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Publication Order of Asian Saga Books

Chronological Order of Asian Saga Books

Shogun(1975)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tai-Pan(1966)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gai-Jin(1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
King Rat(1962)Description / Buy at Amazon
Noble House(1981)Description / Buy at Amazon
Whirlwind(1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Escape(1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Escape is an abridged and rewritten version of Whirlwind.

James Cavell’s amazingly creative piece of art is a big hit in the entertainment Industry. It exhaustively unearths the mysteries locked up in the ideologies of power and influence with a blend of other normal occurrences in life like romance. It deeply explains the explorations of the mysteries making it seemingly real. It’s easy to follow language is a spark to many readers with an unquenchable thirst to read more and more. It not only satisfactorily thrills readers but it also provides a reliable source of leisure for lovers of the irresistible storyline. It is one of the captivating and profoundly engrossing series which cuts across all ages from kids to the aged sharing the common interests of imagining the unimaginable. In addition to that, it also triggers creativity and the innovative spirit for humanity prompting them to daringly envision the unimaginable and unrealistic dreams of the struggling spirit without giving the slightest opportunity to the thought of renouncing.

Clavell’s vivid explanation of these concepts is simplified by division categorically into six series. The characters well brought up spice up the piece of art following their interestingly thrilling adventures. It is undoubtedly one of the most read and appreciated book since it’s viral and affordable at the same time. Readers can tap into this pleasurable impulse which not only leads to relaxation but births creativity. Its language is appreciated by the literate and semi literate alike. The story which takes place in the heart of the Japanese occupied territory does not only reflect their situation but also delves into other experiences clearly demonstrating the concept of colonialism. The well developed characters all trundle through history so the story winds up in a new era, keeping abreast with the technological advancement which is very thrilling. The book was written between 1962 and 1993 .This means that its durability in the market is outstanding. In addition, it is easier to access the book because all the users need to do is downloading it to get started. It is undoubtedly factual that the reason why its setting is Japan is because the author who came up with the creative story is Japanese and had a taste of what they were going through under their captors. If not having a taste of what they were going through, he must have been told the historical basis of the events. The storyline seeks to examine the interaction of the westerners and the Asian people. Tally pan, Shogun ,King rat and noble house series made their way into the film and television Industry.This automatically demonstrated the outstanding levels of creativity by this piece of art appreciated to this present day era. That is the reason why his name will be remembered more years to come. One of the films is the film starring Toshiro Mifune which went viral and marked as the most known among all the others. In addition to that, Shogun traversed the film industry crossing the borders to the game realm. It is an Infocom computer game and Broadway musical. Nonetheless, there was also a strategy game with a basis of Tai-pan which was diverse in terms of the platforms used including the ZX spectrum.

The first series occurred during the Second World War. This automatically shows the battles and wars lying beneath the thrilling story. Here, captives are in a prison camp deep inside a territory occupied by the Japanese. The captives are a blend of both the Japanese and other races as well. Unfortunately, one figure surfaces with an aim of interfering with the initially calm lifestyle of the captives. He is an American captor who seeks absolute power over all the captives. Nevertheless, his unquenchable thirst is extended to the captors. He has a firm belief he can attain absolute power over everybody following his in depth understanding of issues which poses a great threat to the others. His strengths are human courage, a profound understanding of human weaknesses and total desire of exhaustively exploiting all the edges of the opportunities available to maximize his authority and corrupt people’s minds so that they follow suite and bow down to his absolute untamable power residing in his future. This character represent the greedy people present in the society who use whatever they have to explore and even end up hurting others with the ultimate aim of satisfactorily quenching the thirst of attain total dominance over all the others targeted.

The second series emphasizes the same plot. It takes place during the nineteenth century. In the series, European traders daringly make an attempt of exploring the Chinese Mainland. The Character, Dick straun who is an English man giant has a malicious plan of turning the desolate Island of Hong Kong into his territory so he becomes the supreme ruler of the subjects. This will automatically enable the British to gain power since Dick Straun is an English character seeking to attribute dominance to the British.

The third series entitled Shogun adds more flavor to the storyline by diverting the main themes of the story. From the beginning, the story had a firm clinch of battles. However, in this case a Japanese woman torn between two lifestyles spices up the story. She is entangled in conflict, passion, lust, ambition and the struggle for power. Her character represents what humanity goes through in the world though they have an ultimate which should be chased in order to be assured and reassured of an entirely fulfilling future afterwards. The fifth series entitled whirlwind is a story which takes place on February 1979.The events take place in a short time of only three weeks full of fanaticism, heartbreaks which setbacks the progressive growth of the characters. In addition, they are also caught up in passion and self sacrifice. The characters are caught up in a dilemma of revolution and international invasion. The characters who grapple with the international interference are highly qualified pilots who are the source of reprieve. The people are ordered to flee in search of peace and safety using the available helicopter. This series is an enticing and very captivating piece of art.

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