her game and her obvious freedom in writing keeps it as fresh as ever.

Self-confessed as not being a morning person, she’s glad that cartoons didn’t exist in her time, hence the more time shoe had with her thoughts. Happy and content with her achievement she now resides with her British husband deep in the Pine forest of the Pacific Northwest and an adopted dog of indeterminate breed

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    I haven’t started reading the Viking Warrior series yet but want to soon. I was just curious if Loki Ascending is the final book of the series or if more are coming.

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      At this time it is the final book in the series. I am not sure if there will be another one or not.


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