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What Can't Wait (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Knife and the Butterfly (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Out of Darkness (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Deformative Fictions (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Rural Voices(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Banned Together: Our Fight for Readers' Rights(2025)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Ashley Hope Pérez

Ashley Hope Pérez, a distinguished author hailing from the United States, has made a significant mark in the world of Young Adult novels. She has an uncanny ability to create characters that resonate with her audience, making each story not just enjoyable but truly immersive. Her skill in weaving together plots that captivate readers, blending the fun of storytelling with deeper, meaningful narratives, keeps fans eager for more.

What sets Pérez apart is her knack for bringing to life characters and scenarios that feel real and tangible. She crafts stories that are not only entertaining but also leave a lasting impact, inviting readers to fully engage with the narrative. This connection turns the act of reading her books into a memorable journey, leaving impressions that linger well beyond the final page.

Moreover, Pérez has a special talent for constructing narratives that speak to the hearts and minds of the young adult demographic. Her works are not just a source of entertainment; they also delve into themes that provoke thought and encourage a deeper understanding of the world. This blend of engaging storytelling and substantive content cements Ashley Hope Pérez’s place as a treasured author. Her skill in creating stories that deeply affect her readers showcases her remarkable prowess as a writer.

Early and Personal Life

Ashley Hope Pérez, a passionate reader from a young age, grew up in Texas where her love for novels laid the groundwork for her future as a Young Adult author. Her time with the Teach for America Corps in a neighborhood akin to those in her own writing enriched her narratives, providing real-world depth and authenticity.

Furthermore, her involvement in translation and pursuit of a PhD in comparative literature broadened her storytelling scope, blending academic insight with practical experiences to craft compelling tales for a diverse audience.

Writing Career

Ashley Hope Pérez began her adventure in the literary world with the debut of ‘What Can’t Wait’ in 2011, rapidly followed by ‘The Knife and the Butterfly’ in 2012. These early works laid a solid groundwork for her, leading up to the release of her widely acclaimed ‘Out of Darkness’ in 2015. This particular novel stood out, earning a 2016 Printz Honor and securing a spot on Booklist’s ’50 Best YA Books of All Time,’ all while receiving commendation from The New York Times for its intricate portrayal of racial boundaries, love, and conflict.

Despite its accolades, ‘Out of Darkness’ faced challenges, including bans and removals from numerous school districts. These actions were regarded by many, the author herself included, as being part of a broader, coordinated efforts to limit young readers’ access to more diverse books. Nevertheless, Pérez continues to write, undeterred by controversy, and her literary contributions promise more compelling narratives for her eager audience in the future.

Out of Darkness

‘Out of Darkness,’ crafted by Ashley Hope Pérez and released by Carolrhoda Lab on September 1, 2015, dives deep into a poignant part of American history through the lens of Young Adult fiction. Set in 1937 in the heart of New London, Texas, the story introduces readers to Wash Fuller and Naomi Vargas, two characters who understand the weight of the racial divides in their community but find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other despite these deep-seated barriers.

Building its foundation on the catastrophic 1937 New London school explosion, which remains the deadliest school disaster in America, Pérez’s narrative skillfully uses this tragic event to explore complex themes such as segregation, love, family, and the relentless impact of societal forces.

The emotional depth and historical authenticity she brings to the tale make it a compelling read, gripping readers with a story that highlights the enduring power of human connection in the face of daunting divisiveness.

What Can’t Wait

Ashley Hope Pérez’s Young Adult romance, ‘What Can’t Wait,’ hit shelves on March 11, 2011, through Carolrhoda Books. Garnering accolades, the novel was nominated for the Rhode Island Teen Book Award in 2014, marking its recognition within the young adult literary community. This publication underscores Pérez’s literary debut.

Marissa is a bright student with potential, trapped in a struggling Houston neighborhood and a Mexican immigrant family where financial stability is prioritized over educational aspirations. As her home situation worsens, she turns away from those closest to her, finding solace in places where her best friend and boyfriend can’t reach her.

The story Marissa’s journey of perseverance in an environment where familial obligations overshadow personal achievements and dreams. It highlights the importance of self-reliance as Marissa strives to carve out a future for herself.

Pérez’s narrative skillfully balances the harsh realities of life with the bright promise of the future, making this debut not just a story, but an inspiration. A must-read for young adults navigating their own paths, this novel has rightfully earned its accolades and praise.

The Knife and the Butterfly

Ashley Hope Pérez’s Young Adult mystery, ‘The Knife and the Butterfly,’ was published by Carolrhoda Books on February 1, 2012. This book marked another engaging entry in Pérez’s growing bibliography. As the second book following just after her first, it would show another side to what Pérez had to offer as a writer.

Sixteen-year-old Azael finds himself back in juvenile detention after a clash with a rival gang, unable to recall the details of the incident. Despite his familiarity with the system, he quickly realizes something is amiss with his current imprisonment—no communication, no legal support, just orders to observe a girl in a nearby cell as a means to jog his memory.

Lexi Allen, entangled in the same violence, struggles with her own recollections, pressured to limit her testimony for the trial. Their separate yet intertwined stories highlight a search for truth, where a knife that harmed also forges an unexpected link between them.

The dual narratives weave a compelling tale of truth and connection amidst adversity. This novel not only entertains but also offers a deeper look into the challenges of youth and the justice system. A thought-provoking read that encourages empathy and understanding.

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