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Aspect and Anchor Books In Order

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Publication Order of Aspect and Anchor Books

Bound to the Battle God (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sworn to the Shadow God (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wed to the Wild God (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Servant to the Spidae (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ruby Dixon is a pen name used by the author, who keeps her identity a secret.

She is a writer that likes to pen things that are in the romance or the science fiction genre. She is also a Sagittarius and one of her hobbies is shipping Reylo. She also enjoys farming sims, but maybe not so much doing real housework.

She is married and lives with her husband and a few of their cats in the South. She describes herself as boring. She loves dirty books and coffee as well as cinnamon roll heroes, epilogues with tons of babies, and fated males. She also enjoys writing her own biographies in the third person as it feels more important done that way.

Bound to the Battle God is the first book in the Aspect and Anchor series by Ruby Dixon. If you love a new romance and want to try something fresh, give this story a try!

When Faith heard some strange sounds coming from her neighbor’s apartment, she decided that she was going to go over to investigate them. The last thing that she ever thought would happen would be that she finds a portal that goes to another world and falls through it. However, that is exactly what happens.

Faith is now in a strange land where nothing is familiar to her and doesn’t know how to make it back to her home world. She starts to find out that this place is a little bit different from the one that she came from. The power comes from those with all the might, who get to say what is right. The men have swords, and most interestingly, the gods walk among the mortals.

In the course of just a few minutes of being in this place, Faith ends up enslaved. It’s not exactly a paradise or a fun place to be, that’s for sure. The only thing that she keeps thinking about is how she can get home, which is an awesome question that she wishes that she had the answer to. However, there might be someone out there that can help her. Unfortunately, he is also the individual that she wants to throttle.

Aron is the Butcher God of Battle and the Lord of Storms. Faith is now his new companion. She acts as the anchor for Aron to the mortal realm. She’s going to be serving as his guide and showing him the ropes as he has been adjusting to his exile and is now living in the modern mortal world. The only thing is that Faith doesn’t know anything about this new place, so they’re going to have to figure it out together.

Then there’s the common goal that they both share. Aron wants to get home as quickly as possible, and so does Faith. The two have every motivation to team up and do whatever they can to get themselves back to where they need to be. On top of that, they have also bonded together and now share the unique bond that a god and anchor enjoy, which is not like any other on this earth.

Now the pair of them end up traveling together a lot. They fight together a lot. They take baths together to get clean. They take on enemies and fight them together, and there are a lot of them. She knows that he may be a god, but when it comes to his personality, Aron is also kind of a jerk. And slightly arrogant to top it all off.

He’s also other things. He’s really hot, he’s brawny, he’s a jerk but somehow it proves to be irresistible whenever he does it. Faith knows that technically she shouldn’t want anything to do with the god. But she does. She also wants to do certain things to him as well, which is tough admitting to herself.

But when it comes to the gods and the mortals, they don’t always mix together. Faith is just going to have to stay focused on the task at hand and work with Aron towards reaching their goal. The two just ignore the attraction that is growing between them and keep to the plan that they have come up with. With their one singular goal in mind, the two are focused on getting to the finish line and reaching their respective home worlds. Can Faith keep her eye on the ultimate prize? Or will she end up kissing Aron and getting distracted as sparks fly? Read this romance to find out!

Sworn to the Shadow God is the second book in the Aspect and Anchor series by Ruby Dixon. If you like romances and liked the first book in this series, give this one a try!

Max is looking for adventure, or constantly seemed to be when it comes to her own life. Things were boring for her, and she craved some excitement. It comes to find her when she finds a special portal that takes her to a different world entirely. She’s thrilled because she finds out here that she is special and important. She ends up finding out that she is very special when she meets, of all people, Death.

Yes, the Death himself. He has been sent to the mortal realm in exile for the purpose of working through the many flaws he has, among them being spoiled. He’s known as the Shadow Lord, or Rhagos. Max finds him impossible as he’s selfish, rude, arrogant, and always wants to get his way.

However, he’s also a lonely person with a magnetic personality and is very handsome. He’s also protective of Max, and now thanks to their magic bond, she is now his anchor to this realm and serves him. She acts as his guide or conscience, but also is the target for random assassins. After putting up with this for a while, she wants to get back to Earth and end this adventure.

The world is collapsing around them and they’re being hunted. Max starts to wonder what it would be like to kiss or touch Death. She’s meant to be looking for a way to get home, not attempting to be with Rhagos. Can she quell her desires long enough to get back to where she came from? Read this book to find out!

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