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Asha Ashanti Bromfield is an accomplished author, producer, singer, and actress.

Asha is of Afro-Jamaican descent. Many people might know her as Melody Jones as part of the Josie and the Pussycats crew on Riverdale on the CW. She has also been a key player starring as the character Zadie Wells in Locke and Key, a popular show on Netflix.

Asha also stays working and serves proudly as the ambassador for the Dove Self-Esteem Project. Her name means life, and the artist says that she is a lover of it! Besides her work, she loves spending time with family, being in nature, and taking time to walk with her dog Luka.

Asha Ashanti Bromfield resides somewhere between the city of Toronto and the city of Los Angeles. She also enjoys spending some time to study astrology, find vegan desserts to bake, and going for walks in the park with Luka, her dog.

She has now entered the literary scene with the release of her 2021 novel Hurricane Summer and her 2023 novel Songs of Irie.

Asha says that when it comes to us, our stories matter, regardless of whether they are large or small. She says that when people tell the story of their own lives, it brings healing to others. The story of you matters and she says that your voice is needed!

The author says that being able to write has given her an empowering sense that she has never been able to feel before. She is able to tell a story that is able to inspire others and reach them, and she says that she loves being able to be in charge of her destiny. She doesn’t have to wait around for someone to give her permission or to say no or yes– the power she has is in the pen/keyboard.

Asha says that she gets inspired to write by forcing herself to sit down and do it. Creativity is something that you have to be disciplined to do, and writing her books taught her that. She doesn’t always feel like she is in the mood or overly inspired to write often, it’s more about setting time aside to do it and that is when there are more ideas and there is more magic. She prefers to set aside the time to make it happen and be creative instead of waiting around for more ideas to come to her.

Asha got the idea of writing the Songs of Irie by a trip she took when she was thirteen to Jamaica. Every summer when she was young, she would go to Jamaica. During that time she would go for two months to live in the country with the family of her father. She thought that the countryside was magical and then she got the idea of how she could write a book and immediately knew that she wanted to come up with a story that was all about a young black girl and what it was like for her to come of age, focusing on the humanity of the story.

Asha has also appeared in many other media formats as an actress besides Riverdale and Locke & Key. She has been on Nurses, television movies Killer High and Woman of the House, the television series Slasher, the movie Full Out, the television series Max & Shred, Dead On Campus, and more.

Hurricane Summer is the first book to come out from author Asha Ashanti Bromfield. If you have been looking for something fresh and original to read, why not give this novel a try?

Main character Tilla has always wanted her father to love her and has tried to make that happen for her entire life. Every six months out of the year, he takes off from their family and goes home to the island of Jamaica.

Tilla is surprised when she finds out that she could be spending summer on the island. Tilla doesn’t want to see her father again, but she always thought about what life in Jamaica could have that he always wanted to be there.

However, Tilla is likely unprepared when she faces down a storm that is happening in her own life. She also finds out more about all of the secrets that are beyond paradise’s veil, all while a hurricane is due on the way.

This is the story of a girl that is coming of age that also deals with some pretty big topics, like classism, young love, and colorism, as well as the dynamics that exist between father and daughter. The author shows the reader what it means to find yourself, even when your life is a wreck. Check out this debut novel from Asha Ashanti Bromfield and see what you think!

Songs of Irie is the second fictional novel to come out from Asha Ashanti Bromfield. If you liked the first book from this author, here is another unique story from the same author that is all about a friendship that is trying to continue on while caught up in the seventies’ civil unrest of Jamaica.

In Jamaica in 1976, the land is totally on fire. The country is facing down important elections and is on the eve of finding out who is elected. The poor and the rich have been driven even further apart thanks to the battling political parties.

Irie and Jilly are friends but they also come from two different worlds. Jilly comes from the hills, where there are plenty of mansions that are surrounded with beautiful gardens and everyone is safe behind the gates. Then Iries hails from Kingston’s heart, where there are fights in the streets.

They may be from two different worlds, but they love reggae music and that’s what brings them into a close bond. The two spend time at the record store owned by Irie’s father, where they listen to new music that is able to make Jilly appreciate a new way of thinking and a sound that she has never heard before.

When things start getting tense in the streets it start affecting the girls. And a romance between the two of them springing up is making things even more complicated. Can Irie avoid fighting? Will Jilly run away and escape all of this? Can their friendship make it through this tough time? Read this novel to find out!

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