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Publication Order of Auguste Didier Books

Murder in Pug's Parlour (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Limelight (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder At Plums (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at the Masque (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Makes an Entree (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Under the Kissing Bough (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in The Smokehouse (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder At The Music Hall (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder In The Motor Stable (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder with Majesty (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the Queen's Boudoir (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Auguste Didier book series is a wonderful series of crime fiction, thriller, and historical mystery stories. It is written by a well known British novelist named Amy Myers. The series is comprised of a total of 11 books published between 1986 and 2000. Each and every novel of this historical mystery series consists of the chief protagonist as Auguste Didier. He is described as working as a master chef by profession and living in London. Throughout the series, it is shown that Auguste Didier comes across a number of mysteries, which he succeeds in solving with the help of his sleuthing skills, wit, determination, dedication, and intelligence. He is assisted in the investigations by a London-based Scotland Yard inspector named Egbert Rose. Usually Egbert Rose is the one who begins the investigations and Auguste Didier gets involved in them later. A number of other interesting characters depicted in the series by author Myers include Natalia Kallinkova, Grand Duke Igor, Prince of Wales, Charles Dickens, Mr. Pickwick, Miss Havisham, Oliver Twist, Sir Thomas Throgmorton, Inspector Naseby, Princess Tatiana, Priscilla Tabor, Thomas Bailey, Duchess of Dewbury, Hester Hart, Lady Bullinger, Hortensia Millward, Lord Montfoy King Edward VII, Thomas Entwhistle, Pyotr Gregorin, Marie Antoinette, etc.

Amy Myers has done the settings of the books’ plots in the Victorian era in London during the late 19th and early 20th century. All the books of this series have received great reviews from the critics and readers from different parts of the globe. Many of them have given favorable reviews in various literary magazines like Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, Booklist, etc. The immense success of the books and the series as a whole benefited Amy Myers greatly. The critics labeled her one of the most frequent and best contributors of historical mysteries. Also, the success of the Auguste Didier novels helped to set the stage for her widely popular Marsh and Daughter series featuring the father & daughter pair of detectives Peter and Georgia Marsh. And then she went on to write another successful mystery series, several stand-alone novels, and short stories using multiple pen names in the later part of her career. Amy Myers says that she will be forever grateful to the Auguste Didier books and her fans, who helped her establish herself as a prominent writer of mystery stories. She hopes to continue being successful with all her upcoming projects and keep entertaining the fans of mystery novels for many more years to come.

A very exciting book of the Auguste Didier series written by author Amy Myers is entitled ‘Murder Makes an Entree’. It was released in 1996 by the St Martin’s Press. The primary characters mentioned in this book include Auguste Didier, Charles Dickens, Thomas Throgmorton, Betsy Trotwood, Inspector Naseby, Egbert Rose, Prince of Wales, etc. At the novel’s start, it is mentioned that the Prince accepts the offer of becoming the president of the Literary Lionizers Society only on the condition that a first-class dinner is served on the occasion of the annual banquet of the Broadstairs. And to make sure it is indeed a first-class affair, he insists that master chef Auguste Didier make the preparations. Broadstairs is famous not only as a popular seaside resort, but also as the favorite holiday destination of Charles Dickens, whom the society as selected as the author for lionizing for the year of the presidency for the prince. They invite a whole lot of prominent personalities to attend the banquet. Some of them include the Peggotys, the Trotwoods, the Dorrits, Mr. Pickwick, and Mr. Scrooge.

The extremely emotional Miss Havisham also attends the banquet that goes quite well, except for the readings that took place after the dinner. When Oliver Twist is reading a murder scene from his book, Sir Thomas Throgmorton collapses suddenly and dies. It is learned that Sir Throgmorton’s food was poisoned. Inspector Naseby is asked to take over the investigation, who enlists Auguste Didier as the prime suspect as the banquet was prepared by her. She pleads that she had nothing to do with Sir Throgmorton’s murder and joins hands with Inspector Egbert Rose to prove her innocence and catch the real culprit. The two make a list of suspects comprising of the guests that had arrived at Broadstairs and suspected to have a motive behind the murder of Sir Throgmorton. Auguste and Rose go on to unravel the mystery and also hunt down the real murderer before another innocent victim loses his life.

Another intriguing book written in the series by Amy Myers is called ‘Murder in the Smokehouse’. It was also published by the St Martin Press in 2000. The essential characters described in this novel consist of Princess Tatiana, Priscilla Tabor, Egbert Rose, and a few others. The story is said to have taken place in the year 1901. At the invitation of the prestigious Tabor family, Auguste Didier is visiting the family’s Yorkshire seat for a gala dinner. Auguste is accompanied by Princess Tatiana, his bride from Russia. The event is supposed to be a huge one as the king is also expected to attend. As much as Lady Priscilla Tabor is determined to make the gala a satisfying one for every guest, she is also determined to prevent tobacco from ruining the Elizabethan tapestries of her mansion. So, she makes a separate arrangement for the smokers in a room located at the far end of the large garden.

Priscilla also allots sharp pinnacles and gloomy Gothic tumbling towers folly for the smoking purpose. She is strict about her rule of not smoking inside the mansion that she is not ready to spare even the king if he wishes to smoke. Tatiana seems curious about the separate smoke room and also the dirty habits that take place inside its walls. Unfortunately for Priscilla Tabor, her expectation of a graceful event turns sour when a dead body is discovered in the smokehouse. And as Tatiana is the one who has found the body in the middle of the night, Auguste is reluctantly forced to don the role of a detective again. He starts by trying to find whether the death was a murder or a suicide. During his investigation, Auguste Didier comes across several secrets and he tries to find the answers to the subsequent questions that come to his mind related to those secrets. What intrigues Auguste more than the murder mystery is the identity of the corpse as no one seems to know who he was or how to did enter a private function without invitation. The questions lead Auguste to some important clues that help him solve the mystery and catch the murderer.

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