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August Norman is a bestselling mystery fiction novelist from Los Angeles who is best known for the “Caitlin Bergman Mystery” series.

While he is originally from Indiana, for the past two decades she has been living in LA, where he has been appearing in or writing in movies, web series, stage productions, television, and even commercial advertising.
A champion and lover of crime fiction, he is an active member of the LA chapter and national chapters of the Sisters in Crime, the International Thriller Writers, and Mystery Writers of America.

August is also a regular attendee of the Santa Barbara’s Writer’s Conference.

While he has appeared and written for the stage, in television, and movies, he has always enjoyed writing. His next popular thing would have to be writing and then reading.

He loves that unlike acting he has more control over his writing than an actor who would have to be cast, which is kind of getting permission for practicing his craft.

Nonetheless, he loves the constraints of film and TV given how fast you have to tell your stories. Still, he would always have a preference for long-form fiction as it allows him to go deep into character exploration.
It also allows him to have more personal exchanges with his audience.

Like many authors, August Norman has always written, even though he never discovered the love of the novel until very recently.

While he was in high school, he used to pen handwritten stories and is certain that there is a manuscript about a vigilante who doles out justice in a landfill somewhere in his home state.
He jokingly loves to tell people that if anyone should come across the manuscript, they have his permission to burn it and just about anything it has touched.

In college, Norman for the most part focused on playwriting before shifting to sitcoms, sketch comedies, and screenplays once he moved to Los Angeles.

When a director hated what he had written based on his one-line pitch, he decided that he would go on with it but do more research and worldbuilding to make it a novel.

Following several years of writing, the manuscript would become the rough draft of “Come and Get Me,” his debut novel featuring Mike Roman, the former LAPD police officer, and Caitlin Bergman, the investigative journalist from Los Angeles.
His debut was ultimately published in 2019 and soon after he published his second work “Sins of the Mother.”

Even though August Norman is now a well-known author and something of a success, he still works a day job, even if he one day hopes to quit and become a full-time author.

He is also a married man with a very active social life hence his writing schedule is not that organized and he typically writes whenever he can.

Even though he can write at home, he for the most part prefers to write from a local cafe with the headphone and laptop crowd.

While it does seem stereotypical, he usually finds that he can be more accountable when he is in a public place. In a coffee shop, it is impossible to endlessly straighten your desk, make dinner, or do laundry.

“Come and Get Me” is August Norman’s debut novel that first made the author’s name as an exciting brand new voice in the mystery thriller genre.

The novel is set at Indiana University where some strange person from the shadows has been studying the nocturnal activities, and dating customs of the female students. He is also very interested in knowing just how long they can survive in captivity.
When Caitlin Bergman the award-winning journalist gets an invite to campus where she is to be given an honorary degree, she believes she has an opportunity to deal with the trauma that almost destroyed her when she was doing her undergraduate studies.
While at it, she also has the chance to have a well-deserved victory lap. But what was to be a victory lap suddenly turns into a race when a student asks her to look into a mysterious disappearance on campus.

Some girl named Angela Chapman had left campus one weekend and was never seen again. To find Angela, Caitlin needs to work with the local police department and a local police detective who was responsible for botching the case.
But even as she follows the clues in the case, what she does not know is that she is also being followed. Caitlin needs to work hard to get to the bottom of the disappearance mystery before someone or something gets to her.

August Norman’s novel “Sins of the Mother” is the thrilling second novel of the “Caitlin Bergman” series of novels that has been compared to the works of the likes of Michael Koryta, Tess Gerritsen, and Julia Keller.
Bergman the lead had gone searching for her mother only to be shocked by what she found that may have world-changing consequences.

For four decades, she had been telling everyone that her mother was dead. It had been easier to say that rather than explain how she had been abandoned by her mother before she disappeared from her life for years.

But then Caitlin is invited to identify her mother’s remains by a rural sheriff out on the coasts of Oregon. Caitlin leaves everything as she heads to Oregon to confront Maya the woman she has hated for years.

However, she finds that the corpse which had been found on the land of a mysterious cult did not have a face. The good thing is that she finds she stumbles upon the diary of a woman whose life was all about the end of the world.
In it, she also finds hints that the leader of the mysterious cult may know the identity of her real father.

Still, she is not the only one hoping to find clues in the diary as a white supremacist known for his violent tendencies whose family has influence in the county believes the cult kidnapped his daughter.
He is determined to do everything in his power to get her back, even if it means resorting to violence.

As the white supremacist family plots to purify the county and an army of women hope for the end of days, Caitlin finds herself caught in the middle.

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