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Ash Park Series by Meghan O’Flynn
Author Meghan O’Flynn writes the “Ash Park” series of mystery novels. The series began publication in the year 2016, when “Famished” was released.

It is set in Ash Park, Detroit, a run down town. The series stars different main characters.

“Famished” is the first novel in the “Ash Park” series, and was released in the year 2016. The run-down suburb in Detroit, called Ash Park, may not be the most ideal place to live, but it is a safe place for Hannah Montgomery. She feels that way until the serial killer begins slicing up the women from the shelter she volunteers at.

She is able to convince herself that the killings have got nothing to do with her own brutal past. Then her boyfriend gets killed in the same merciless manner like the others. The cops suspect she had something to do with this.

The cops are right: Hannah is responsible, because she knows who the killer is. Now she has to confront the fact that she brought a monster to Ash Park. And he has an insatiable appetite for blood. Everybody’s hungry for something. Some are just more famished than others are.

This novel is raw, dark, and gritty and is an emotional roller coaster that is an electrifying debut novel. Meghan uses smart and fearless writing as well as a plot that is going to stick with those that pick it up. The twists and turns are not ones you will see coming, and it is depraved, thrilling, and emotional the entire way through.

“Conviction” is the second novel in the “Ash Park” series, and was released in the year 2016. Shannon Taylor doesn’t take any prisoners, save for the ones she throws into lockup. Between caring for her dying brother, dealing with her jerk of an ex-husband (who is also her boss), and convicting criminals as a district attorney in Ash Park, she is stretched thin already. She is less than thrilled then when there is new evidence from a closed case comes out. It is evidence that suggests she threw a young mom in jail for a murder that she is innocent of.

She realizes the woman is hiding something. Whatever the secret is, however, it is much more compelling than any hope of freedom as the girl is not talking.

Shannon becomes the target of a series of bloody and cryptic warnings, and has to figure out a way to keep everybody she holds dear safe. Is her persistence going to free this innocent woman? Or will her quest to find out the truth going to turn her family into some helpless targets in this madman’s game?

Conviction runs deep, but courage runs deeper. Absolutely nothing in Ash Park is really the way it seems.

From start to finish, the book is a white-knuckled roller coaster ride. The murder mystery is suspenseful and intense that captures readers from the start and holds you captivated until the last page.

“Repressed” is the third novel in the “Ash Park” series, and was released in the year 2016. For once in Curtis Mo0rrison’s life, things are good.

He is a newly married cop in the Ash Park police department spends his days working on healing the ails of society in order to make up for the checkered past he himself has left behind. Despite his coming a long way from a life of bloody, lethal secrets he is unable to fully recall, not even his young daughter and wife are able to fully silence that old addiction that rattles inside his brain.

Curtis is about to learn that a history like the one he’s got is not one you can simply run away from.

His wife and kid go missing, and Morrison finds that he is dragged into a nightmarish game. One that is controlled by the sadistic monster that is hell-bent on making him pay back for the sins he has repressed for two decades. Whoever abducted his wife is not after her, they just want Morrison to suffer. With each day that goes by, his family’s situation gets even more dire.

Morrison has to explore a past that he had hoped to leave behind in order to save the ones he loves, waking up a beast he has tried so very hard to forget. What he is able to uncover is much worse than he ever imagined. Each clue drags him away from the life he has painstakingly built for himself and right back to a place that he very nearly succumbed.

The clock is ticking. This time, he may not make it out alive.

“Hidden” is the fourth novel in the “Ash Park” series, and was released in the year 2017. Detective Edward Petrosky always felt the world’s pain like a razor blade slicing into his gut, even worse when he considers those killers that were able to escape conviction. He cannot allow that to stop him, however, especially after a grandmother is found killed right on her front lawn, being the victim of some machete-wielding psycho.

The case is odd right from the start. Nobody heard anything despite the crime’s public nature. An unknown kid’s footprints cover this property without any trace of the child. One grisly find in the basement has got the entire police force shocked. Nothing is making any sense. Whatever secrets their victim was keeping, she took them, and quietly, to the grave.

Another woman’s corpse turns up with one familiar brand on her ribcage, Petrosky realizes a horrible truth: the killer he believed was long gone from Ash Park has stayed behind, lurking among them. Who knows just how many victims this killer has stacked up? For the ones he has kidnapped, any day could truly be their last, unseen, imprisoned, with just their screams and the deranged lunatic for company.

Petrosky has to risk everything that he holds sacred in order to track this most sadistic killer that Ash Park has ever seen. A guy whose thirst for blood and carnage goes way beyond simple bloodletting. Saving some innocent lives is going to require one unbearable sacrifice.

One he might not ever recover from.

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