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Aurora Rose Reynolds is a best selling author (Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and New York Times). She has written the “Shooting Stars” series, the “Until Her” series, the “Until Him” series, the “Underground Kings” series, and the “Until” series. She is a navy brat and her husband once served in the United States Navy.

When she has some free time, she loves to read, write, and going to the movies with her husband; spending time with her dog and her husband, in any way are other things that she enjoys doing in her freetime. This husband of hers is both an alpha male and he loves her as much as the men in her books live their women. Reynolds loves going to small vacations to nowhere or spending time with friends and family at her home. Not to mention the fact that she is able to admire the beauty in the world and appreciates everyday.

She began writing in the first place so the alpha males that were in her mind would leave her alone, and she could have some peace and quiet. She also started writing because there was a shortage of novels with alpha males in them, which pushed her to add to what was on the market.

One of Reynolds’ favorite authors is Kristen Ashley, and one thing she likes about her work, is that when she is reading a book by Ashley, she feels like a part of the entire story. She is able to feel the emotions Ashley’s books invoke in readers is something that makes Reynolds push to be an even better author.

She enjoys all kinds of music, like: Drake, Sam Hunt, Adele, and Ed Sheeran. Her favorite candy is anything covered with dark chocolate. She also loves rum, wishes she could break dance, and is a super nerd.

“Until November” is the first novel in the “Until” series and was released in the year 2013. November wants to get to know the safety in a small town and her dad. She leaves her bad memories behind her, as well as New York for the state of Tennessee, and goes to work for her dad as an accountant at his strip club.

She bumps into Asher Mayson the only time that she is allowed during the hours the place is open. He seems like the perfect guy, until he opens up his mouth and starts assuming things. She wants nothing to do with him, but that is too bad because fate planned other things for her.

Asher has had zero problem getting women, that changed with November, though. All he thinks about now, is making November his woman and protecting her against all the bad things.

This here is a novel that will keep you up, reading until the morning hours, with no desire to put the book down for very long. Fans of the novel found this to be an enjoyable story featuring some strong main characters, as well as supporting characters. Some felt themselves falling for Asher in this book, right along with November. Readers felt that even though they had already read the book, it was just as good the next time around for them.

“Until Trevor” is the second novel in the “Until” series and was released in the year 2013. Trevor Mayson planned his entire life out. Mainly, he would just make the family business a successful one, and keep on hooking up with women a few more years before finding a wife. That changes when he meets Liz Hayes. She is gorgeous, shy, not to mention everything he ever wanted in a woman. The only bad thing is that she does not fit into the plans he has made.

Trevor hits her with rejection and she starts moving on. Trevor finds that it is not so easy to let her go entirely. The more he avoids her, the stronger his feelings get for Liz. He is only able to take so much of it, before he snaps.

Liz is finished waiting for him, and has little interest in him breaking her heart once again, but Trevor makes things tough by shoving back into her life. This makes it harder for her to get him off her mind.

Is he going to be able to prove that it is worth it to fall in love with him again? Not to mention, can he change the plans he has made with his life to allow her into his heart?

This is a great writer, with a top notch ability to tell a great story with a strong male main character. Some do not feel that time is even moving when they read a story she has written, and three hours have actually gone by. Fans of the novel found themselves addicted to these brothers; as they like reading about them and do not need anything in the way of a remedy.

“Until Lilly” is the third novel in the “Until” series and was released in the year 2014. Cash Mayson was given a tough decision to make. Either his unborn child or the love of his life; he knew what he had to do, no matter what the consequences would be. Lilly Donovan had to accept that Cash was not who she believed him to be and start raising her kid on her own. She had to prove how strong she was.

Years later, they find out that everything they thought they knew was a lie. Are two people able to get past the obstacles that get put up against them and fall for each other once again?

Cash forgot what it was like to be loved until Lilly returned to him and his life. Now he remembers. And now, he will do all that he can to keep both the woman he loves and his kids.

This is some readers favorite entry in the series. Fans of the novel found this one did not disappoint them at all, as Reynolds writes another great novel with yet another sexy Mayson brother, sweet heroine. The story is a unique one, and the main character made some women swoon. Some are just suckers for a good second chance romance, which this is, and it does a great job not being like most of the other ones out there.

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