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Publication Order of A Dark and Hollow Star Books

A Dark and Hollow Star (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Cruel and Fated Light (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Grim and Sunken Vow (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Wild and Ruined Song (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ashley Shuttleworth is a young adult, fantasy and LGBTQ author best known for “The Hollow Star Saga” series of novels. She was born in British Columbia but after several moves, she ended up in Ontario.

In Ontario, she went to Trent University from where she would later on graduate with an English Literature degree majoring in Greek Roman mythology, the Romantic Period and Milton.

Shuttleworth published “A Dark and Hollow Star” the debut novel of the series in 2021 and has not looked back since.
When she is not writing her novels, she loves to travel even though her favorite things are home based activities such as gaming and reading. Her best games are Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Zelda which she plays almost every week.

She is also into sword collecting, cosplay and when she is out of things to do can be found at the wine store and loves to think of herself as a Wine Merchant.

Shuttleworth first discovered she was cut out for writing when she started reading and writing fanfiction. During her childhood, she was into several fandoms and it was at this time that she was introduced to The Legend of Zelda Games.

Since she loved fandom, she soon wanted to become an author herself and as a child she turned most of her notebooks into playgrounds, where she wrote about her game worlds. She would eventually move to places such as A03 and FF.Net where she would hone her craft.
Ashley remembers her father sitting her and her siblings down as a little girl and reading them the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit. But the first novel she ever really loved had to be the Artemis Fowl series which she devoured within hours of her father getting them for her.
She has asserted that her love for faeries sprung out of her love for these novels. Along the way, there would be several books that inspired her to become an author but one of her favorite works for which she wrote fanfiction was Cardcaptors by Clamp.
Ashley Shuttleworth was inspired to write “A Dark and Hollow Star,” her debut novel, from her many experiences reading and writing novels and fandom.

The road to becoming a published author for Ashley Shuttleworth was just as hard as that of many of her peers. She had to put in a lot of energy and time and do numerous rounds of edits, revisions and drafts even as she juggled this with her personal life.
During this time, she was also working a day job and would come home exhausted but still have to meet her writing deadlines.
However, she has also had moments of joy when she signed with her agent, editor, saw the book’s cover and received wonderful support and love from all the people who worked on it and the fans who loved the novels when they came out.
It was this that made it possible for her to go through the stress, worry and impostor syndrome she sometimes had to work through. She signed with an Emerald City Literary Agency agent soon after she was done with the first round of queries and it was about two years before she finally got to see her novel in print.

“A Dark and Hollow Star” by Ashley Shuttleworth is the story of several paranormal characters. There is the half faee Ironborn outcast of the fae royal family, a mad Fury exiled to earth and hellbent on revenge, and a well behaved fae prince who believes that if he works hard enough he will earn the throne.
For several centuries, the Eight Courts of Folk made their habitation among humans hidden by magic and prevented by the law from harming their hosts. There has been peace between the species for years until some ritualistic and very gruesome murders rock Toronto and threaten to expose the aliens living among humans.

It is at this time that four queer teens from a tenous alliance as they try to track town the visious killer that is reponsible for the crimes. If they fail in their mission, they could put the future of both the human and faerie worlds in jeopardy.
Things only get worse when a new war threatens to erupt between the Immortal and Mortal Realms. One of the teens has been fated to tip the scales but no one knows which way he is going to do it. Still, they are going to need a lot of luck if they are successful in their mission.

“A Cruel and Fated Light” is set at the Courts of Folk ruled by an ailing king and his queen who wants greatness by all means. At the center of it all are Aurelian, Arlo, Vegan and Nausicaa who play a deadly game, which threatens to drag them all into a snare.

They had managed to avert a terrible fate in the first novel but the threat against the Courts of Folk has not gone away. Ironborn children continue to die, the philosopher stones are yet to be found and all manner of folk are looking for the hearts of the dead children to possess.
There is an indication that immortals may be involved and the entire fiasco might be them trying to come back to the Mortal Realm. If that theory holds true, Arlo the newest member of the teens might be the one to be targeted for elimination.

When the Queen of Seelie Summer named Riadne Lysterne offers to train Arlo against the threat, everybody is surprised at the gesture. Arlo now has to go live with the queen at the palace throughout the summer. Living the high life, she ignores the obvious signs that something is very wrong since she lives the royal and proper fae life.

Very few in the teenage alliance trust the queen. Nausicaa who recently realigned with Hunt and Aurelian who is in a new alliance with Celadon Fleur Viridia are also very suspicious of Riadne. Meanwhile, the Viridians and the Lysternes, two of the oldest houses in the kingdom are at war and this could have some far reaching ramifications for everyone.

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