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Blake Pierce is an American published author.

Blake has written multiple series but is perhaps best known for being the USA Today best-selling author of the Riley Page mystery series. This series has 17 books in it and is fairly popular among fans.

He has also written several other series. This includes the Mackenzie White mystery series, the Avery Black mystery series, the Keri Locke series, the Making of Riley Page series, the Kate Wise mystery series, the Chloe Fine psychological suspense mystery series, the Jessie Hunt psychological suspense thriller series, the Au Pair series, the Zoe Prime mystery series, the Adele Sharp mystery series, the European Voyage cozy mystery series, the Laura Frost FBI suspense thriller series, the Ella Dark FBI suspense thriller series, A Year In Europe cozy mystery series, the Ava Gold mystery series, the Rachel Gift mystery series, the Valerie Law mystery series, the Paige King mystery series, the May Moore mystery series, the Cora Shields mystery series, and the Nicky Lyons mystery series.

Black Pierce has always been a huge reader and fan all of his life of novels in the mystery and thriller genres. He also loves to hear from readers of his books and invites fans to go to his home page to find out more about his work and get in touch with him.

City of Prey is the first novel in the Ava Gold series by Blake Pierce. If you like suspense thrillers or have been searching for a new series to enjoy, check this book out!

The main character in this novel is Ava Gold. She is 34 years old, a single mother, and a widower, so it’s pretty safe to say that she is on her own in a lot of ways. She’s living in 1920s New York City and part of her job involves handling the rough streets. In her profession she has made her way through the ranks to become the first-ever female homicide detective in her precinct of the NYPD.

Ava is very tough and can keep up with things in what is largely a man-dominated world. However, the last thing that she expected was an outbreak of chaos. That is exactly what happens when a serial killer goes on a rampage and starts killing young women all across New York City.

Ava is going to have to delve into the mind of a murderer if she wants to try and find him at all. The only hope that she has of hunting him down is by searching the dark corners of their brain. The only problem is that psychological profiling is still at the beginning stages and has been mocked by many people.

She’s on her own as she goes with her gut in a wicked game of cat and mouse that could end in her favor or not at all. Ava knows that the stakes are high, but she’s starting to come around to the realization that when it comes to the serial killer and their prey, she may be the next young woman targeted by the maniac.

Ava doesn’t want to become the next dead body on a long list of victims, and she also wants to do everything within her power to stop the mad serial killer that is terrorizing the city. She could be the next target, but if she can catch the killer first, no harm will come to her.

The city has everything, from jazz clubs to mental asylums to mafia prohibition rings and speakeasies. The killer could be hiding anywhere. Will Ava be able to do what all the guys in her precinct seem unable to do– get into the mind of a killer and stop him in his tracks before more women pass away by his hand?

Anything could happen, but one thing is for certain. The killer will keep going and the victim list will keep getting longer until he is stopped. In a thriller with nonstop twists and turns, this first novel in the Ava Gold Mystery series is sure to have you turning the pages to find out what happens next. Get a copy of this book to see whether Ava can catch a killer– or whether she dies by his hands!

City of Fear is the second novel in the Ava Gold series by Blake Pierce. If you liked the first novel of this thriller and want to read a good suspenseful thriller novel, check this book out!

New York City has always been a tough place to live. No one knows that better than Ava Gold, a single mother and a widower that pours all of her energy into her profession. She has worked her way up the hard way to become the first homicide detective in her NYPD precinct that is a woman. Just like any man, she is as tough as can be and can hold her own along with all of the men.

Tragedy strikes again in New York City, and Ava Gold is the last person that is surprised. A sixteen-year-old girl from a well-to-do family is discovered strangled. The Fifth Avenue clan is understandably devastated, and the worst part about it is that she was so close to attending her coming out to society party. Obviously, it’s a tragedy that she passed so young, but the party just drives it home how much promise she had to her young life cut short right when it was burning brightest.

Ava is the detective that is called to be on the case and catch a killer. She soon finds out that psychosis can pervade through even the most glamorous and high class of high society’s families with the most wealth.

Ava’s determined to find the individual responsible and bring a killer to justice. She wants nothing more than to keep the killer from striking again and killing another young girl in the prime of her life. If she can find the murderer, she can at least do something to avenge the death of the beautiful and wealthy young teen cut down in her prime.

As she looks into high society, a tycoon singles her out. Can she hold onto her job while trying to stop a killer? Ava’s in for the battle of her career. Read this book to find out all that happens!

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