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Publication Order of Beach Lawyer Books

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Avery Duff is an upcoming and famous author from America, who is fond of writing mystery, thriller, and suspense books. He is particularly very popular for writing the books of the Beach Lawyer series. So far, he penned just two books in his career. But, both his works are highly successful in many parts of the world. Author Duff’s birth took place in the town of Chattanooga in Tennessee, United States. He studied at the Baylor School for his initial schooling and obtained a summa cum laude degree. Later, Duff enrolled himself at the North Carolina University, located in Chapel Hill and graduated with Phi Beta Kappa. Following this, Duff went on to earn his law degree from the Georgetown University’s Law Center. Immediately after this, author Duff joined a prestigious law firm in Tennessee and began his law career. And within a period of five years, he rose to the highest point of success and became a partner in the same firm. However, he did not remain in this field of work for a very long time. His interest in representing clients in corporate law cases started declining, and thereby making way for his newfound interest in writing mystery stories. Author Duff took the decision of moving to Los Angeles in order to help himself fulfill his dream of becoming a successful writer. He left the law field completely and started focusing on developing his writing skills. Shortly after, Duff took up the job of a screenwriter and excelled in it in a very short period of time. One of his credits of screenwriting includes the heist drama movie called Takers, which was released in 2010. This film starred Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen, and Idris Elba in the lead roles. As of today, author Duff resides near the Los Angeles beach. He spends most of his daytime in writing fictional stories.

Duff wishes to make it big someday in this career field and for achieving this dream, he works very hard. Duff keeps him focused towards his goal all the time and never lets himself lose hope. Currently, author Duff is working on the development of a new book in the Beach Lawyer novel series. As the latest book of this series was released only a couple months back, Duff hopes that it would reach out to many more readers throughout the world before completing and publishing another story. He wants himself to be listed among the prominent authors of the mystery genre. And to fulfill this wish, Duff is trying out all that he can. He desperately hopes that his books will work wonders and enable him to achieve what his heart wants the most. Duff is also very grateful to all those readers, who read and liked his books. He is thankful to their good reviews and motivational boost that they keep giving him by supporting him and his work. Duff even intends to widen his fan base so that they can help increase his popularity by the word of mouth publicity. He knows that the bigger his fan-base, the more quickly he will be able to sell his books, and the better will be his chances of performing well in the coming days. The latest book of Duff is expected to go into print some time at the end of this year and available for the readers at the start of the next year. The fans hope that Duff makes his next novel available for ordering and purchasing very soon.

The Beach Lawyer series written by author Avery Duff is comprised of 2 books in total that were released between the years 2017 and 2018. Both the novels depict the chief protagonist in the role of a lawyer named Robert Worth. The stories are set in different places in the U.S. The debut book of this mystery series is entitled ‘Beach Lawyer’. It was released by the Createspace Independent publication in the year 2017.

The primary characters depicted by author Duff in this book include Robert Worth, Jack Pierce, etc. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Robert Worth works in the powerful and reputed law firm known as Santa Monica. And after working hard day and night for 5 years, he finally gets the hope of making partner. But, before that could happen, Robert gets his hands on a case that proves to be a turning point. An old client approaches him and informs that she was sexually assaulted by the senior partner of the firm named Jack Pierce.

Robert Worth does not understand how to proceed further with this startling revelation and somehow accepts to fight the case for his client. By doing so, he breaks two cardinal rules of his mentors: never get emotionally attached to a client and never become the enemy of Jack Pierce. The moment Robert turns against Pierce, he gets fired from the firm and ends up losing his reputation and his job. Proceeding ahead quietly, Robert Worth vows to have his revenge against Robert Pierce for assaulting his client and betraying him. And with his investigation, Robert goes on to uncover a twisted world filled with infidelity, deception, and sex. He reaches a point in his life where he knows he cannot trust anyone. And the fact the Jack Pierce everything in his capacity to win the case makes Robert worry even more. But, he keeps his calm and emerges victorious in the battle against the evil.

The second installment of the series has been given the title ‘The Bradwalk Trust’ and is about to get released soon. This book features Delfina Famosa, Teo Famosa, and Robert Worth as the main characters. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Robert Worth establishes his private law firm on the Venice Beach. He gets his first client in Delfina Famosa. She appears to be a smart kid.

Robert learns that Delfina is homeless and has approached him to help herself in keeping her father away from trouble. Delfina claims that she and her father are the beneficiaries of the billion dollar Famosa trust, and so she requests Robert to represent their case in the court. Robert listens all that Delfina tells him, but does not trust her words blindly. He is aware that things are not as they appear to be. So, he decides to dig up some information about this case on his own. Robert wants to keep himself at a distance from Delfina Famosa and maintain a professional relationship with her. But, the deeper he digs, the more shocking secrets are revealed, and closer he is drawn to Delfina. This lands him in a great danger to his life. He wants to reveal the truth as early as possible and close the case so that he can put the danger away.

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