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About Avery Bishop
Little is known of the bestselling American author Avery Bishop, except that she’s a writer of enthralling mystery and thriller. A USA Today bestseller, Bishop is a pseudonym, allowing the novelist to write exciting and compelling fiction, that is just as mysterious as their own life. Writing stories with a lot of heart too, Avery manages to pull the reader in, grabbing their attention from the very outset. This is down to the work ringing true with readers worldwide, resonating on a personal level, setting the author apart from others in their field.

When it comes to the stories of Bishop, they’re intricately told, written like a finely tuned clock, with every piece working in perfect synchronicity. Throughout the narrative, every element has been carefully crafted so as to ensure that it all fits together, just as it should with any good thriller novel. This makes for some extremely compelling reading that definitely maintains a strong sense of momentum through the course of the story. Not only that, but it also sustains an air of mystery, balancing this alongside the pace of the story, keeping both in a state of equilibrium.

It’s also the psychological element that Bishop interjects into the stories that really push them forwards as well. Creating strong and lasting characters, the books are given a real tangible quality with personalities that are easy to relate to. Staying with the reader long after they’ve put the book down, it really works at introducing characters that leave a strong impression. The reader feels as if they really get to know them, along with all their human flaws and weaknesses that drive them as people.

Combining all of this together, it’s easy to see why so many readers the world over have taken to the work of Avery Bishop. Saying something clear through the medium, Bishop has a strong voice that really sets itself apart from others in the thriller genre. Putting forwards a definite point of view, there’s a distinctive personality and world-view, but this never gets in the way of the story or characters. It’s clear they’re a writer to watch in the future, and one that many fans of the thriller and mystery novel will carry on discovering in the years to come.

Early and Personal Life
Not much is known when it comes to the personal life of Avery Bishop, which somewhat adds to their mystique as a writer. Letting readers find themselves in the stories, Bishop has proven to be a talented novelist solely on the merit of their writing alone. This is because they have allowed the books to speak on their own terms, creating an ambiance that really ensures they stand out.

Clearly they know the genre, as this was more than evident from their debut release, showing they understood the format inside out. Passionate about the form, their first novel would pave the way for more exciting titles to follow, allowing their writing to develop over time. A writer who obviously has more to say, they’re definitely not going away anytime soon, as they writing career continues onwards.

Writing Career
Their first novel would come out in 2020, as they published their debut title ‘Girl Gone Mad’, which was a mystery thriller novel. This would come out under their Avery Bishop pseudonym, but would quickly capture the attention of the general public nonetheless. Rising up the bestseller lists fast, it was obvious that Bishop had a huge hit on their hands from the very beginning.

Later in 2021 another mystery novel was set for release, this time titled ‘One Year Gone’, and it would also be a thriller. Setting themselves apart as a writer to watch, people from around the world would start to follow the work of Avery Bishop. With an ever growing and eager audience, they began to find their voice, as an author who clearly had something to say.

Maintaining a strong presence online, they’ve conducted interviews, whilst also being active through social-media. All this whilst retaining their anonymity, as they would gain critical acclaim, along with being appreciated by the general public. Their career as an author builds from strength-to-strength, and there is a lot more titles set for release in the pipeline.

Girl Gone Mad
First published in 2020 on the 1st of September through the ‘Lake Union Publishing’ label, this would be the debut novel of Avery Bishop. Not being a part of a series, it would stand on its own, with its own self-contained plot, along with the characters as well. A psychological thriller with a mysterious undertone, it’s seeped in ambiance, as it became popular with readers from all over.

Looking at the pains of school and how they can continue long after people have left, this captures the toxicity of teenage bullying. Breaking it down, this definitely gets to the heart of some unpleasant truths, turning them over, and shining some light on them. Moving between the past and the present, the narrative expertly balances itself as well, allowing the reader to easily follow the story.

Working as a therapist in Pennsylvania, Emily Bennett now helps children overcome the troubles of their past, despite the fact that she holds secrets of her own. During her own time in middle-school, she was part of a clique of six popular girls who were known as ‘The Harpies’, and they took to bullying a new girl called Grace Farmer. That’s what led her to breaking point, which, in turn, led to the group swearing secrecy in their own part in Farmer’s end. Now, fourteen years later, two of the others have apparently committed suicide, and Bennett believes someone is out for revenge. Is Grace Farmer really back? Can Emily Bennett truly atone for the sins of her past? What will happen with a girl gone mad?

One Year Gone
Originally planned for release on the 10th of August in 2021, this would be the second title to come from the author Avery Bishop. As a mystery novel it maintains an aura of intrigue, ensuring that the reader is continually kept guessing throughout. It would also largely be a stand-alone novel as well, not being a part of any series, with its self-contained narrative showing what Avery Bishop clearly does best.

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