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Assassin’s Creed Books In Order

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Publication Order of Assassin's Creed Books

Everyone knows Desmond Miles from the popular game series, the Assassin’s Creed. Game is based on the series of novels written by Oliver Bowden or elso known as Anton Gill. Assassins Creed series is a story of many assassins who belongs to a secret society of brotherhood called the Assassin, who are fighting against another secret society called the Knights Templar for an ancient technology known as “the Apple”, which has the ability to change human minds. Both secret groups are trying to obtain the knowledge of ancient superior civilization known as “those who came before” or the Gods.

The story of different assassins is spread over a six novels of Assassin’s creed that is Renaissance, Brotherhood, the Secret Crusade, Revelation, Forsaken, and Black Flag. Novel stars Ezio Auditore da Firenze is the major character throughout the story but few editions include Altair and Haytham Kenway as assassins.

Story of Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Young Ezio led a care free life until his father and brother were executed by the Knights Templar order. While Ezio was out for his father’s work, his father and brother were captured and killed by the Templar. In order save his sister and mother, Ezio escapes the city of Florence with them. After his escape, Ezio meet his uncle Mario who teaches him how to fight and turns him into a perfect assassin. Soon, Ezio starts working as assassins by killing enemies for justice. One day accidentally, he discovers Rodrigo Borgia, who was the enemy of his father. Burning in revenge, Ezio starts the quest of hunting Rodrigo, which takes him to various cities of Italy. Finally, in Venezia, Ezio gets hold of Rodrigo but he needed help in order to fight Rodrigo’s men. Fortunately, he receives help from group of assassins, which includes Mario.

This was the first time when Ezio is introduced to the Assassin order. An ancient ceremony is conducted by the order to include Ezio into the ranks of the Assassins. According to the Assassins, Ezio is the prophet who will lead them in their quest of finding “the vault” by completing the pieces of codex, a secret book written by assassin Altair. This secret book has the ancient knowledge of the order and the “Apple”.

As the story progresses further, Rodrigo becomes the Pope Alexander VI at Vatican City while, Ezio and his allies completes the Codex. When Ezio learns Rodrigo’s whereabouts he gets inside the Vatican in order kill Rodrigo but after a long struggle, Borgia gets away with “the Apple” wounding Ezio with a knife. Rodrigo’s escape did not last long as Ezio’s eagle finds the Borgia and Ezio defeats the old Borgia but decides not kill him as killing him will get Borgia out of his misery. In the end, Ezio finds the vault in Vatican and when he opens the Vault and he finds a prophet in the form of a hologram named Minerva. She speaks about the war between advanced society and humans. She also speaks about the natural disaster, which wiped out the entire advanced civilization and only few humans survived the disaster. These humans rebuilt the humanity by building Temples to avoid disaster again. Minerva fades after mentioning Desmond Miles and Ezio is left confused who the Desmond Miles was.

Early Books

In the Assassin’s Brotherhood, story moves forward with the introduction of Cesare Borgia, son of Rodrigo Borgia, who becomes the new leader of Templar Order. Borgia attacks the Assassin’s villa with help of an army to conquer Rome. Ezio is injured badly, “the apple” is stolen and uncle Mario is also killed. In order to free Rome from Borgia’s rule Ezio decides to build a new army with the help of Machiavelli. It took Ezio three and half years to build his allies to win over the entire Rome and arrest Cesare. However, Cesare escapes from prison to rebuild army but Ezio finds him in Spain in Viana Castle. At the end, as a death sentence Cesare’s is thrown off the castle walls after his arrest.

In Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Ezio discovers a letter from his father. Letter leads Ezio on to the journey of finding a hidden library underneath Masyaf Castle, which conceales a hidden knowledge from Assassin Altair Ibn La’ Ahad. The templer, who are also looking for the library, attacks Ezio during his journey. Ezio kills the Templar captain and recovers the journal of Niccolo Polo. This journal takes Ezio to Constantinople, to five keys, which will open the door of hidden library. In Constantinople, Ezio helps the local Assassins to eradicate the Byzantine Templar and subjugate the rule of Prince Suleiman. Ezio was able to find four keys and for fifth key he reaches Cappadocia, where he assassinates the Templar Manuel Palaiologos to recover the final key. However, Prince Suleiman’s uncle Price Ahmet was secretly working with the Templar order and he kidnaps Ezio’s love interest Sofia Sartor in order to get five keys of the library. Eventually, Ezio saves Sofia and goes back to Masyaf to open the Altair’s library. In Altair’s library, Ezio finds “the Apple” and uncovers a truth that library was the means to provide a message to Ezio’s descendant Desmond Miles.

Other Characters

In the Secret Crusade, legendary Assassin Altair’s life is explored. Similar to Ezio’s, Altair’s story starts with the execution of his father. The story explores the conflict within the Assassins order. Abbas, fellow assassin of Altair, forcefully claims himself as the Master of the order and causes fear in the city of Masyaf. Altair storms the castle and kills Abbas. After that, Altair is declared as the Master and the final chapter follows with Ezio reading the journal while arriving in Constantinople in Assassin Creed’s Second edition Revelations. In newest edition of Assassin’s Creed, Forsaken features Haytham Kenway’s personal life. It explores the journey of Haytham from his childhood in England to his induction in the Templar ranks. In Latest edition, Black flag, life of Haytham’s father Edward Kenway and grandfather of Connor is explored.

Assassin’s Creed as A Video Game

Assassin’s Creed is popular among the gamers. However, game stars Desmond Miles as the main character who is the descendant of Enzio Auditore da Firenze. The game is set in the year 2012. Desmond works as bartender and lives common life until he learns about his ancestral lineage of Assassins. In game, Desmond explores the memories of past assassins like Altair and Ezio.

All characters in Assassin’s Creed are involved in adventures while exploring their own personal life. Books are provide rush of adventure and action thorough every corner of the story.

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