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Publication Order of Cherry Cola Book Club Books

The Cherry Cola Book Club (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Reading Circle (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wedding Circle (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Cherry Cola Christmas (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Queen of the Cookbooks (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Book Club Babies (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ashton Lee is bestselling American author best known for A Cherry Cola Book Club. Lee was born in Mississippi, the United States in an extended family that provided him with much inspiration for his fiction books. His father was an author as well and wrote under the pseudonym, R. Keene Lee soon after the Second World War. He was also a writer and editor in New York of what is now known as pulp fiction. Due to this factor, Lee inherited the art of reading and writing from a tender age and did all sort of things that aspiring writers are supposed to do including majoring in English at the University of the South. While at the university, he became the editor of the local publication known as Sewanee Review and also a member of Southern Agrarians.

Lee is a resident of Oxford; enjoying what the scenic beauty of the university town that many writers have lived to call home. Lee became a published author in 2013, when The Cherry Cola Book Club, the first novel in Cherry Cola Book Club was published.

The Cherry Cola Book Club

If you have a passion for cherry cola, books, or the scenic southern towns, then this debut novel will surely find comfort in Ashton Lee The Cherry Cola Book Club. This book is quite interesting in which a local town joins forces together to try to spare the local library. We are introduced to Maura Beth, the town’s librarian who is approached by a local councilman, Durden Spark who gives her five months to improve the situation in the library or else the library will be torn down.

Maura has no idea of how she is going to fix her problem, but she knows the place to start is with her best friend, Periwinkle Lattimore and her little café, The Twinkle. With the assistance of Periwinkle and some of the guests visiting her café, Maura finally figures a way in which she could finally save the town’s restaurant. Maura and Periwinkle make a good team working together; you will greatly admire their friendship and the unique ideas each of them brings to the table.

The author Ashton Lee has done a brilliant job in providing a vivid and accurate description and the reflections of politics, libraries, politicians and the role that the citizens play in the type of arenas. This first book is not just for geared towards librarians only; it is also for anyone who wants an entertaining fiction full of Southern characters. The book club takes different angles when describing the Southern literature, first To Kill a Mockingbird and Gone With the Wind. The story also examines what exactly makes a community as the book club and the library bring the town’s people together. The characterization is also brilliantly done; you will appreciate how Lee has created his main character, Maura. The heroine is depicted as a courageous, hardworking and a person who does not easily give up regardless of the pressure from the town’s councilmen.

The Reading Circle

Once again, Ashton Lee takes the readers back to Cherico, Mississippi where a local town is threatened for the greater good. The Cherry Cola series symbolizes the threats that public libraries face even in the contemporary world. The details often vary from city to city often vary, however, the underlying themes is just the same, libraries are often engaged in a battle between against infrastructure. If it had been up to Councilman Durden to make a final decision, the Cherico Public Library would have been closed years ago to pave the way for the construction of an industrial park. The councilman often considered the library to be a luxury that the City Council could no longer afford to allocate funds. In the first book, Maura won the battle, and her Cherry Cola Club provided her with a space to breathe. However, the threat was not over yet, as she had one year to prove to the world that the library was indeed essential and deserved to stay open.

Maura apparently knows that the library needs more than just a book club, if it has to beat the possibilities of being closed down; it needs money for books, computers, more staff and an ambient parking space. However, her first approach had been to have supported using the book club. All of a sudden the book club seems to have a problem. The more people attend, the more are the divergent ideas on which book to read, and these differences divide the people that Maura has lived consider a family. Furthermore even the teacher that she had feelings for seems to put his own desires before the library’s.

Moreover, a club divided can quickly fall and Durden, the councilman, is counting on that. Ashton Lee brings back the adorable residents of Cherico in a book that once again stresses the significance of libraries while also emphasizing personal relationship. The author is skilled at creating characters that leap from pages and chapters will their habits and eccentricities. The heroine continues to mature and transforming from once an insecure young woman to becoming a library director who is determined at even waging a political war. Lee understands the importance of libraries and uses his storytelling techniques to emphasize their importance.

The Wedding Circle

Maura Beth has come a long way. She was once a naïve librarian who allowed Darden to bully her. Then she became an advocate for a new library scheduled to be built in Mississippi, and now it is the right time for her to make some crucial changes in her personal life as well.

Maura is set to marry Jeremy McShay, an English teacher. She intends to have the wedding at Cherico so that she can celebrate with her friends. However, her mother does not approve it as she is determined to see her daughter married in New Orleans, her birth town. Maura is not the only person facing rough time alone. Jeremy knows well that his sister, who is a prominent professor at the University of Evansville will not attend the wedding as well. In the face of these challenges, will Maura triumph in both her personal as well as professional lives?

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