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Publication Order of Bright Falls Books

Delilah Green Doesn't Care (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Astrid Parker Doesn't Fail (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Iris Kelly Doesn't Date (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Suffer Love (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Make a Wish (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ivy Aberdeen's Letter to the World (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl Made of Stars (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hazel Bly and the Deep Blue Sea (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Make the Season Bright (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Author Ashley Herring Blake has written poetry (which she wrote during high school and middle school), songs, and books. Poetry helped her get over the death of her father and family, lies and betrayal, and the subject of god. In one month, she was able to write about forty poems in the span of just a month. She also reads books a lot too. Blake has said that if she gets stuck on a character in some way, she will write a poem from their point of view, and it usually helps her get a feel for how to write for them.

She has worked many jobs that include substitute teacher, performer and songwriter, special education teacher in a school for kids with autism, barista, and ABA therapist; not to mention mommy hood (which she believes is the hardest job there is and it is one that is still ongoing, along with her writing).

It was a life long dream of hers to sing songs in a Disney movie, and used to sing different songs by the different princesses. She used to suck her thumb until she was ten years old. It was also her job to roll up the garage door that her friend’s parent’s had so that her and her friends could go out in the middle of the night to meet guys.

She likes anything with pumpkin in it, stuff that is the color Tiffany blue, walks, scarves, her sons, coffee, and gloomy music. She does not like soggy asparagus, humidity, or olives. She also claims to have zero visual artistic talent. Blake lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her funny husband and her two sons (who are named William and Benjamin).

The first novel that she had published, which is called “Suffer Love” (which was released in the year 2016), was actually the fourth novel that she wrote. She says that the first three were just life lessons. Her work is considered to be young adult contemporary romance fiction.

“Suffer Love” is the first novel that Ashley Herring Blake published and was released in the year 2016. Let it go. Everyone tells Hadley St. Clair this after she finds out that her dad cheated on her mom. She does not want to do that though. She would rather be angry and have everyone leave her alone, including her father, most of all him.

Sam Bennett and family have seen their share of drama recently too. They have been trying to get over moving to a new town, after his parents got divorced. Sam hopes that he can just coast in his senior year and then get to college, in a hassle free and parent free life while in college. He was not planning on getting into a relationship, but that all changed, once he sees Hadley.

There is an undeniable connection that they share with each other. However, Sam has a secret that could ruin the whole thing. Should he tell her the truth or follow what is in his heart?

Fans of the novel found this to be full of heavy emotions and situations, even the secondary characters (who are also well drawn) bring drama to the story. Some found that Sam and Hadley were adorable; Sam for how broken his soul was and unwavering loyalty, and the way that Hadley is able to change through knowing Sam. Instead of stealing kisses in the dark, she simply spends time with Sam and he seems to be the only distraction that she needs.

“How to Make a Wish” is the second novel that Ashley Herring Blake published and was released in the year 2017. Grace Glasser (who is seventeen years old) just wants her own life. That is all. A normal life that includes her sleeping in the same bed longer than three months at a time and does not have to scare up enough spare change to pay the electric bill. She is trapped, emotionally, by her mother (named Maggie, who is unreliable) and the small cape that they live on. She focuses her attention on tolerating her mother’s newest boyfriend (who is Grace’s own ex-boyfriend’s father), her audition that could see her going to a top music school in New York, and her best friend.

She was planning to just lay low until it is time to graduate, but that does not work out. This is due to her meeting Eva, who is looking to outrun ghosts of her own. She is both lonely and stricken with grief, and pulls Grace into adventures after midnight. Not to mention feelings that Grace never thought she would have. Eva tells Grace that she likes girls, both of the young girls’ worlds are opened up. United by their loss, the girls share a connection. Grace’s mother keeps on spiraling on downward, and the two girls have to find out how they can move on and love.

Fans of the novel liked the way the main character is bisexual and the love interest is biracial. Some liked the way that the characters interact as people; readers even liked the way that Grace is able to talk about being bisexual. Readers found the relationship that Grace and Maggie had to be really heartbreaking; with the way that Maggie was more the child, rather than the mother, and Grace had to be the one that was more mature. It did a great job of exploring a parent-child relationship that was unhealthy and put on display what the child thinks in such a situation.

“Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World” is the third novel that Ashley Herring Blake published. A tornado goes through town and it destroys Ivy Aberdeen’s (twelve years old) house and leaves her family displaced. Ivy is left feeling ignored and like no one can see her after the storm. As if that were not bad enough, the notebook that she had, one that was full of drawings of two girls holding hand is gone. The notebook was a secret.

Then a mysterious thing starts happening. The drawings turn up, in her locker. Included is a note telling her that she should open up about her identity. Ivy hopes, and thinks that the person leaving the notes is one of her classmates. This classmate is a girl that Ivy has started having a crush on. Can Ivy find the will and courage to follow how she really feels?

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