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Ayesha Disa Curry is a Canadian American cooking television personality, cookbook author and actress best known as the wife of professional NBA player Stephan Curry.

She started out having guest roles on television movies and shows before she was given her own slot that was named “Ayesha’s Homemade” which aired on “Food Network.” Even though she never had any professional training as a chef, she decided to have a go at it in 2014.

This first show was when she prepared a simple meal on Channel Little Lights of Mine, her Youtube channel where she would subsequently post more videos.
Aside from her Youtube channel, she is also the author of “The Seasoned Life,” a bestselling cookbook.

As a young teenager, Ayesha Curry went to Weddington High School and once she graduated, she moved to Hollywood to try to make it as an actress. She managed to get featured in several films such as “Girl #1” and “Dan’s Detour of Life” the TV movie.

It was not long after she moved to Los Angeles that she got married to Stephan Curry and soon after that she started her successful YouTube channel and a food blog. Her “Food Network” show was broadcast for only one season though it provided the platform she needed to become an author and celebrity in her own right.
Little Lights of Mine, the company she started following the axing of her show on the “Food Network” sells extra virgin olive oil. Curry has also worked with several chefs including Michael Mina who runs one of the most popular restaurants in the Bay Area. He also provided some of the material in The Seasoned Life.
“Ayesha’s Homemade,” which follows her personal and professional life alongside Stephan Curry and their two daughters, is one of her most successful shows that aired for two seasons on the “Food Network.”

Ayesha Curry has made history becoming the first person to be a spokesperson for “CoverGirl” when she is neither a singer or actress. She recently started hosting “The Great American Baking Show” which was adapted from a program of a similar theme and name that aired on ABC.

In an interview with a talk show host on “Entertainment Tonight” she revealed that she is set to become a member of the panel of “Dancing With The Stars.”
“Baking Show” which had been very successful was cancelled after the second season following one of the judges on the show being accused of sexual harassment. Given how much negative publicity the show got, Curry stepped down from hosting and in the fourth season she was replaced by Emma Bunton, a former “Spice Girls” alumnus.

Curry now has several locations of her very popular restaurant Mina/Curry International Smoke restaurant across California.
Ayesha and Stephan Curry also run the Oakland based “Eat. Learn. Play Foundation.” It is a foundation founded and run towards the goal of reducing and ultimately eradicating child hunger, providing safe spaces for children and enhancing access to quality education.
Ayesha recently launched a brand named “Sweet July” which is composed of a product line, brick and mortar store and lifestyle magazine. She recently expanded the brand to include a film and TV production division.

Ayesha Curry’s “The Seasoned Life” is a melting pot of excellent food recipes. But this is not just any cookbook but rather an exploration into the life of a woman who clearly loves food.

With her African-Jamaican-Polish-Chinese American heritage even the title of the seasoned life is a perfect description of the delicious flavors you can expect from Curry.
Ayesha explicitly shares many of the recipes that have been in her family for generations including some that she made on the way to becoming a world renowned TV chef. She also does include some simplistic but beautiful photos of the cooked recipes spiced up with hilarious anecdotes from her life.
The cookbook comes with Jamaican dishes the native country of her mother, among many others from North Carolina and everything in between.
My favorite of the recipes is the trough of Savory and Sweet Shrimp and Girts that the author tops with peppers and bacon to make anyone’s mouth water. It is a decadent dish that is hands down one of the best recipes in the entire book as it provides some interesting twists to the making of grits and shrimp.
The entire cookbook is full of excellent recipes that are easy to make at home as they make use of easily accessible ingredients. Ashley Curry’s cookbooks are unlike other recipes as they do not have so much complexity to not allow for substitutions. In fact, she does point out that most of the ingredients in the recipes can be substituted with others.

“The Full Plate” by Ayesha Curry is just the cookbook you need to get if you have a family that wants something simple but delicious made without resorting to takeout. With the advent of quarantine in 2020, most people exhausted their recipes and with no end in sight, this cookbook comes as a breath of fresh air and a chance to mix it up.

The recipes are perfect for bringing back variety and flavor into every kitchen without needing meticulous planning. It is particularly good if you are interested in something that tastes and looks like a restaurant meal which can be hard to get in recent times.

I recently read this gem of a novel and I got to say that the collection of recipes is just amazing. The novel is full of variety and blows most recipes that you would find on Pinterest or a basic family recipe book out of the water.

I found the recipes and especially the flavors to be quite complex on the palette especially if you can find all the ingredients that she recommends you use. Since my family loves spicy foods, I was glad to find the cookbook given the fair amount of spice in the recipes. I also loved how it read very family friendly.

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