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Ava Benton is a paranormal romance fiction author who has been one of the most popular authors in the genre for several years.

The author published “Jace” her debut work of fiction and the first of the “Everglade Brides” series of novels in 2016. The novel would go on to become a bestseller that spawned an entire series.
After achieving much success with her debut novel and series, she kicked on from there. Ava now has more than fifty titles to her name across at least ten series of novels in the genre.

“Pierce” by Ava Benton is the story of Pierce and his five cousins and brothers who are male dragon shifters charged with protecting a treasure stowed in the Appalachian Mountains.

They have been standing guard over the treasure ever since it was stowed there by the Vikings about a millennia earlier. No outsider is ever let anywhere near the cave and this is what has preserved its integrity for centuries.
At the opening of the story, Pierce had been sent into town to get supplies and on his way back, he found himself behind a small car sliding and skidding in the muddy terrain.

Out of nowhere, there is a mudslide coming right at the car, which knocks the driver unconscious and almost flips the car over the cliff. He hurries to the car and saves the woman inside, just as more mud comes tumbling down the hill.
Even though he gets knocked over, he never lets go of her and instead lets his dragon take over and leads her to the backside of the mountain, where there are cells behind their cell.

He knows that Dragon blood has the power to heal humans and draws some of it to heal her wound. However, the blood starts burning rather than healing her, as she screams that she is not human but Far, and that his blood is poison to her.

Ava Benton’s novel “Cash” launches on a strong note with Cash intending to head to the place where he was born in Scotland.

He needs to find out news about the rest of his dragon clan who it seems are afflicted with an iron allergy just like him and his brothers. Once they are shackled with iron, they are practically rendered useless as they are unable to shift.
They had recently found a scientist with a secret lab that had offered to help them with their problem as long as they provided a guinea pig. Cash volunteers for the job but he never counted on meeting Carissa, the sexy doctor who takes his breath away.
She is working on the cure for their affliction, even as she takes care of Tomy her five-year-old nephew whose mother is in jail for dealing drugs.

When she heads to the school to pick up Tommy after a hard day at work in the lab, she finds that he is not there as someone had picked him up.

She soon after gets a message and then a call from someone who says they had taken Tommy and will give him back when she gets them as much blood from Cash as she can without telling anyone about it.
Carissa thought she was helping a run-of-the-mill shifter, only to learn that Cash is an extraordinary shifter, who would do anything to help her when she at last confides in him.

It is an interesting work that ends on a cliffhanger as the involvement of the Scotland Clan in the kidnapping is never resolved.

“Fence” by Ava Benton opens with Gate Miles and Fence heading to Scotland to check up on the rest of the clan. Upon arriving at the cave they find it empty but Fence’s shifter feels a female presence in need of help.

Ciara had gone to the mountain caves looking for information since she was writing a thesis in college about the clans that used to live there. Her grandmother used to tell many stories about the clans when she was still a kid.

Upon arriving she headed down a tunnel to find a large room of sheetrock walls and immediately knew someone lived in the ancient caves. Running back down the tunnels, she trips on her backpack, hits her head, and proceeds to pass out.
When the men head down the tunnel, they find and wake Ciera up. Gate says they should get rid of her but Fence’s dragon believes it has found his mate.

Heading back to the city, Fence gets more information from Ciera and uses it to investigate the happenings at the cave.

When she ultimately finds the truth, she feels betrayed by Fence, even though she seems to be falling for him too.

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