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Conn Iggulden is a published British author who also publishes using the pen name C.F. Iggulden. He is known for writing novels of historical fiction. He is a writer of The Dangerous Book for Boys television series and a short called Blackwater. Emperor is also in development.

Born February 24, 1971, Conn says that he has a vague memory of sixpences and half-pennies. The author says that he has written for as far back as he can remember, penning everything from poetry to short stories and novels. He says that it’s always been what he wanted to do. He also read English at London University, but always had writing in mind.

He spent seven years teaching English and served as the Head of English at St. Gregory’s RC High School. He says that he has a lot of respect for those who teach but can’t find it personally within himself to miss all of the paperwork and more. He does say that he misses being in the smokers’ room and the camaraderie and talking to his peers.

He has an Irish mother and says that from the time he as young he would tell him about stories and include dates from history. He says that he supposes that telling stories must be in the genes somewhere, since his great-grandfather was a Seannachie. Conn says that his father flew in World War II and taught math and science after. He says that his father loved telling good stories and poetry. The author recalls that when he started teaching, classes were told that girls were the only ones good at English.

He says that he has always enjoyed the genre of historical fiction. He has read Flashman, Sharpe, Jack Aubrey, and Hornblower and Tai-Pan. He still recalls reading his first book by Patrick O’Brian. He also enjoys works by Wilbur Smith, Peter F. Hamilton, and David Gemmell.

The historical fiction author is known for his Emperor series as well as his Conqueror series. He also wrote The Dangerous Book for Boys with Hal Iggulden, his brother, which was adapted into a 2018 Prime Original television series. He also became the first person to reach the top of the non-fiction and the fiction charts in the United Kingdom at the same time.

His father served as an RAF pilot during the second world war and his mother was Irish. He attended Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary in Middlesex, then St. Martins School located in Northwood before attending Merchant Taylors’ School. He would then attend St. Dominic’s Sixth Form College before enrolling in the University of London to study English.

He would leave teaching English to write The Gates of Rome, his first novel. He married his wife Ella, who hails from southern Italy’s Amalfi coast. Her relatives there are known for being specialist producers of craft pasta and ravioli. The pair shares four children and they live in Hertfordshire, England.

He also was one of the two hundred public figures who signed their name to a letter sent to The Guardian that was against Scottish independence in August of 2014 leading up to a September referendum regarding the topic.

His first book was the first of the Emperor five-part series titled The Gates of Rome. It is based on Julius Caesar’s life from childhood to adulthood, betrayal, and death. Spitfire Productions bought the film option for the series. The fifth book in the series was called Emperor: The Blood of Gods.

Once he had completed the fourth book in that series, he began researching for his upcoming book the Conqueror series. This was based around the life of Mongol Warlords such as Ogedai, Kublai Khan, and Genghis. The first book came out in 2007 and was titled Wolves of the Plains. This was followed up by Lord of the Bows in 2008. The third book in the series also came out in 2008 and is titled Bones of the Hills. Empire of Silver came out in 2010. He first said on his website that he would be writing two books more in the series, but a note at the end of Conqueror says that it will be the last in series as the author wanted to leave the character with more to accomplish instead of at his downfall.

He would also release his Wars of the Roses series, which had four books in it. It began in 2013 with Stormbird, followed the next year by Margaret of Anjou, Bloodline the next year, and Ravenspur in 2016.

He published Dunstan in 2017, a historical fiction book that focused on a tenth century monk and his life. He followed this up with the 2018 novel The Falcon of Sparta, which was about Prince Cyrus’s goal to become the king of Persia.

He also would write a book called The Dangerous Book for Boys with his brother. The book goes over many topics, such as tying knots, famous battles, how to build a soapbox racers, and more. The book received the title of British Book of the Year as part of the Galaxy British Book Awards. He would write a children’s book in 2009 titled Tollins: Explosive Tales for Children. He has written three more stories to go along with the Tollins story.

He has also written a novella called Blackwater, which belonged to the Quick Reads part of World Book Day in 2006. The thriller was a nice change of pace for the mainly historical fiction-focusing writer. He also changed things up with a fantasy series, releasing Darien: Empire of Saslt in 2017 under C.F. Iggulden. It was followed by the second novel Shiang and the third novel The Sword Saint.

The Gates of Athens is the first novel in the Athenian series by Conn Iggulden.

The time is 490 B.C., and two large empires are on the brink of going to war. Athens and Sparta are about to have a huge conflict, and the struggle between the rival powers and political systems is destined to last from 431 to 404 B.C. for a total of twenty-seven years.

That time period will conclude with one of those dynasties falling. Full of information about political schemes, military operations, invasions, slaughters, treacheries, plagues, passion, power, and more, Iggulden truly makes this ancient world come to life for the reader. Check it out and see what you think!

Protector is the second novel in the Athenian series by Conn Iggulden. This book focuses on two huge battles and one warrior who lives without fear.

Themistocles is the leader of Athens, scarred by battle. But he’s not officially a nobleman, and he finds that many don’t trust him. However, these people cannot fight against two facts. Those are the victories he has had as a warrior, and the fact that there is a huge Persian army coming.

Thermistocles is going to have to fight and lead his troops to battle so that they can fight off the invaders. Meanwhile, he’s dealing with allies that hate him. But he’s got to ignore that and do what he can to defend his city.

The Persians are getting closer, and he has this battle to prove himself again. With courage, hopefully he will prevail. Can he win and save Athens? Read the second book in the Athenian series to find out!

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    I was a big fan of Wilber Smith b/4, but now into Conn Igguladon.
    and looking to get the Athenian series. 🙂


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