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Ashley Flowers is a renowned crime true crime podcaster that is best known in the fiction writing world for her debut novel “All Good People Here.”

Growing up, all she wanted was to grow up and become a defense lawyer. But as she grew older, she realized it was a boring job and nothing like what was on TV.

She then decided that she would be a cold case detective but had to pass on it when she realized that one needed to be a police officer to qualify.

Still, her appetite for true crime was unabated and insatiable but until she started her true crime podcast, she could not find anything she was very good at. She released the debut episode of “Crime Junkie” her weekly podcast in 2017.

The episodes usually involve Flowers narrating details of the crime to Brit Prawat her best friend, who usually interjects with asides, questions, and midwesternisms as she deems fit.
They began recording their podcast at home over the phone since Prawat lived in South Bend Indiana. The theme song of the very popular podcast was composed by Prawats husband whose only instruction in the composition was to make it pingy.

Within a year of launching their podcast, it was declared one of 2018’s best true crime podcasts by Rolling Stone.

When Ashley Flowers graduated from high school, she was accepted to a college in Arizona. During this time, she lived with her grandmother as she went to night school while during the day, she worked as a telephone operator at a hospital.

He made friends with Amber Wong another lover of true crime when she moved to her next job. Whenever work was slow, the two used to hit up an online library to read up on true crime.

She still remembers that most of the people at work thought them odd as they would sometimes read for hours. While she was very interested in the genre, she still did not know how to make a career of it.
She had previously worked at the University of Notre Dame fresh out of college as she did genetic research. Thereafter, she worked at a medical start-up doing sales.

The job called for a lot of driving and she started bingeing on Serial the audio series which sparked her love for true crime podcasts. Soon after, she started working at a software development company, even as she volunteered at the local Crime Stoppers.

While Ashley Flowers was an employee of the software startup charged with business development in 2017, things started to crystallize. It was at this time that she started listening to the “Serail” podcast with Ms. Prawat her friend.

The true-crime podcast focused on a cold case that was 15 years old in the making. It was so popular that The New York Times acquired it in 2020. It was from the series that she got the inspiration to start podcasting alongside Ms. Prawat her best friend.

Their first episode was about a local woman in Indiana who had disappeared. The two then created Audiochuck LLC as the name of their new podcasting company, named after her beloved dog.

A year after starting, they had a growing and very loyal audience. As such, Flowers left her day job to build Audiochuck’s portfolio as they became a huge podcasting company with broad appeal.

The company has now become known for its captivating and high-quality shows without being highbrow. “Crime Junkie” the original podcast is still the biggest show in their portfolio as it has built a solid base of avid listeners.

The show currently has more than a million followers on Social media and tens of thousands in memberships.

Ashley Flowers’s experience running a true crime podcast has been very instrumental in making her a successful author of true crime friction.

By hosting “Crime Junkie,” she has come to know what is the essence of real investigations and how people involved speak and act.

She used that in the writing of her debut novel and is glad that she had that to lean on even though it would have been convenient to come up with fake rules for her fiction.

Flowers set her work in Wakarusa, Indiana, which is a real town so that her investigation could feel as real as possible. She wanted to give her story the real feeling people usually feel when listening to a true crime case.

There are also some parallels between the author and the lead character in her novels as they both love investigations and come from small towns.

Flowers began writing her debut while pregnant with her child and she felt a connection with her lead, who is also trying to take care of her family while balancing a career.

In fact, she thinks that sometimes she felt like she was almost trying too hard to be great at everything and that she was often pulled in too many directions.

All in she believes that both she and her lead pulled it off as they managed to achieve success.

“All Good People Here” by Ashley Flowers is an incredible new novel by one of the most popular true crime podcasters in the world.

Everyone from Wakarusa, Indiana has a good memory of January Jacobs whose body was found dumped in a ditch a few hours after the family reported her missing.

At that time, detective, Margot Davises was a six-year-old the same as the murdered girl who was her next-door neighbor. In the two decades since, Margot had become an adult and moved to the city to work as a big-time journalist.

Still, she remained haunted by the fact that it could easily have been her in that ditch. The worst part is that the killer had never been apprehended.

When Margot comes back home to help take care of his ailing uncle, it does feel like she is heading into a time capsule. Wakarusa remains a secretive, stifled, and genial place just like it was.

Things get interesting when Natalie Clark a five-year-old from the next town goes missing under similarly bizarre circumstances. With old feelings coming to the fore, Margot vows to solve January’s murder by finding Natalie.

But it seems that the townspeople, the family and the police are all hiding something. Could the killer really be the same person that had kidnapped Natalie all those years ago?

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  1. Terrie Goodwin: 3 months ago

    Loved “All Good People Here” right up to the last page. Then frustrated with no ending, ruined it for me. Is there another book? Why would you decide to leave your readers hanging?

    • Tina: 2 months ago

      Omg….. I came here to say the same thing. I can’t belive this is how the book ended. So very disappointing. Now I don’t want to ready more of her books for fear of not having an ending.

  2. JPM: 10 months ago

    Very good read and now looking forward to the rest of the story.

  3. John Maurer: 10 months ago

    You left your readers hanging, which I guess is the mark of a good writer, but now we ask, when is a book coming out with “The Rest Of The Story?” Please leave out all that digging your nails into the palm of your hand. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that, especially enough to draw blood. Very good book and it certainly kept the reader looking for more.

  4. Christy Conolly: 1 year ago

    Will there be a sequel? There were so many open questions at the end of this book……….


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