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Publication Order of Audrey Harte Books

Kate Kessler is a mystery novelist with a strong flair for creativity. Her love for writing dates back to her preteen years when she started reading Nancy Drew mysteries and eventually many Sidney Shelton stories. She even became interested in soap operas over how intricate and detailed their storylines could be.

She started writing books when she was twelve years of age and has grown in her skills over the years. She continues to focus great stories that are filled with intriguing and fascinating points.

Much of Kessler’s work is based on her desire to calm down and live a relaxing life. She admits to having been quite a juvenile delinquent when she was growing up. She refers to writing as a process that helps her to stay out of trouble and to learn a little more about herself and what causes people to often make bad decisions in many forms.

The stories she writes focus on the difficulties that come with the past. She understands that many things that happen in the past can haunt a person for one’s entire life. The work she puts in is fascinating for being all about many concepts relating to being strong and powerful while being ready to take on anyone who puts up a challenge.

About the Series

The Audrey Harte series is all about the titular criminal psychologist. Audrey Harte is an intriguing woman who focuses intensely on all sorts of details when solving crimes. But much of this comes with a difficult past. She had been a delinquent who had no real sense of control when she was younger, thus leading to many criminal acts that held her back throughout much of her life.

Audrey likes to believe that she is a fully reformed woman who is no longer a threat to the rest of the world. When she was thirteen, she and a friend killed that girl’s father because he was abusive and threatening.

Audrey has many secrets relating to her past that led to where she is today. Sometimes those secrets come into play and become a real problem in her life. It is intriguing to see how well Audrey aims to look to the future but it is also important to see how she can respond to some of the threats that come along in her life.

The stories especially delve into what causes people to go forward and commit crimes. This comes as part of the stories was loosely inspired by Kessler’s own childhood. Although she never committed any very serious crimes, Kessler does look into what prompts some people to engage in such crimes themselves. It is fascinating to understand what causes many people to engage in such actions even if they know that they are going to be in real trouble for some of the things that they do.

Books in the Series

It Takes One

The first book in the Audrey Harte series in It Takes One. Audrey returns back to her hometown after having been away for a few years. She knows that there are many secrets about her family and that her past has been haunting her ever since he left. It was in this town where Audrey and her friend Maggie killed Maggie’s father as they say that he was being very abusive.

But one day, Maggie is found dead and it is up to Audrey to find out who could have done it. This especially becomes important as many believe that Audrey might have had something to do with her death. Even worse, the real killer is out to get her too.

Two Can Play

Audrey interviews a serial killer who is going through a prominent trial. She knows that she can get answers out of even the most difficult and stubborn of men as she has interviewed various killers in the past. But soon another woman is dead and the killer is trying to lure Audrey into a very dangerous game.

Audrey sees that a copycat killer is looking to take out many women. But eventually she learns that the copycat might not be the copycat that she thinks it is. This all leads to the killer trying to lure Audrey into a very dangerous game where her life is now at stake.

Three Strikes

Three Strikes goes into another dark moment in Audrey’s life. Her life is starting to look up as she is dealing with fewer stresses in her life and has been able to avoid many of the problems that have plagued her including problems relating to her past. But even as everything is looking up, someone from her past comes to her front door.

A young girl who claims that Maggie gave her up for adoption years earlier visits Audrey. She helps the girl learn more about herself and to visit the town that Maggie came from. But as she does all that, she learns about many people looking for her to keep the past in the rear where it belongs. Audrey’s life is soon threatened by some people from her past who are out to get her and the young girl. This leads to even more worries about what could happen with her.

Acclaim For the Series

The Audrey Harte series has received great honors over the years. It has been endorsed by prominent mystery writers like Rachel Abbott and Kate Rhodes. She has also gotten representation from the Irene Goodman Literary Agency, one of the top literary groups in New York.

Her work has become available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Her work can also be downloaded onto mobile devices or digital readers.

The work that Kate Kessler has produced in the Audrey Harte series is worth reading by anyone who is fascinated in the world of mystery novels. The stories are gripping and are often about the many things that people do in their lives when confronted with danger. The mysteries and surprises featured throughout the stories are also worth exploring in many ways.

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