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Without a Hitch (With: Mary Hollis Huddleston) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Piece of Cake (With: Mary Hollis Huddleston) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Asher Fogle Paul is a journalist and author who is best known for “Without a Hitch” her bestselling debut novel.

Before she got much fame as a novelist, she worked as an editor at various prestigious publications in the United States. Some of the places where she has worked include People Magazine, US Weekly, and Good Housekeeping.
As an author, Asher has been actively writing about health, culture, parenting, design, entertainment, and design for outlets such as Brit + Co, House Beautiful, W, Marie Claire, Prevention, and AirMail.

Earlier on, she went to Texas Christian University where she got a degree in English and then to Columbia University for her magazine journalism master’s degree.

It was while she was studying at Columbia that she met her lyricist/composer husband Justin Paul. The two now make their home in New York where they live with their two children.

Asher Fogle still works a day job as a reporter for a bunch of entertainment and culture publications. When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found sneaking peeks at a novel, taking care of her children, or sipping iced coffee.

Like many novelists, Asher Fogle Paul has a very interesting backstory that led to her becoming the accomplished writer that she is.

Growing up in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas she never understood when the seeds were planted that would have a significant impact on her life.

Asher came from a long line of strong Southern women and it is perhaps from these that she got a drive to succeed no matter what she did.

Her mother was a highly educated, brilliant and fierce advocate for her loved one. She also loved both of her grandmothers and it was from them that she came to realize that strength and femininity could go hand in hand.
The love for books was instilled into Paul by her mother, who encouraged her to read and tell stories from when she was very young. As cliche as it sounds, she would become that kid who would always be found with a book everywhere she went.

When Asher Fogle Paul went to college, she studied studio art and English literature but then between her semesters, she applied and took several magazine internships in London.

In the United Kingdom, she was employed for a time at “Marie Claire UK,” where she worked in the features department. She worked in a chic office that looked a lot like they do in her favorite movies about magazines such as “13 Going on 30,” and “How to Lose a Guy In Ten Days.”
Even though these were very pretentious offices, she had the opportunity to work with a brilliant and lovely team that provided generous mentorship. Fogle also learned a lot and for the first, she got some bylines and was hooked.

When she moved back to the US during the summer, she began sending applications to journalism schools and got into Columbia. After a decade working in various magazines, she went freelance and soon got into fiction writing.

“Without A Hitch” which was Asher Fogle Paul’s debut novel that she co-wrote with Mary Hollis Huddlestone was published in 2021.
The novel is about a woman who is certain about her future life only to be forced to make a massive pivot when everything starts coming apart.

She has said that while the story is fictional, it was inspired by her pivot soon after college and life in New York that she would never have imagined while she was growing up.

Asher Fogle Paul’s novel “Piece of Cake” tells the story of Claire Sommers, a debutante who comes from a very wealthy family in Dallas. Nonetheless, her trust fund is frozen and her reputation is shattered by a mistake that leaves her struggling to make ends meet.
She is a staffer at bridal magazine “Piece of Cake,” which is facing imminent closure and is afraid of what will happen if it goes under. She brings the idea of starting a wedding documentary to Michelle the editor who agrees.

However, she is shocked to learn that the good-looking heterosexual influencer Dom will be her partner on the “Bridesman” project. She hates him at first but over time, she warms up to him as she realizes they are better together.

But then, she is surprised when the finale of the docuseries is her little sister’s wedding. Not only does she have to attend the wedding and face judgment for her past without a date to protect her, but she also has to work with the people she hurt not so long ago.
Fortunately, she has Dom to provide some moral support but she is currently in self-imposed exile and he does not know why. With the wedding unfolding, Dom and Claire find themselves deeply attracted to each other.

“Without a Hitch” by Asher Fogle Paul is a laugh-out-loud work of fiction that tells the story of extravagant southern weddings.

When Lottie Jones an unlucky-in-love and floundering twenty-something-year-old gets employed at a boutique event firm as a wedding planner, she knows things are about to get complicated.

She now has to navigate a highly competitive workplace known for a broad spectrum of tastes, unlimited budgets, and over-the-top details. Whether it is dealing with intoxicated groomsmen or planning parachute landings, her hands could not have been fuller given that she is in charge of million-dollar weddings.

When the boss says that he is opening a new office, she thinks she finally has the opportunity to climb up the ladder and earn more. However the stakes get higher, the weddings bigger, the mishaps funniest and the clients wilder. She is forced to learn the hard way how far she will go to find herself and what she will risk for love.

Set against the ruthless and glamorous world of high-end southern weddings, it is a fascinating story that offers insights into the world of expensive wedding planning.
You also cannot help but cheer on Lottie Jones as she tries to become the best she can be at her job despite the many challenges.

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