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Publication Order of A Candy Holliday Mystery Books

Town in a Blueberry Jam (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Town in a Lobster Stew (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Town in a Wild Moose Chase (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Town in a Pumpkin Bash (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Town in a Strawberry Swirl (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Town in a Sweet Pickle (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Town in a Cinnamon Toast (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Town in a Maple Madness (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Cozy Cookbook(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

B.B. Haywood is the author of the best selling Candy Holliday Murder Mysteries by New York Times. Actually, the name is a pseudonym to the amazing writing team and couple in life Beth Freeman and Robert Freeman. The idea of writing these amazing series came to them one day unexpectedly. In fact, as they were driving in the countryside, around the Maine area, they stopped at various little towns throughout the state and they were impressed by the beauty and peacefulness. That’s how they started writing the Candy Holliday Murder Mysteries. The plots of all of their books take place in these special small villages, around the Maine area.

These special mystery series consist of eight books: Today in Blueberry Jam (2009), Town in Lobster Stew (2011), Town in Wild Mouse Chase (2012), Town in Pumpkin Bash (2013), Town in Strawberry Swirl (2014), Town in Sweet Pickle (2015), Town in Cinamon Toast (2016) and the Cozy Cookbook. According to the authors, the continuity of the books was the hardest part, especially when they were writing those murder series. In fact, writing a book -according to them- is a process that can be stretched over some period of time – in some cases it might even take a few weeks or even years, in order to be completed. For example, it may take days to write just a few pages and even weeks just to write down 2 or 3 chapters. So, when you write something today, as they both point out, you need to remember what exactly you wrote last weekend, for example, or even last year and this sometimes can get a bit tricky. In addition, all the books have the same main character, Candy, who lives in a small village and takes care of her farm with her dad. But she always finds herself caught in a number of mystery murders, that take place in the cozy and peaceful town. In addition, in all the books runs on ongoing thread; the feuding between two local families, the Pruitts and the Skyes. Even though Candy is the main character in all the books, she is unaware of how much these families are responsible for pulling the strings around this small town.

Today in Blueberry Jam (February 2nd, 2010, by Berkeley)

The story of the first book of B.B. Haywood is around Maine area, a small but lovely coastal village of cape of Willington, where Candy Holliday lives an ideal and peacful life. The village also features a local bakery, where she occasionaly works. Actually, the authors treated Candy like she was a real person and they really liked her. They were inspired by thinking that she was real and she lived to her farm with her dad. The authors even began to like her a lot and they were inspired by her to continue their mystery books. They knew exactly the kind of person they wanted to create in their books, as their main character, an inteligent and hard working woman, who has a lot of common sense and a good amount of bravery. Moreover, she likes to solve mysteries. In this book, she lives in the village and looks after her farm, where she raises chickens and makes different products, like blueberry pastries. Her life is simple and quiet, but when shocking murders take place in the small vilage, where a playboy and the crowned Blueberry Queen are killed, during an annual festival in the small town, known as the blueberry festival, where Candy works as a volunteer and makes blueberry pies. She begins to understand that her idyllic place she lives is in serious trouble, when a simple and peaceful handyman is accused for a crime he didn’t commit. Candy and her friend Maggie are willing to find out what happened, solve all the mystery and clear out the name of the local handyman, who is wrongly accused for the crime. But it appears that her harmeless (seemingly) handyman, who she happens to like a lot, was seen leaving from the scene the crime was committed. In additon his brand new hammer was found exactly at that place. But the two girls are determined to know who the real killer and they start ‘digging’ secrets. Eventually she manages to sort through the dark and juicy secres of the town.

Town in Lobster Stew (February 1st, 2011, by Berkeley)

The second book of the mystery series by BB Haywood is talking a about an award winning recipe for lobster stew, a famous local recipe tthat happens in the small town the last 12 years. This recipe of lobster mysteriously disappears in an annual contest of Lobster Stew Cook-off and all the locals are surprised, because it’s something that they didn’t expect to happen in their small and peaceful hometown. The main character again is Candy, who finds herself again in the middle of unexpected events that happen in this small town, including rivalry, murder, trickery and long ago affairs and of course a number of well kept secrets. But she has no choice, but to try to find out who could indeed violate the laws in this small town and do such a thing. In fact, she is surprised when a local woman asks for her help, where the woman’s friend is missing and her secret recipe about lobsters has been stolen as well. The story actually gets very dark and many secrets take place. Even though Candy doesn’t want to mix up in similar dark mysteries anymore, she finally agrees to help the woman, but she again gets invloved in dark and mysteries situations that happen in the town. This second book of the mystery series centers also around the town of Cape Wellington. Even though some things are changing in the town, it is still the same old little and quiet town, with its problems. And when another local is murdered, Candy needs to find out what exactly happened, even if it means putting herself in danger for one more time.

These mysteries books are perfect stories, with minimal clues, but they offer good chances for the readers to find out who is the real murdered. The protagonist Candy is always the same. Even though she wants to live peacefully, she always finds herself caught in mystery and murder situations. But she always wants to try to find the solution and solve the mysteries.

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    Loved, loved this well written series. Sorry there are no more!


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