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Avery Black Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Avery Black Mysteries Books

Blake Pierce is a best-selling American author.

Pierce is a prolific author and has written several series for readers to enjoy. He is the best-selling author of the popular Riley Page mystery series. The series has a total of seventeen novels in it and is a fan favorite.

He also is the author of many other series such as the Mackenzie White mystery series, the Keri Locke series, the Avery Black mystery series, the Kate Wise mystery series, the Making of Riley Page series, the Chloe Fine psychological suspense mystery series, the Au Pair series, the Jessie Hunt psychological suspense thriller series, the Adele Sharp mystery series, the Zoe Prime mystery series, the Laura Frost FBI suspense thriller series, the European Voyage cozy mystery series, A Year In Europe cozy mystery series, the Ella Dark FBI suspense thriller series, the Ava Gold mystery series, the Valerie Law mystery series, the Rachel Gift mystery series, the May Moore mystery series, the Paige King mystery series, the Cora Shields mystery series, and the Nicky Lyons mystery series.

Blake Pierce has always read mystery and thriller novels. As a fan of the genres all these years, it makes sense that he now writes novels of his own. He enjoys hearing from readers and encourages fans to visit his author site to discover his works and reach out to him.

Cause to Kill is the first novel in the Avery Black Mysteries series by Blake Pierce. If you have been searching for an engaging new mystery series to read, check this book out!

Main character Avery Black is a homicide detective, and it’s safe to say that she has been through the wringer over the years. In fact, you could accurately say that she has been through hell. She used to have everything so figured out. She was at the top of her field as a criminal defense attorney, only for everything to fall apart.

Her fall from grace started when she got a smart Harvard professor off of a case and found not guilty. But then he turned around and killed again. Not only was her reputation damaged, she lost her daughter, her husband, and everything that she used to know as her life.

Now she is trying her best to redeem herself and clean up her reputation professionally. She’s left the world of criminal defense behind but has started to make a career for herself in other areas of the law. Working with the law, she has generally worked her way up the ranks to the point where she has been made a homicide detective.

Even though she has earned the position, the other officers still scorn her for what she did. They’re not going to forget it anytime soon, and they hate her for getting a killer off that ended up striking again. But even the officers that are against her have to acknowledge that Avery is still quick with a great mind.

Then chaos strikes in the form of a serial killer. All of Boston is worried as the killer is targeting young women attending some of the best colleges in the city. When this happens, they turn to none other than Avery Black to solve the problem. This is finally her chance to prove her value and find redemption, something that she desperately wants to occur.

The only problem is that Avery has finally found a killer that is as smart and as bold as she is. This could be a problem as it is like dealing with two sides of the same coin. This is going to be one of the toughest cases that Avery has ever dealt with.

As they play cat and mouse, the stakes have never been higher. Women continue to be killed, with cryptic clues left with them. Avery has only so much time allotted to her to stop a killer that keeps taking down young women in the city. If she doesn’t stop him or her, they will keep going.

It’s a race against time that is taking Avery through different twists. How it ends will be a surprise that not even Avery Black could see coming. Want to find out what happens? Get a copy of Cause to Kill and catch all of the twists and turns in this heart-pounding suspense thriller and see whether Avery will be able to catch a deadly killer and get them off the streets for good.

Cause to Run is the second novel in the Avery Black Mysteries series by Blake Pierce. If you loved the psychological suspense novel that introduced Avery Black, then check out this sequel and catch right back up on all of the action!

Another day, another serial killer. It seems that the work never ends for homicide detective Avery Black. A new serial killer has cropped up in the city of Boston, and this one is twisted. He’s killing victims in strange ways and leaving strange puzzles that reference the stars to tease the police.

With the victims piling up, there can be no doubt that the pressure is at an all-time high. So it is that the Boston Police Department must put their most intelligent homicide detective on the case. This calls for Avery Black to come on the scene and see what’s happening.

For her part, Avery is still dealing with the kickback from her former case. Now she finds that she’s up against a smart killer that always seems to be ahead of the game. She’s also up against a rival precinct to get results. She tries to get into the mind of the killer, even as he leaves behind careful clues that hint at where he will kill next.

She also has to go places in her mind that she would prefer not to. In the midst of all this, she consults with Howard Randall, a serial killer she put away years ago. On top of that, a life with Rose and Ramirez in her personal world is quickly falling apart.

When it comes to the serial killer, it’s more bad news: she might be the next target. Can she find the killer before it’s too late? Read this book to find out!

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