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Audrey Grey
Author Audrey Grey has been writing she was able to hold a pencil. She didn’t quite choose to write as much as she just had to. Writing is the way that she expresses herself and just one way to funnel her creative drive, without the ability to do this, she would lose some of her magic and sanity. She had written a few novels before her debut novel, however those are never going to see the light of day.

She can usually be found hiding out in her office from two little people, and her many dogs, surrounded by her books and sipping on kombucha as she dreams up wondrous worlds for each of her characters to live in.

She is a little person wrangler, taco aficionado, and a collector of furry things. She writes novels about fierce heroines that fight back against evil and occasionally save the world. There is typically some plucky sidekick, a swoon-worthy dude (at the very least), LOTS of action, and a hefty dosage of enemies-to-lovers.

Audrey’s debut novel, called “Shadow Fall”, was released in the year 2016. Her work is from the urban fantasy and young adult fantasy genres. She has won a Moonbeam Children’s Award.

“Shadow Fall” is the first novel in the “Shadow Fall” series and was released in the year 2016. Her name is Maia Graystone: rebel, prisoner, and hesitant savior of a world that’s dying.

In precisely 552 hours, there is an asteroid that is going to end life as we know it. Not that Maia’s life is anything worth bragging about. Trapped within a hellish prison, her days are made up of surviving all the other inmates and the bounty that’s on her head. Then this mysterious benefactor offers her the impossible: the opportunity to compete in the Shadow Trials and win one coveted spot on the space station up above our dying world.

However this chance comes with a steep cost. Partner up with some dashing psychopath, enter into the court which condemned her to death at one time, survive the merciless by Maia’s own mom, and murder the Emperor, which is the same guy that is hunting her.

In this cunning game of life and death, nothing is like it appears and everybody just expects her to fail. They forget one small detail, however, never underestimate the girl that has nothing left to lose.

This is a fast paced and intriguing read with such an extensive amount of detail given to the social class and world building. Maia is also a well developed character with emotion and depth, and shows such a wonderful transformation over the course of the story.

“Shadow Rise” is the second novel in the “Shadow Fall” series and was released in the year 2017. Maia is a terrorist, rebel, and traitor. Maia is imprisoned in the Tower at the Archduchess’ mercy, and awaiting definite execution, and spends each moment thinking about ways of escaping so that she can find Riser and fulfill the promise she made to her dad. The perfect instant pops up, and she breaks free, just to find the unthinkable: the rebels have branded her a traitor.

Worse, war is looming, and her friends have abandoned her, with Nicolai refusing to help out finding the Mercurian. There is just one way to change the guy’s mind and regain the respect of the rebels. She has to fight in the ruthless Blood Courts, a gladiatorial and violent arena where the strong are the only one’s to survive.

Only issue is, first she must defeat the current reigning champion. Somebody that she formerly trusted with her heart. Win and the whole rebel army is hers. If she loses, then the entire world is gonna burn.

“Shadow Ruin” is the third novel in the “Shadow Fall” series and was released in the year 2020. Maia is a commander of the rebel army, soldier, and the Emperor’s worst nightmare. After going from a scorned traitor to leader of the rebel army overnight, she is now the most powerful girl in the entire empire. However power comes with a price.

Her mom questions her position at each turn, her enemies wait for the perfect moment to strike, and the burden of leadership threatens her own relationship with Riser. When the Emperor abducts somebody Maia loves, she is faced with the impossible: sneaking onto Hyperion, which is his highly guarded palace in the sky.

Maia’s survived the Shadow Trials, and the violent Blood Courts. However surviving this final mission means finally deciding who to trust: either the dark soldier from her future or the golden prince from her past. With Pandora’s wrath just days away, Maia is going to enter into a final twisted game of secrets, treachery, and deceit. Winner takes it all, so let the games begin.

“Winter” is the first novel in the “Evermore Academy” series and was released in the year 2019. Welcome to Evermore Academy where being human SUCKS, magic is dark, and immortals are beautiful. After having spent her whole life avoiding the creatures that killed her parents, a stupid mistake binds her to them for four years.

Her penance is to become a human shadow at the infamous Evermore Academy, which is the finishing school for the Seelie and Unseelie Fae courts. All she wants to do is to keep a low profile, however the first day, she makes an enemy of the most powerful of the Fae at the academy. The Winter Prince is cruel, arrogant, and her Fae keeper, apparently. Meaning she will be in for months of torture.

However it just gets worse. Something horrible and dark is looming over the academy. Humans are dying, some ancient vendettas resurface, and the courts have gotten even more bloodthirsty than ever. What can a single mortal girl do in this world filled with gorgeous monsters? Battle back with everything she’s got, and try not to fall in love along the way.

Summer is a strong and sassy woman that battles for survival daily. Readers enjoyed this one from beginning to end and could not stop reading for very long.

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