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Audrey Blake
Audrey Blake is pen name that Regina Sirois and Jaima Fixsen, who are two authors that met as finalists of this online survivor style writing contest and they have been writing together ever since.

Regina and Jaima share a love of nature, history, literature, and tales of inspiring women. Regina hails from Kansas, while Jaima hails from Alberta, Canada. Even though they live 1,500 miles apart, they’re each prairie girls.

Each are addicted to words, history, and stories about redoubtable women. They agree that their friendship is longer lasting and better than any other prize, is evidence that good things do happen in this random and crazy universe.

After the contest, Jaima was the only person Regina would send her manuscripts to. Even though they had wildly different projects they would exchange chapter by chapter and go through it, so this experience of writing with one another, it began years before they ever joined their efforts together.

Regina majored in history in college and minored in creative writing. These were her two great passions. When she first sat down to try and write a story she went with contemporary since she had two little kids at home and the weight of trying to research something historical is highly consuming. She wrote contemporary first before making the switch to historical fiction.

Writing was not something Jaima set out to do, but she has always been imagining and reading. Whenever she read a book and didn’t like the ending, she would rewrite it in her head, so many times. After her third child, she quit working as an occupational therapist and needed something for herself. It was very hard with her three kids to get out of the house, however writing is always there whenever you want it to be there. It was a perfect outlet for her.

The first draft is like a relay race for them. They’ve got this idea of where they want the story to go, and brainstorm all of the people and outline and then one of them just begins writing. When she gets tired or stuck then the other one takes off from where she left off, just like passing the torch.

This is only possible if you truly trust the other writer. If one didn’t think that the other was an incredibly gifted and skilled writer, she couldn’t hand over her work and allow her to change it. It is this indescribable amount of trust that she won’t harm what was made, but improve upon it.

However if somebody’s looking to figure out who wrote what, there is no way to direct them. There is not a chapter that Jaima or Regina wrote. They have each gone over every sentence crafting the book together.

“The Girl in His Shadow” is the first novel in the “Nora Beady” series and was released in 2021. One woman that believed in scientific medicine before the world ever believed in her.

London in the year 1845. Nora Beady, an orphan, was raised by the eccentric surgeon named Dr. Horace Croft. He took her in after she lost her parents to a deadly pandemic. So she knows very little about conventional life. As other young ladies were raised to busy themselves with watercolors and needlework, she was trained to perfect her anatomical illustrations of dissections and her suturing.

Women face some dire consequences if caught practicing medicine, however in Croft’s private clinic Nora’s his most trusted, as well as secret, assistant. That is until the new surgical resident Dr. Daniel Gibson shows up. Dr. Gibson doesn’t have any idea that Horace’s quiet and bright young ward is a surgeon that is more ingenuitive and qualified than himself even. Nora, in order to protect Dr. Croft and his practice from collapse and scandal, she has to learn to play an uncomfortable and new role: that of a proper young lady.

However the pretense has got its limits. She cannot just turn away and ignore the suffering of these patients, even if it meant giving the power to wreck everything that she has worked so hard for. And when she makes this one discovery that could possibly change the whole field forever, she faces this impossible decision. Stay invisible and let all the men around her take the credit for her work, or step out into the light, even if it mean being destroyed by her own legacy.

One woman’s fight to follow her own dreams and build a life, and a legacy, beyond what’s expected of her.

This is a suspenseful story of a brave young woman that is determined to become a surgeon in repressive Victorian England. The novel is impeccably researched and fluidly written, and is a memorable literary gift to to be read over and over and treasure.

“The Surgeon’s Daughter” is the second novel in the “Nora Beady” series and was released in 2022. Women’s work is a matter of life and death. Nora Beady, the only female student at this prestigious medical school in Bologna, is quite the rarity. During the 19th century women are expected to remain back home and raise kids, so her indelicate and unconventional ambitions to become a licensed surgeon offend all of the men around her. Under constant scrutiny, her successes are taken for granted; while her mistakes are used as evidence that women just aren’t suited to this field.

Everything changes once she allies herself with Magdalena Morenco, the only female doctor on staff. Together these two women develop new techniques to improve upon a groundbreaking surgery: the Cesarean section. It is a highly dangerous procedure and the research is grueling, however what’s much worse is the vitriolic response that men have. Most do not trust women’s findings, and many can decide to deny their wives any medical care.

Nora, already facing resistance from all sides, gets shaken when she meets a patient that is going to die without this surgery. If this procedure is successful, her work could change the world. However a failure might cost everything: precious lives, Nora’s career, as well as the role that women are going to be allowed to play in medicine.

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  1. BETTY MAURICE: 10 months ago

    Just finished “The Girl in his Shadow”, excellent read. I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you Audrey Blake.

  2. Connie Gauthier: 1 year ago

    I just finished Nora’s first story and am very anxious to start the second chapter of her life. Great read! Keep up the good work. You now have a new fan here.

  3. Diane Adkins: 2 years ago

    I so thoroughly enjoyed reading about Nora. I certainly hope there will be a third chapter to her life. This was so good, I think it would make an excellent movie. Thank you.


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