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Publication Order of Jason Drake Books

The Assassin's Betrayal (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Assassin's Game (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Assassin's Vengeance (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Assassin's Ultimatum (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Assassin's Target (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Assassin's Contract (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Assassin's List (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Assassin's Daughter (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Auston King is a thriller author who prefers staying anonymous. He has read every Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, and Robert Ludlum book he could find. His main goal is to share engaging stories that leave the readers craving for more in the end.

All he wants is to write everyone’s thriller novel. His books are filled with military techniques, breathtaking action, and espionage.

His works include the Jason Drake Thriller series, which came after years of research. King creates characters who are full of life and depth.

The Assassin’s Betrayal
The Assassin’s Betrayal is the debut in the Jason Drake series. Jason has always known that the only way to end the pain from his past was to move on. He was a spy, a skilled killer, and a CIA agent working for bad people.

He was aware that he was a monster, and whenever he was given a target to execute, he would follow the orders with no questions.

All that mattered was efficiency in the execution. However, in his current mission, Drake finds himself confronted by his past, his dark memories of what he had done to get to where he feels like a bad hangover.

Soon they realize that a weapon that resembles a small nuclear bomb is missing, and none of the intelligence agencies has a clue. The mystery is that anyone who nears getting the truth ends up killed. The country needs Jason Drake, and he’ll have to deal with whoever hurt him.

The mission has left him vulnerable; going through hell is the only way out. He finds himself having to kill the love of his life, a failure to which the whole of Washington will go on fire. They later killed the woman he loved, and he had to disappear, but the only problem was that he could hide from the CIA.

The story is filled with twists and turns that will have the reader guessing what will happen next. It’s fast-paced with lots of suspenseful and romantic scenes. The characters are well developed, adding more flesh to the story.

It’s about a damaged CIA agent who went rogue and was idealistic but with a damaged love interest in the middle of corrupt governments. The characters are interesting, and the author threw in some unexpected twists adding more suspense to the story.

Assassin’s Betrayal is the novel that keeps you awake the whole night, flipping pages trying to figure out what will happen next. It’s a real page-turner as words flow from one page to the next.

The Assassin’s Game
The Assassin’s Game is the second in the Jason Drake series. On the inauguration day, President Roy Clarkson gets wounded while others are left dead. His Assassin is said to be a man with a scar on his face and a tattoo on his hand wrist.

Coincidentally, the descriptions match that of Jason Drake, currently living in South Dakota. In addition, is a secret group of former CIA assassins trained through a specialized program known as the Terminus project.

This secret group also appears to have a dangerous plan. Jason only has two days to prove that he is not the Assassin, but in the meantime, he has to find ways of staying alive for the next forty-eight hours.

To the truth about the inauguration Day attack, Jason has to depend on his old friend for help. He will also have to face his cruel past and the men who have known him as a ‘brother.’ The more he nears finding out the truth, the more dangerous everything seems.

It appears someone has been pulling strings and assuming everything is some game. Now nothing is what it seems, and Jason must be careful who to trust.
The novel is fast-paced, with lots of action to keep the reader engaged. The characters are unique and well developed, which makes the story more fascinating. Once you begin reading, it’ll be hard to put the book down until the last page.

For readers who like good mystery stories with lots of twists and turns, Assassin’s Game is the perfect book for you. It’s also ideal for fans of action-adventure stories.

Assassin’s Vengeance
Assassin’s Vengeance is the third book in the Jason Drake series. The anti-Russian rebels receive a shipment of chemical weapons, and the Ukrainian military later captures them.

The man in the center of the operation mentions the name of Jason Drake. However, the problem is that Jason might either be missing or dead. What follows is an action thriller filled with twists and turns.

Each page is filled with suspense to keep the reader excited and engaged. For readers who love roller coaster rides, Assassin’s Vengeance is an ideal novel for you. The story is a real page-turner as you follow Jason Drake as he does what he does best.

The characters are well developed, making the story more fascinating and authentic. King has added some suspense to the story to keep the readers at the edge.
The Assassin’s Ultimatum

The Assassin’s Ultimatum is the fourth in the Jason Drake series. After the name of Jason Drake comes up during the interrogation in the Assassin’s Vengeance novel, he is given a painful ultimatum.

He should co-operate, or he will lose the only chance of knowing the truth of what happened to his daughter. As things appear, the stakes are higher than expected and more personal than before.

Auston King added as many action scenes as possible to keep the reader engaged and entertained. He also threw in some twists and turns to keep each page dripping with suspense.

The characters are unforgettable and developed from the story’s beginning to the last page. The author wrote the story in a way that will leave you craving for more in the end.

The characters are great, and you can feel a connection while reading, wishing you knew them in real life. The Assassin’s Ultimatum is the perfect book for readers looking for a fast-paced action thriller.

The twists and turns will keep you at the edge of your seat, trying to guess what will happen next. Be sure to get a great, complex yet thrilling story; in the end, it pulls a few things together and ends some too. Drake is a great main character and keeps the story entertaining and thrilling.

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