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XOXO (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
ASAP (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Generation Wonder: The New Age of Heroes(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Writing in Color(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Axie Oh is a well known Korean-American writer of science fiction, young adult, and dystopian stories. She is particularly famous for writing the Rebel Soul series. Axie was born in New York City and brought up in New Jersey. Her parents are of the Korean lineage, while she is an American by birth. Axie completed her graduation in creative writing and Korean history from the California University in San Diego. She earned her MFA in Writing for Young People from Lesley University. Axie claims to have a passion for writing along with several other things such as anime, milk tea, K-pop, and stationery supplies. Currently, she lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her love for pet animals enabled her to take in a puppy named Toro.

Axie likes to spend her spare time with Toro as she feels that it helps to get rid of all her stresses. When Axie’s first novel, Rebel Soul, achieved worldwide success her happiness knew no bounds. She said that the inspiration behind writing the novel was a combination of several things, including her love for Seoul, South Korea; a dream about an unknown girl; and the ideas involving giant robots, soldiers, romance, K-drama, bromance, and family connections. While growing up, Axie had read numerous dystopias with a western setting, but she had never come across any YA book with an East Asian setting. She often wondered what it would be like with respect to the differences between the West and the East in terms of culture, ideology, and history. So, when she began writing her debut book, she was adamant about setting her book in a country that she loved with the intention of showing respect.

Despite living in America all her life, she visits her parents’ families in Seoul along with them every two to three years. Axie’s favorite characters from her book include Ama and Alex. She felt great joy while creating and writing about them. The voices of these two characters jumped off the papers for her. Axie is able to relate to the character of Bora the most as she thinks that just like Bora, she is also upbeat and positive. Axie wrote Rebel Seoul as a fast-paced, action-packed, and electrifying story along with an element of romance. She succeeded in balancing romance and action with the help of multiple revisions. The cause was also helped by getting Stacy Whitman to edit the book. It was Stacy, who pointed out key areas in the manuscript where she needed to add more romance and connection between different characters.

When the required editing was carried out successfully, it helped to make the book look more engaging and exciting. One challenge that Axie faced while writing her book was in the form of a mental battle. She tried to make the Korean elements look as accurate and realistic as possible because she cared about it being her own culture. Author Axie’s advice to the newbie authors is to put the things they love in their work. It is often tempting to follow the current trends, but they should not fall for it and always look to write what they would love to read. Also, Axie wants the aspiring authors to not worry about getting their books published as there are many paths to achieving that target. Also, whatever situation they face in their life and career, they should not get disheartened or lose faith in themselves.

Author Axie is quite grateful to all the critics who have praised her work and appreciated the efforts that she put into writing her stories. She likes them for acknowledging her work describing a foreign culture and giving good reviews to her and her work. Axie is also thankful to readers all over the world, who have read her books with great passion and reverted with nice reviews and comments. Many fellow authors have come forward to support Axie’s work and have claimed that she has a promising career ahead of her. Most of them think that she is filled with great talents and can achieve great heights of success in the field of writing and publishing in the years to come. As of now, she is looking forward to finishing the writing part of her third book and is hopeful of publishing it soon for her desperately waiting followers.

The Rebel Seoul series written by author Axie Oh is comprised of 2 books released between 2017 and 2019. She has set the series in Seoul and has depicted it as being divided into two parts, Old Seoul and Neo Seoul. The central characters created by Axie for this series include Lee Jaewon, Tera, Ama, Alex Kim, and a few others. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘Rebel Seoul’. It was released by Tu Books in 2017. Initially, it is shown that Eastern Pacific has turned into ruins following a great war. Lee Jaewon is seen as a talented pilot and a former gang member. He lives in Neo Seoul, a place to achieve success through combat. Jaewon was abandoned in Old Seoul’s slums when he was small. Now, he desired to escape his troubled past and become a loyal soldier. Later, Jaewon gets recruited into Neo Seoul’s weapons development department and sees it as a great opportunity to achieve glory. But, when he comes across Tera, the mission takes a complicated turn.

Tera is introduced as a part of the supersoldier project run by the government. Jaewon is given secret orders to follow Tera’s command. He becomes her partner and gains her respect. Thereafter, respect grows into love and makes Jaewon question the intentions of the oppressive regime involved in creating weapons from humans. And when rebellion breaks out at the time of the project’s preparation to go public, Jaewom wonders where his loyalties lie, to the people or the Neo State. The series’ second installment is called ‘Rogue Heart’. It was also published by the Tu Books publication in 2019. This book opens 2 years after the events of the first book.

Ama is introduced as an 18-year old telepath, who works in a cafe during the day and as a singer at night. She keeps herself safe from the never-ending war and wants to keep that way. But, things take an unexpected turn when a resistance group approaches her and asks her to join them in exposing the shady experiments of the government. Ama reluctantly agrees and becomes a part of the group. When she comes in contact with the group’s commander, she remembers him to be Alex Kim, whom she once loved and faced betrayal from. But, she decides to not think about it and focus on the missions she is asked to carry out.

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