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Publication Order of Maura Quinn Books

Embrace the Darkness (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Endure the Pain (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Endurance (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Escape the Reaper (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of WITSEC Books

Ashley N. Rostek
Ashley N. Rostek is a mom and wife by day and a writer by night. She survives on coffee, enjoys collecting offensive coffee mugs, and is an unashamed bibliophile.

To Ashley, there is not a better pastime than allowing your mind escape in a good book. Her favorite genre is romance and has got the overflowing bookshelf to prove it. She’s a lover of love. Whether it’s a lusty and dark novel or a sweet YA, she has to read it.

Her passion is writing. She picked up a pen at seventeen and has yet to put it down.

“Embrace the Darkness” is the first novel in the “Maura Quinn” series and was released in 2020. Maura is not a good person. You’ve been warned. She did try to be good, even normal. However the darkness cannot be suppressed forever.

Six years back, she walked away from the family. Now, she’s gotta go back. She’s got no choice. However things are going to be different this time around. Maura is smarter, stronger, and she refuses to submit in a world that is ruled by dangerous men.

Maura Quinn is the Banphrionsa, the princess of her dad’s dark kingdom of crime. Everybody has got a story. Even the bad guy. Proceed with caution, because this is Maura’s descent or her rise, just depends on how you look at it. Most of all, this is how she embraces the darkness.

“Endure the Pain” is the second novel in the “Maura Quinn” series and was released in 2020. Monster. Mobster. Murderer. Even though Maura’s each of these awful things, she can still be broken. It is what has happened before and she barely survived it. If she were to be broken again, would it kill her this time? Or can she endure the pain of a shattered and ruined soul yet again?

Since returning home, Maura has embraced her inner darkness and has began down a path that is bathed in blood and reeks of gunmetal. War’s brewing between her family and this other gang. They started it, however Maura’s gonna end it, and them. Even if she’s gotta allow her darkness to fully consume her.

There’ll be losses on both sides. Maura didn’t know that hers would be this grave. She’s the next in line to take over her dad’s dark kingdom of crime.

“Escape the Reaper” is the third novel in the “Maura Quinn” series and was released in 2023. The reaper knocks at Maura’s door. She wonders if he got her invitation. Why else would she have walked into that hospital room? She knew it was a trap, she really didn’t care. That is the thing about revenge. It is all consuming.

Her only regret is Louie got shot. Is he alive or dead? She is now afraid that she will never find out. She feels death’s hand upon her shoulder. She isn’t about to go out without putting up a fight. She will make sure that she takes all of her enemies with her when she descends to hell.

“Find Me” is the first novel in the “WITSEC” series and was released in 2021. A year ago. Shiloh’s family is gone. Her twin sister, her parents. All of them killed the guy that’s been stalking her for years now. He almost murdered her too. However she got away and he is still out there, hunting for her. He’s not going to find her. She hopes not anyway. Thanks to WITSEC, she has been given a new identity and a new life.

Her only living relative, her uncle, has helped her glue herself back together and given her the tools that she will need in order to survive. Shiloh is not fixed and her grief’s heavy, however she has hit a point where she can put a foot in front of the other in order to try and move on. She knows that her future is going to be lonely and tough.

She’s gotta stay strong and focus on the good. She is getting another chance at life. She is safe. Her new home is beautiful. The four brothers that live next door are even more so. Little does she know that Knox, Keelan, Colt, and Creed are going to become her everything. It is like her lonely heart screamed out for somebody good to find her, and four answered her.

“Save Me” is the second novel in the “WITSEC” series and was released in 2021. Save Shiloh from her pain, her fear, her past, and herself.

The Stone brothers are the reason that she can smile again. They are her only light in the drowning darkness. What began as friendship between them and her has become something more. They want her, and she finds herself wanting them as well. However that’s not gonna happen with her grief ripping her apart.

Is she going to succumb to her grief and allow it to ruin her? Or are her guys going to be able to save her?

“Love Me” is the third novel in the “WITSEC” series and was released in 2023. Creed is Shiloh’s support. He’s always got her back, and is always ready to help her fight the world or her insecurities. Colt is her comfort, and is the first one that holds her hand when life gets hard. Knox is her strength, holding her together even when she wants to break. Keelan is her joy, effortlessly making her laugh and exudes light when days get dark.

Each of her guys is a great man and each one fills a missing piece of her broken soul. She is falling in love with them. She might have already. Question is, do they love her in return? She would cherish each and every moment if they did. It is what ya do when you hear this clock ticking constantly in the back of your mind. Shiloh knows that it is her gut warning her that she’s on borrowed time. Something bad is about to happen. And her gut has never been wrong before.

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