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Katina Alexis is an American author of fiction.

Witch is the first novel to come out from the author Katina Alexis. If you are interested in stories that are part of the horror genre and are going to keep you engaged with all of their twists and turns, then this is the book for you to check out!

The story starts out with the main character of Chris Dixon. He is a young man and a handsome one at that. This is a statement of commonly accepted fact as he is known for having an appeal when it comes to being attractive with the ladies. However, it is also true that the women in town have a reason to be attracted to him other than his good looks.

They all know that Chris has been through an incredible ordeal. His gospel of redemption and the pain that he is known to have suffered has made him just the target of endless adoration by the ladies in town. All of the well-bred ladies would have been likely to have a crush on him anyway, but his situation is just like moths to a flame for them.

They all live in a small town in the state of Georgia, where there is admittedly not much to do. The ladies of Congreve cannot help the appeal that he has and the hold that it has on them. Each of them would do whatever it takes in order to get into his good graces and to be the one that he courts.

Chris could have his pick of any young woman living in Congreve because of his plight. The women seemingly cannot get enough of him. They flock to him during the day and it never ends. Every day that the sun comes up, they all seem to be grasping at yet another chance to try and win his heart.

He can’t understand it. The women all are coming to him in the day, but not just the day either– the night cannot stop them either. They come to Chris, and they do what they can to flirt. It may appear to the ladies that their visits to this handsome young gentleman are free. But it is soon starting to become clear that there is a price to be paid for it all.

He has no idea why, but the ladies that choose to visit him and seek out his favor are dying. One lady passes and then another, and it is all happening in the same way. Their bodies bear the signs of hideous marks, and all of them appear to have died in ecstasy of one form or another with twisted faces.

Chris is afraid at this turn of events and has no idea what could be behind it. Surely he is not the origin point of some infectious source. But if it is not that, then what else could it be? There appears to be an almost supernatural cause behind all of this and he is starting to get worried about it. What if the people in town think that he is the one that is somehow doing this to all of the ladies?

It turns out that in all of the town, just two women seem to have the capability to resist the power that this man has. One of them is waiting every night in her silent crypt where she lives preserved in a strange manner. The other woman is doing her best on her own and trying desperately to try and wake everyone in the town up and show them the terror that is going on right in front of their noses.

She knows just what all of this is because she herself has visited inside the pentacle of the devil. She knows what it is like to stare into Hell and its doorway and knows what waits for the people of this town if this goes on. Can this woman save everyone here, or is it already too late? Pick up a copy of Witch by the talented horror author Katina Alexis to find out!

Along Came A Spider is an exciting book from the writer that goes by the name of Athena Alexis.

In this story readers get to meet the main character of Alice for the first time. She loves living in New York and finds everything about her life wonderful and eccentric. She would not trade her life with her family there for anything, and loves spending every day living in their wonderful SoHo loft.

She shared the loft with her mother, who was beautiful and always laughing. Her sister Daria also lives there, and Todd, her stepfather. But when Todd comes into a sudden fortune, he decides that he wants to move them all to Georgia.

Alice is sad to leave her life in New York for this new Broderick mansion. Already she knows that something is off. She feels dark forces. When she sees the form of an older woman in the window of the attic, will she be able to stay there? Read this book to find out!

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