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Awake in the Dark Books In Order

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Publication Order of Awake in the Dark Books

By: L.T. Vargus, Tim McBain

Writing thriller, mystery and horror novels, the American writer L.T. Vargus has made a name for herself writing fun and engaging novels, that are both compelling and suspense filled in equal measure, as she clearly knows how to terrify the reader on a primal level, whilst also simultaneously creating characters that resonate with readers worldwide. Knowing and understanding her genre clearly, she writes in an articulate and engaging manner, as she writes in a style that really brings her novels to life. Living in Kalamazoo in Michigan, Lex Vargus is a highly renowned and equally highly regarded novelist, speaking on a universal platform that has come to be respected globally. Writing alongside her partner Tim McBain who she also lives with, the two of them are novelists who both compliment each other well. As an American writer in his own right, the novelist Tim McBain also writes horror and thriller novels, with a large portion of focus placed squarely upon suspense, as he clearly knows how to keep readers glued to the edges of their seats. Creating a number of series and titles together, the two of them are well known as a highly effective writing duo who manage to engage readers worldwide with their combined efforts. A series that they have become particularly well known for is that of their ‘Awake in the Dark’ series of novels, which is a long-running franchise that’s gained a large following over the course of its run. Involving supernatural and fantastical elements, this series follows the character of Jeff Grobnagger as he deals with otherworldly forces, all of which seek to consume him, threatening his life and his entire being. With a narrative moving in and out of dreams, it really manages to bring this fantastical world to life, giving it a sense of immediacy and excitement in the process.

Comprised of over five books so far and counting, this series started in 2014, with the release of its first novel ‘Fade to Black’, which was quickly followed up by ‘Bled White’ just a few months later. In 2015 this would be followed up with the third and fourth titles, which were ‘Red on the Inside’ and ‘Back in Black’, with the fifth book, ‘Beyond the Blue’, coming later. The ‘Awake in the Dark Box Set’ would also come out, which would collate the first three titles in the series, allowing readers to catch-up on the ongoing story and narrative.

Fade to Black

Initially published in 2014 on the 19th of October, this would mark the first entry into the ‘Awake in the Dark’ series of novels. Establishing the premise and introducing the characters, it also manages to provide a mystery at the very heart of it all too. Not only that, but it also works at setting up the atmosphere, providing a sense of foreshadowing in the process as well.

Setting up a classic horror series, this uses all of the traditional elements, whilst using enough creativity to make it stand out on its own, thus ensuring its ever lasting appeal. The character of Jeff Grobnagger is also well introduced here, as a long last and enduring leading protagonist is firmly established as the central guiding force of the series here. Taking place somewhere between otherworldly plains of existence and the real world, this is a series that also really manages to make the most of its locations too.

Living a lonely and secluded life, Jeff Grobnagger is a somewhat isolated figure, as he finds himself having seizures on a regular basis. It is during these seizures though, that he manages to find himself being murdered by a mysterious hooded figure, something which has been happening time and time again and in numerous different ways. Then, one day, someone attempts to kill him in real life, as he finds his dreams bleeding into reality, all of which leads to a series of events that sees him undergoing a long and eventful journey. Will he find the truth? Why does this mysterious figure want to kill him? Who will fade to black?

Bled White

Released in quick succession to the first, this was originally published on the 20th of October in 2014, it being the second in the ‘Awake in the Dark’ series. Picking up from where the last left off, it really manages to recapture the essence of the first, whilst making it standing on its own in the process. Developing the characters and the world, it really builds upon the sense of scale that came before, allowing the reader to immerse themselves even deeper than before.

Giving another exciting installment of the series, this manages to bring the world of the series to life once more, giving it renewed sense of vitality and excitement once again. Continuing from where the last left off, it definitely manages to carry the character of Jeff Grobnagger forwards as well, allowing the readers to follow him further along his journey. The world itself is also beautifully realized here once more too, as it definitely manages to further build upon what came before, whilst really establishing upon it to and even greater degree.

With the burned corpse of an unidentified victim turning up in a vacant lot, it would seem that Jeff Grobnagger’s journey has taken another turn, especially after it is found sporting a League of Light Robe. This then sets Jeff off once again, as he attempts to solve how and why this murder took place in order to get to the heart of the mystery surrounding his life. He will also need to sort things out with Louise whilst saving Amity and finding Glenn, all whilst trying to decipher the truth of his situation. Will he discover what’s actually going on? Can he regain control of his life? Who was it that bled white?

The Awake in the Dark Series

A highly charged and ever creative series, this would come to mark a major turning point in the careers of both L.T. Vargus and her writing partner Tim McBain, as it really exemplifies what they have to offer. Establishing a suspense filled fantastical narrative, it really evokes an otherworldly and somewhat ethereal ambiance throughout its entire narrative. Allowing the reader to immerse themselves in the arcs of the characters, it really speaks on a universal scale, with the story of Jeff Grobnagger being one that will resonate for many years to come.

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