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Death's Obsession (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Skin of a Sinner (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fiery Little Thing (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Avina St. Graves is a paranormal romance and general romance bestselling novelist who is best known for her debut novel “Death’s Obsession,” which she published in 2023.

Right from when she was a kid, she used to spend many of her days in fantasy worlds. When she grew into her teenage years, she began to dream of dreamy men from fiction spurred by the fact that she was very much an introvert for much of her life.
But in all her daydreams, she always had a reoccurring theme of unnecessary bloodshed and trauma, love interests who belong in prison, and morally grey female characters.

While she loved storytelling, she ended up in a day job and now dreams of one day making enough money from her books so that she can write full-time.

“Death’s Obsession” by Alvina St. Graves is the story of Lilith, a girl dealing with a very traumatic event that has had a huge impact on her life.

She is trying to deal with the fact that she lost her soul mate, best friend, and twin sister in a car accident. It is also at this time that she is facing survivor’s guilt given that her sister died in the accident while she miraculously survived.
Lilith is also in a terrible relationship which has not been so, helpful, particularly at a time when she is dealing with grief. On top of everything, she has a stalker who has been leaving her messages, gifts, and notes and lately even invading her dreams.
But no one believes that she has a stalker as they say her subconscious acting out resulting in memory loss and hallucinations. As a result, she has been suffering financial distress all on her own while taking some very strong anti-psychotics.
It does feel that everything that could go wrong has gone wrong and all she can do is try to stay afloat.

If only there was someone to hold her hand through it all, maybe things would not be so bad.

Alvina St. Graves’ novel “Skin of a Sinner” tells the story of Mickey and Bella who have been friends since childhood.

Growing up in the same foster home, Bella had been protected by Mickey who was often targeted by bullies who were often mean to her. The two develop quite an adorable friendship that soon turns into love.
But on her 17th birthday, she finally kisses Roman only for him to disappear and break her heart, never to be heard from again for the best part of three years.

Flash forward to the present and Roman is back for Bella and will do anything including get blood on his hands to get her.

Since he has been gone, Bella’s Foster brother and father have been abusing her and he intends to serve justice to them before he leaves with Bella.

With flashbacks between the past and the present, it is an intriguing work of fiction with loveable and charming characters whose growth from childhood to adulthood is fascinating.

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