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David Baldacci is a well-known American author.

The author was born in Richmond, Virginia, on August 5, 1960. He attended Virginia Commonwealth University and then went on to attend the school of law at the University of Virginia. Once he graduated, David moved on to work in the position of trial lawyer in Washington, D.C., then working later as a corporate lawyer.

These days, David writes full-time as a best-selling author. His novels include the fictional works Total Control, Absolute Power, Saving Faith, The Winner, and The Simple Truth. He first started writing when he was a child and his mother gave him his own notebook with lines so that he could write stories down. He would later thank her for helping to start his writing, and she revealed that she had originally given him it in a bid to help him be more quiet.

Baldacci would make a name for himself in print in 1996 with the publication of his debut book, Absolute Power. The book is a political suspense thriller that would end up being adapted into a major movie. Clint Eastwood starred in the eponymous picture, also serving as its director. Baldacci has published several novels during the course of his career, many of which reached best-selling status in North America and abroad. Some were adapted to become television series and films, such as the TV series “King and Maxwell”, the novel-turned-2013 film “Wish You Well”, and the television movie “The Christmas Train”. The books have sold over 150 million copies globally, and are published in many different countries and languages.

In addition to writing for adults, Baldacci has also published books for younger readers The author has written in many genres from young adult fantasy to historical fiction to mysteries, thrillers, and children’s books. He is married to Michelle, his wife. They have two children together and the family resides in Virginia. He works with Michelle on their Wish You Well Foundation, of which they are co-founders. The foundation works in the U.S., helping to support literacy programs for families and adults. The foundation launched Feeding Body & Mind in 2008 along with Feeding America, which has helped distribute over a million books new and used to families.

David Baldacci is the creator and the author of the Atlee Pine series. This series was introduced to readers in 2018 with the publication of the debut novel, Long Road to Mercy. Baldacci followed that up with the sequel, A Minute to Midnight. The suspenseful series is about FBI agent Atlee Pine. If you like books that have plenty of twists and turns, check this novel out!

Long Road to Mercy is the first book in the Atlee Pine series of novels by author David Baldacci. In this debut, readers get to meet the main character of Atlee Pine for the first time, a remarkable woman that has plenty of skills to do her job. When she’s relocated to the southwest’s remote wild area, a nightmare from the past may join together with a threat to risk undoing everything.

Atlee can’t get a creepy rhyme from her past out of her head. How could she? It was what the kidnapper was saying when she was six years old, when the kidnapper was deciding between Mercy or Atlee. Atlee was not chosen, and Mercy was picked. She never saw her twin sister again. It’s now been thirty years since the night that changed everything forever.

Atlee is a woman grown up, now employed as a special agent with the FBI. She’s assigned to the resident agency in Shattered Rock, Arizona, which protects the Grand Canyon. Trouble soon comes calling. A mule is discovered at the canyon’s bottom dead. The cause of death was apparently being stabbed multiple times, so it makes sense to assume that a person was behind this and it was deliberate. On top of that, the person who was with it is gone. That’s when they call Pine to tackle the case.

Atlee shows up and it quickly becomes obvious that the tourist that went missing was not just looking to see the sights and do the usual tourist things. They had something in mind that was clearly different than the usual plan. Atlee starts following the clues, looking for leads that could yield results. She thinks that she is making good progress on the case, so when she is pulled, it doesn’t make any sense to her.

The agent only has a few choices. She can risk ending her career by looking for the missing tourist, deliberately disobeying a direct order. Or she can do what they want and just back off. But she knows she’s the best person for the job and could find out the truth, and also that if she doesn’t, America’s democracy could be changed forever. What will she do? Read the first novel in this series to find out.

A Minute to Midnight is the second novel in the Atlee Pine series by best selling author David Baldacci. Atlee Pine is back once more as everyone’s favorite main character decides to settle some scores from the past.

Pine’s returned to her hometown in Georgia, with the agent looking to pick up some old threads and see where they lead. Her goal is to find out more about the kidnapping of her twin sister all those years ago. It was three decades ago, but Atlee’s life was changed forever. Still worse is living with the knowledge that Mercy is more likely to be dead than alive.

Atlee’s been tortured by the situation for years. But while working, her anger issues boil over. If Atlee’s going to maintain a future career with the FBI, she’s going to have to face her feelings about the past. So the agent goes back to Georgia with Carol, her assistant, to dig up details about that night. But when a woman is killed wearing a wedding veil, and another murdered after that, she knows it’s not going to be a simple process.

Atlee wants answers, but there’s a serial killer on the loose. Can she find out more about her sister and if she’s alive? Or will a killer get in the way? Find out what happens by reading A Minute to Midnight!

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  1. Susan Ormsby: 4 months ago

    Does Atlee ever find her sister? I am getting old and would like to know before I croak.

  2. Eric Barkman: 6 months ago

    Just getting ready to start the Atlee Pine series.If it’s as well done as the Memory Man series,I’m in for a treat.

  3. Hal Tinberg: 1 year ago

    I love the Atlee Pine series – will there be a new book coming out soon.

  4. Pfbobbo: 2 years ago

    Wow. Was turned on to David while at Myrtle Beach and BAM. Began with 1 of his originals and liked his writing soooo much that I began to choose his books every visit. I 1st read the 1st mercy in the A P series and loved it! Just finished Daylight and unfortunately discovered there was 1 before that in the series (ahhhh shoot). I ll go back and read it before I go to Mercy. Anyhow, I could go on and on about how much I do enjoy Davids’ books, but will stop with this. Thanks for bringing enjoyment and suspense into my reading of your books.

    Bobbo, in the beautiful hills of West “by golly” Virginia

  5. Samantha Sturgeon: 2 years ago

    I’d like to see a new series with the sisters. <3

  6. Name (required): 2 years ago

    I’m on the 3rd in the Atlee Pine series. I just ordered the 4th “Mercy” so I’m trying to slow read the last chapter in “Daylight”. Very difficult to accomplish.

  7. Elma Brown- Mitchell: 2 years ago

    I just love reading this series, of aTLEE Pine,AND I Am on the last book,i AM sooooo sorry it is coming to the end

  8. ElmaBrown Mitchell: 2 years ago

    I just love Atlee Pines novels I am on the last book, and I am taking my time.and that is hard because it is sooooo riviting!,What will i do when the book is finish,?

  9. Dawn Brewer: 3 years ago

    The Atlee Pine Series is excellent! Can’t wait to read Mercy!


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