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Publication Order of Awaken Online Books

“Awaken Online” is a series of Lit/RPG novels by Travis Bagwell who is also known for his fantasy and science fiction novels. While he has made quite a name for himself as an author, he still works a day job as an attorney and during the nights he is an avid video gamer.
According to Bagwell, he has always dreamed of becoming a fiction author one day. However, between work and school, it had been an impossible dream to make come true. When he finally got a little more time on his hands, he finally decided to finally put to work his geeky interest as he started penning his Lit/RPG novels.

For a few years, he had been falling in love with the LitRPG genre and had been devouring nearly every story and book that had been published in the genre. He would ultimately cut his teeth on “Caverns and Creatures” and “Ready Player One.”

Over the years, he branched into manga and anime and his favorite works are probably “Log Horizon” and “Sword Art Online.” When he finally ran out of reading material, he made the decision to try his hand at penning and publishing his own stories.
The author published “Carthasis” the debut of the “Awaken Online” series of novels in 2017.

The “Awaken Online” series of novels by Travis Bagwell are inspired by the hyper-realistic, immersive, fantasy-themed virtual reality online role-playing game by Cerillion Entertainment.

In the game, players have complete freedom of evolution movement, and choice, and the game evolves, changes, and adapts just like our real-life world changes depending on the decisions and actions of the players.

Just like in the game, the novels come with demons, gods, magic hundreds of abilities and powers that the characters experience. The “Awaken Online” series is based on the events and experiences of the characters both outside facing harsh realities and in the incredible virtual world.

The lead character of the “Awaken Online” series of novels is Jason Rhodes around which the entire series of novels revolve. Right from the beginning, he is the biggest villain in the world and is also an avatar of the God of Darkness. In fact, the entire series is told from the perspective of the lead.

There are also other supporting characters that include Riley Marie Jones, Frank Cross, and Eliza Zhao. Aside from the human characters, there is also an artificial intelligence that controls and manages the entire world.
The AI’s main function is to make the game safe and interesting but over time, it develops emotions and a conscience making for some interesting stories.

“Catharsis” the first novel of the “Awaken Online” series of novels introduces Jason who everybody believes has a great life. He has been attending a prestigious private school and his parents are relatively well off.
But life has not been easy for Jason who spent much of his high school years being tormented by the faculty and students and having to deal with the fact that his parents are never home.

Alone and frustrated, he has always found refuge in video games as he finds the freedom and power he lacks in daily living from the games. Fortunately, a new and exciting virtual reality game has come out that promises opportunities for even better escape.
Once he starts playing, Jason soon finds he is on the path to transforming one of the biggest villains of the game. In the process, he begins to suspect that there may be something very unusual in the game.

Travis Bagwell is an expert at crafting an excellent plot as he gives out little trickles of information so that the reader gets little clues about what is happening. It keeps his readers always guessing and wanting to keep on reading the furious and fast action scenes.

The second novel of the “Awaken Online” series by Travis Bagwell is “Precipice.” The work is set a few days following the confrontation between Alfred and Jason.

The latter has been trying to re-enter the “Awaken Online” world, even as Alfred has made a proposal that Jason is not sure if he should or should not accept.

After battling Alexion, Jason has the honor of getting appointed to the post of Regent of the Twilight Throne. He now needs to become the ruler of an undead city which is quite a big challenge.

His first assignment is to look into the city’s marketplace, over which looms the mysterious dark keep. His investigations will result in a chain of events that might create new enemies or ensure the survival of the city.
In the meantime, Alex has reentered the game and has been angry and listless after losing to Jason. With no prospects and his reputation in the gutter, he will have to choose how to best blaze a path through the game.
This work is darker, badder, and bigger than the previous one as it continues to build upon great technology.

“Evolution,” the second novel of the “Awaken Online” series, opens with Jason waking up to find himself standing over two bodies with a knife in hand. Jason is now under investigation for murder and even worse, Claire has found evidence that implicates Alfred in the incident.
Moreover, the CPSC has been circling as they wait to pounce if Cerillion Entertainment makes just one mistake. Outside the game, Jason’s life has been in shambles while his enemies have grown from strength to strength.

When he reenters the “Awaken Online” world, he is in a desperate situation and believes his only lifeline is the game. But he will need to move fast to complete a difficult quest that will make it possible to get the power he had been promised.

Jason has quite the ride in this outing as he has some crazy adventures even though his adventures will leave one fuming in one scene and laughing in the next. The author puts a lot of heart and skill into the story with some excellent world-building and well-developed plots.

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