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Avery Keelan is best known as a bestselling and award-winning author of contemporary romance and sports romance fiction that is also a diehard coffee lover and lifelong hockey fan.

Early on, Keelan went to college where she studied Psychology and Commerce, specializing in government legislation and policy. After graduation, she went on to work for the government but always desired to become a fiction author.

She published “The Enforcer,” her debut novel and the first of the Lakeside University Hockey series of novels in 2022. Avery Keelan now has more than ten works to her name and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

She has now made a reputation of herself writing some snarky stories with hot hockey heroes with a lot of steam that will fog up readers’ mirrors. Her stories also come with a hefty dose of angst and drama.

She currently makes her home in Canada, where she lives with her husband their two kids, and several spoiled rescued felines. When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found spending time with her boys, enjoying the great outdoors of Canada, and watching hockey.

Just like many of her contemporaries, Avery Keelan plans her stories very loosely. When she begins writing her story, she usually has an idea of the landmarks she is aiming for and always knows the destination. Since she usually writes genre romance fiction most of her novels end in a happily-ever-after.

Other than that, she prides herself on being a discovery writer, and as such, her stories sometimes take unexpected turns depending on where her characters lead. Given the chaotic nature of her writing, the duration it takes for her to get her works published varies from a few months to several years.

Moreover, she has very organic inspiration and she cannot force it. As such, she sometimes had lulls while at other times he has some very productive days. Avery has also said that she sometimes has to deal with writer’s block which she usually beats with tears and a lot of coffee.
She will at other times listen to music or binge-watch a Netflix series to get her creative juices flowing once she gets stuck.

Unlike many authors who do not have a favorite novel, Avery Keelan has said that her favorite novel is “Rules of the Game.”
While she now thinks of herself as an author, she has said that her biggest dream is to one day hold a physical copy of her works and put it on her home bookshelf. She would also be delighted if one or several of her books were optioned and made into movies.

“The Enforcer” by Avery Keelan is the beautiful romance story of Nash and Violet. He had been her first boyfriend who was her first love, her first time, her first heartbreak, and her first everything.

Once upon a time, she religiously attended hockey games at Lakeside Univesity. But then Nash the team’s top defensive enforcer broke her heart and she could not bring herself to attend the games anymore.

However, fate seems to conspire against her as she is assigned to have her senior athletic internship with her ex’s team. She will now be working closely with Nash, the only man she ever loved but who had left her in a heap in her freshman year.
Since he broke her heart, she know better than to fall for the man moreover the college had imposed a strict no-fraternization policy between athletes and their trainers.

But their chemistry is as hot as it has ever been and he seems hellbent on convincing her that he deserves another chance. Before they know it the boundaries are blurring until they ultimately disappear.
But with too much on the line, Violet is risking more than her heart this time around.

Avery Keelan’s “The Sniper,” tells the story of Luna Ward and Vaugun. The latter is very well aware of the number rule in hockey which is never to date the coach’s daughter.

He just learned that the beautiful girl he had been seeing on the university campus was the daughter of Coach Ward. He made a mental note to himself to stay as far away as possible from her.

Moreover, the coach knows too much about him and he is sure the last thing he would want is for him to date his daughter. His avoidance strategy has been working but then Vaugun starts failing calc and he finds himself being tutored by Luna Ward.

She is a brilliant tattoo-covered brunette that is 100 percent his type even though she is definitely off-limits. Since he is in his senior year of college, scouts have been watching his every move and he cannot food to ever get benched for a misdemeanor.
But he has one moment of weakness that changes everything and he cannot go back and pretend anymore. The least of his worries is landing in the penalty box. This is a shot he cannot afford to miss and he has everything on the line.

It makes for a swoony slow-burn romance that will keep readers on the edge of their seats from the first page to the last.

“Otherwise Engaged” by Avery Keelan is another beautiful romance between Thayer and Bennett. The former believed that pretending she had a boyfriend would help to get her out of trouble, only to find that it landed her in more.

Her little white lie puts her in the crosshairs of Satan in a suit in the name of Bennet Bradford. He is a handsome man with a rough heart and she learned this the hard way.

Unexpectedly, she finds herself wearing a giant big rock on her ring finger that she would like to believe is as fake as their relationship. Nonetheless, they have some very real and intense chemistry. She does not believe she would ever fall for him but could she?
On his part, Bennet believes Thayer Montgomery sold him out while they were in high school. As such, he had cut her out and never looked back ever since. But now his business is in trouble and he will do anything to save it, even if he would have to fake an engagement for several months in a bid to repair his tattered reputation.

Luckily, he knows that Thayer would pass a background check ad the bonus is her would get his revenge.

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