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Still Waters (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Falling Between Us / Holding on to You (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girls Save the World in This One (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
You're So Dead (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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with Rachel Hawkins, Vicky Alvear Shecter
The Haunting of Beatrix Greene (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ash Parsons is a published American author.

She has attended traditional schools as well as graduated from clown college. Ever since college, Parsons has had involvement when it comes to dealing with child and youth advocacy. She has also taught English to students at the middle school and high school level in the more rural parts of Alabama. Still Waters, the author’s first published novel, was mainly inspired by this experience as she witnessed a few of the students she taught take on problems that seemed nearly impossible to overcome.

Parsons has participated in the ACCESS program at Troy University as well, teaching students creative writing. She has also taught at Auburn University, specializing in media studies. She currently resides with family members in Alabama. She is a Literary Arts Fellow when it comes to the Alabama State Council of the Arts. Parsons has also won a PEN America Literary Award, earning her the Phyllis Naylor Fellowship.

Parsons first became a published author in 2015 with the release of Still Waters. Similar to stories such as The Outsiders, this debut book from Parsons earned it much praise and accolades. It was a selection for the Junior Library Guild. Publishers Weekly liked the thriller, calling it a crime drama that was fast paced, dark, and violent, exploring complicated moral dynamics and the character of Jason ‘dimensional’ and rounded. Booklist liked that the author created characters that were ‘deeply felt’ and liked the emotion and plot. School Library Journal called the book suspenseful and provocative, featuring dialogue that was realistic, relatable ethical dilemmas, and ‘well-drawn characters’.

Still Waters is the debut novel from author Ash Parsons. If you are into dramatic stories that are gritty and involving, then buckle up, because you are in for a ride in this strong first book from Parsons that will have readers gripped to the edge of their seats and turning the pages to find out what happens next.

The story opens on the main character, a teenage guy named Jason. He’s a senior in high school and has to deal with some tough issues. He’s had to live in the same house with a father that has no problem abusing him. As a result, he can not only take a hit, but he can deal one out too. Now at school he has gotten a reputation for being tough, and no one wants to go out of their way to try and mess with Jason.

Despite this, Jason isn’t obsessed with being violent or defending himself. All that he wants to do is be able to get through his home life and survive the abuse. If he can do this until he’s eighteen years old, then he can finally follow through on his ultimate plan. This is to get away from the house, hopefully being able to take Janie, his younger sibling, with him too.

Something new happens one day at school that Jason wasn’t expecting, however. Michael is the head guy of a popular group, and he apparently wants to hang out with Jason so much that he extends the offer of money. Jason is surprised, but thinks that Michael probably just wants the benefits of hanging out with someone known to be tough.

It’s a tempting offer and if he takes it, Jason knows that he’ll suddenly start having money. Maybe it’ll be enough to fund his plan for escape from his house and his life here. Another incentive is Cyndra, Michael’s girlfriend. It could be Jason’s imagination, but he sometimes thinks that when she’s looking at him, there might be something there. Or is she simply aware of the things that he’s going through?

Michael does end up paying Jason, who keeps making cash as they keep hanging out. But little did he expect things to ramp up and get dangerous. Soon he is doing all that he can to try and stay above the chaos, but even his fighting ability and quick thinking may not be enough this time. What will happen in the end? You have got to pick up Still Waters to find out!

The Falling Between Us is the second published novel to come out from talented female author Ash Parsons. It was published in 2018. It is also known by the alternate title, Holding Onto You. This is the intriguing tale of what happens when a teenage pop star who has fortune as well as fame disappears without a trace at the drop of a hat.

In this novel, readers get to meet Roxanne Stewart. She may be just fifteen years old, but she’s relatively mature for her age. She’s like any other teen of 15, living in a home town that is both small and also pretty much placed in the middle of nowhere. As of 8 months prior, she never expected that she would really leave.

She also has a boyfriend named Joshua Blackbird. They’ve been dating for some time, but the last thing that she expects is what happens next. When Josh uploads his original song performance in the form of a YouTube video, he becomes wildly popular. He’s a sensation virtually over the course of a night, and a celebrity is made just like that.

They’re still together and Roxanne is excited to go with him across the country on a huge tour. Their lives have changed a lot with practically no notice, and soon the couple starts to see the downsides of fame. It isn’t long before the lifestyle of being famous starts to get to them. After all, Joshua Blackbird is a public figure now.

Soon they’re dealing with everything from the greed of managers to having to talk to record execs who want Josh to sign with them, the photos of the paparazzi, obsessed fans that follow Josh, and even his family wanting to partake and benefit off of his new fame. When he goes missing, Rox is the first to notice.

She has no idea what happened. Was it a fan that got to him? Did he decide it was too much and he wanted out? Did something happen that he didn’t anticipate? She’s going all the way, as far as it takes to discover what really happened to him. Where is Josh? Read this book to find out!

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