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Silenced By Sin (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Haunted By Regret (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Betrayed By Beauty (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devoured By Demons (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Waves (With: Julie Anne Addicott) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Ashley Lane is a general romance and romantic suspense author that was born and raised in Georgia.

She met her husband when she was still in high school, even though they did not go to the same school, and actually met on Facebook.

They began dating when she was a senior in high school and they were the stereotypical band geek and football star couple.

They have been together for more than a decade and have two kids a hamster, a dog, and three cats.

As the mother of two kids, she loves to live on Diet Coke and Goldfish crumbs. However, whenever she has any time to herself she can usually be found with her Kindle on the couch.
When she is not writing or reading, she loves to catch on that week’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen and Grey’s Anatomy.

As far as how she came to know that she wanted to become an author, Ashley Lane has said that it was a bumpy and long road.

As a teenager, she never fit any mold and as a high school student, she was unapologetically outgoing. She was loud and bright and wore confidence like a second skin.

During that time, she really never knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. She used to want to be so many things depending on what took her fancy at any given time.

Back then the thought of having to pick a career and sticking to it made her sick with horror but everything changed when she got her first child.

During this time, she struggled with postpartum dep0ression and got a diagnosis of treatment-resistant major depressive disorder.

It took doctors more than forty antidepressants and four years before they found a solution when she had a Vagus Nerve Stimulator inserted into her chest.

However, it was the journey that gave her the makeover she needed to battle her anxiety and depression. Combining all of these, she made the decision to quit working outside and become the best stay-at-home mother and wife she could be.

Despite the gigantic odds that were stacked against her, Ashley Lane always felt that she was made for something more.

One day while she was at home and just relaxing on her couch, everything clicked. Her husband had been good enough to get her a Kindle as the 2014 Christmas gift.

While she loved doing a lot of things, Lane has said that she always loved reading which she once again took up. Reading would then become a form of escape and for some time she lived a life without all the anxiety and depression.
Gradually this turned into a desire to share the many stories that were always running inside her brain. In 2018, her husband managed to convince her to start writing her debut novel and by 2019 she had published Washed in Blood.

Ashley Lane’s novel “Washed in Blood” is the story of Priest and former foster child Willow.

As a sixteen-year-old, his father had shot him in a fit of rage. He believed he was dead but he is not that easy to take out and he would go on to become President of the Heavens Guardians Motor Cycle Club.

His days are spent administering the MC club while his nights involve looking for the scum of the earth such as pedophiles, murderers, and rapists who all answer to him.

He believed he had seen it all and that his heart could not get darker. He sincerely thought he knew his limits until a broken and battered woman was found behind the clubhouse and he realized he never knew the monster which lurked inside him.
His name may be Priest but he is willing to sell his soul to ensure no one would ever take her away from him. Turns out that she is running from two men she had witnessed killing a man and now they intend to kill her too.

Full of brutal moments, angst, and tension it is a perfect story of loyalty, devotion, and love that will have its readers holding their breath hoping for a great ending.

“Silenced by Sin” by Ashley Lane is the beautiful story of Alaska and Patch. The latter had lost himself when his daughter died and believes that death was the beginning of his downfall.

He does not intend to play God but as a father, only blood will set him free while as a doctor, the oath he took still binds him. He is imprisoned by pain and his only companion is guilt and he believes he has been silenced by sin.
On the other hand is Alaska who refuses to be defined by her mistakes or regret the choices she made. She prefers to embrace her choices and will not bow down to anyone.

When she confronts fear, she finds her true strength rather than become weak. With embers in her soul and fire in her veins, she intends to give her daughter the best life she can.

It is a story that is full of some dark elements even though it is more of a gritty story that bumps up against some pretty controversial topics.

Ashley Lane’s novel “Haunted By Regret” is the story of Bullet who out of the blue decides that he will take on the responsibility of being the foster parent to two boys.

He does not realize that this is going to be very difficult and even resists when Priest tells him that he would need to get a nanny.

Holly is a woman who was working a dead-end job and jumps at the chance to become Bullets nanny.

Little did Holly or Bullet realize that their traumatic backgrounds were very similar. But surprisingly this is the one thing that makes these two so perfect for each other.

While this is a shorter work than the author’s first two, it makes for an incredible story of learning to trust, growth, and explores what it is like to heal with strong support systems.

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