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Fifty Words for Rain (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wildest Sun (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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About Asha Lemmie
The American writer Asha Lemmie fast rose to prominence in the literary world due to her engaging and in-depth style. Transporting readers with her words, she’s a gifted storyteller that spares no expense when it comes to capturing the attention of her audience. Really knowing and understanding the form, she has a strong sense of focus, writing with a high-degree of confidence. This is clearly evident on the page, with her immediate and compelling voice leaving a strong lingering impression on the reader.

Whether it’s her sense of history or character, she definitely manages to convey a wide range of feelings across on the page. The stories she writes feel wholly real and compelling because of this, giving her a work an extremely strong impact. Getting to the heart of the subject matter, she fully grabs the reader, holding them there at every level, and not letting go. This has led to her becoming a huge success around the world, with her work being highly regarded by many internationally.

Using historical settings for much of her work too, she really brings the past to life, as she’s left nothing out when it comes to detail. This has paved the way to an idiosyncratic and distinctive style of writing, and one that’s sure to leave a real impression. Regardless of where readers are from, her work resonates as well, ensuring that it’s never forgotten long after the book’s finished. Appreciated by the critics as well as by the general public, she’s definitely a writer to watch, as she’s clearly got a lot more to say too.

With a distinctive set of themes and ideas, Lemmie writes with both authenticity and heart, something which she also imbues in her characters. Really feeling real, each character has their own unique personality, allowing the reader to feel as if they really know them. This has empowered her to write in the manner that she wants to write in, really delivering something that is quite different. There’s a lot more to come on the horizon too, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength for a long time yet.

Early and Personal Life:
Born in Virginia, in the United States, Asha Lemmie was raised in Maryland, where she begun reading extensively from the young age of two. Learning the art of storytelling, she’d take to the craft, fully immersing herself in all types of literature and reading. This would also develop into a love and passion for writing too, as she’d begin to hone her skills as an author, on into adulthood.

Attending school over in Washington DC, it was here that she’d find inspiration, bringing a whole range of influences into her work. Adapting to a vast array of different cultural influences during her education, she’d also begin to work on developing her own approach to writing. This would continue throughout the years, allowing her to essentially become her own writer, saying what she wanted to say.

From writing herself at the young age of just five, she would come a long way, graduating with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from Boston College. Heading off to New York City, she would work in book publishing, during which time she would also work on her first novel. Still living in New York, balancing her life between there and Kyoto, she continues to write, with a lot more to follow.

Writing Career:
It was in 2020 that Asha Lemmie would make her big debut as an author with her first novel ‘Fifty Words for Rain’ published that year. This would be a stand-alone title, not being a part of any overall series, featuring its own self-contained story and characters. The book would also work on a establishing her style for a large audience, with readers all across the world singing its praises.

Largely looking at historical fiction as a genre, Lemmie aims to not only bring the past to life, but different ways of life as well. Focusing on perspectives that are usually forgotten, she sets about shining a light on them, bringing another perspective to the forefront. This use of the limelight when it comes to different voices has served her well, with readers seeking something new and interesting appreciating her work.

Beginning the book at just sixteen years of age, Lemmie would see the final product finished a decade later at twenty-six. Becoming a bestseller, it would also be featured on Good Morning America as their book-choice, as she’s gone on to become a huge success. Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, there’s still more to come too, as she doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon either.

Fifty Words for Rain
Originally published by the Dutton publishing house in 2020, this was initially brought out on the 1st of September. Receiving a lot of fanfare on its arrival, it heralded an interesting and exciting new writing talent, as it was well received by both the critics and the general public alike. Working on its own merit, it’s a historical novel, featuring a story of a singular protagonist dealing with some difficult social issues of the period.

This is an epic book spanning decades of history, with a huge sense of scope throughout, making it an extremely immersive read. With strong characters, it really speaks to the reader delivering a powerful and important message, showing another way of life. It also marks the work of a new author as well, marking Lemmie as someone to definitely watch for the future.

Taking place in 1948 in Kyoto, Japan, this follows Noriko ‘Nori’ Kamiza’s life in post-Second World War Japanese society. Seen as an illegitimate child born to a Japanese aristocrat and her secret African American Japanese GI lover, she’s spurned by her own relatives and kept hidden from the outside world. Left in the attic of her grandparents, she’s a secret to everyone, but then her half-brother, Akira, finds out and everything will change. With his inheritance in the mix, he allows Nori to question the world as she first thought she knew it, and a battle for her independence is set in motion.

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