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Publication Order of Attolia Books

The Thief (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Queen of Attolia (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The King of Attolia (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Conspiracy of Kings (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thick as Thieves (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Return of the Thief (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moira's Pen: A Queen's Thief Collection (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Attolia series is a well known novel series based on the young adult and fantasy genres. It is written by one of the New York Times bestselling authors from America named Megan Whalen Turner. The series consists of 7 books in total, that were published between 1996 and 2017. Author Megan has introduced the central character in this young adult series in the form of Eugenides. He is a young thief living in Eddis, who claims that he is capable of stealing anything. Eugenides is often called by the short form of his name, Gen. Every story in the series revolves around the life of Gen as he keeps changing his base from the country of Eddis to Attolia to Sounis and then back to Eddis. He carries out his stealing activities at all these places. The narration of the stories is done through the point of view of different characters. Attolia specifically gives reference to the world where the series is actually set. In some countries, this series is also known by the names ‘Thief of Eddis’ and ‘Queen’s Thief’. Author Megan began writing the series in 1995. She started by writing a short story called Thief! This short story was released in 1995 and can be found in the collection of short stories of Megan. Subsequently, author Megan attempted to write the first book in the series in the year 1996. It is called The Thief and was released in the same year. Currently, the series is still running. As the series progresses, a number of other characters get introduced. Some of the important ones include Sophos, Magus, Kamet, Costis, etc.

The first book released in the Attolia series is titled as ‘The Thief’. The Greenwillow publication released this book in 1996. Author Megan has given the introduction of Eugenides for the first time in this novel. The story opens by showing that Eugenides gets released from imprisonment by the powerful scholar of the Sounis’s King, the magus. The real name of the magus is not revealed, but it is shown that he is powerful and has high contacts. When he sees Eugenides for the first time, he thinks of him as an uncouth, insolent, and filthy man. However, he does value the stealing skills of Eugenides. After getting him out of the prison, the magus does not tell Eugenides where he is taking him and travels far away from the city along with him. Shortly after, a couple of apprentices of the magus join them. They include Ambiades and Sophos. A soldier by the name of Pol also joins the group. As Eugenides is made to journey through the lands of the kingdom along with the Magus and his apprentices, he does find any danger in it. However, each and every one in the group try to get on the nerves of the others. And just before reaching the destination, the magus reveals the nature of the work that he wants Eugenides to carry out for him. He tells Eugenides that he must steal a precious stone known as the Hamaithes’s Gift. This precious stone lies in the country called Attolia, where Eugenides is taken to by the Magus. It is believed that the precious stone is embedded with a tradition that is lost for a long time, and the one who obtains the stone will be able to use the embedded tradition for his own benefit.

The magus wants to use this stone and its embedded tradition for Eddis’s king, so that he can easily claim his country. If Eugenides becomes successful in stealing Hamaithes’s Gift for the magus, he promises to offer him fame and permanent release in exchange. But, he also threatens him additionally with the fear of a bounty if he tries to escape or attempts to use the stone to his advantage. Seeing that there is no other option left with him, Eugenides agrees to steal the stone. He takes up a great risk to his life and shows a lot of daring in attempting to carry out the theft from a highly inaccessible temple. Eugenides finds that the temple is fully surrounded by the guards of Attolia, headed by their ferocious commander. Eugenides knows that if he is unable to do the stealing, he will be punished and put back in prison for the remainder of life. Seeing danger on all sides, he decides to take the chance and eventually becomes successful in his attempt. The book went on to become very successful and was a runner up for the Newberry Medal in 1997. In the year 2012, it attained the 13th rank in the list of the Top Hundred Chapter Books, in the survey conducted by the Library Journal.

One of the other exciting books written by Megan in this book series is titled ‘The King of Attolia’. It was released in 2006. At the beginning of this book, Eugenides is depicted as a former thief and he has left stealing and has married Attolia’s Queen. This has helped to establish peace in both the countries of Eddis and Attolia. And most importantly, he is able to sit on the throne as Attolia’s King. However, it turns out that he does not have the authenticity of a king. Eugenides is found sleeping at the time of important briefings. Also, he chooses to wear ridiculous clothes, makes contemptible remarks, and allows the Queen to rule saying that she has always been the ruler so she knows better. Due to these things, he is considered more of a foreigner, ineffective, and a fool by the court of Attolia. A young soldier named Costis is the one narrating the story from his viewpoint. On one occasion, Eugenides insults the Guard’s captain named Teleus. As a result, Costis becomes very angry and knock down the King. His act brings him the punishment by execution, but Eugenides chooses to spare his life. He makes Costis his confidant. As Costis begins spending time close to Eugenides, he starts understanding his situation in a more clear way. Even though he thinks of him as an obnoxious, conniving, and maddening person, Costis starts developing sympathy for him. He starts understanding that Eugenides is a young man, who is far form his home and country, and is forcefully married to Attolia’s beautiful but ruthless Queen. The plot shows numerous twists and turns with several political intrigues and assassination attempts. Costis finally realizes that there is a lot more to Eugenides than what is seen through the naked eye. His understanding gets clearer about Gen’s motives, abilities, and his complex relationship. Being the close confidant of the King, Costis’s own life comes at a risk. And as Eugenides fights against his internal struggle for accepting his destiny, the fate of the three countries falls on his shoulders. Costis makes him realize that it is now high time for him to act as the true King and show his capabilities to everyone.

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