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B.B. Reid is a romance and fiction author from Charlotte with several novels to her name. She was brought up the middle child and only daughter of a middle-class family in small-town North Carolina. She went to college to study finance and then got a job in an investment research company during which time she also served as Military Police in the National Guard. While she was born in Queens, New York, her family moved her and her two brothers to North Carolina when she was five years old. Reid currently lives in Charlotte with Ivan her moody cat and when she is not writing her novels she loves binge eating chocolate and collecting Chuck Taylors.

B.B. Reid who also goes by Bebe started reading romances when she was thirteen and read a novel by Susan Johnson. She used to sneak into the attic or into her mother’s closet to find romance novels and reading these books soon become a hobby and later an obsession that would lead to her becoming a romance author in adulthood. As she grew older, she gravitated towards new adult romance and especially anything by Penelope Douglas. Nonetheless, she also does read fantasy, romantic suspense, and urban fiction. In fact, many of her novels have been compared to those of Penelope though Reid believes that they each bring their own uniqueness to their writings. While she can read novels in a lot of genres, she loves a romance that is not necessarily easy on the heart or the eyes. Reid loves to write about characters that seem to be doomed at the start but finally get to find love. She currently lives in North Carolina.

Unlike many authors who get their inspiration from happenings in their surroundings or circumstances, this is never the case for B.B. Reid. For instance, the idea for “Fear Me” her debut novel just popped into her head and she knew that she had to write a novel about a handsome man totally in love with a woman. She also just knew that her character had to be strong and independent while the hero would be bad as this would make for a nice rivalry. However, she tends to change her mind and when the novel was published it no longer had the rivalry aspect as Willow turned out stronger than Kieran. Instead of introducing fierce and strong heroines, Reid writes contrary to convention as she lets her heroines such as Lake transform from obedient mice into lions that can fight for what they want and get it. Most of her novels are also about an antihero since she had asserted that she was always fascinated by the anti-hero after reading different kinds of romances for more than ten years. Unlike your perfect hero, she writes flawed heroes as these tend to be the most adventurous and interesting. They also provide a love and hate conundrum which provides for some nail-biting tension.

“Fear Me” by B.B. Reid tells the story of the Prince of Bainbridge High, the dark figure named Keiran Masters. He is not a charming man by any stretch of the imagination but Lake Monroe gets him so smitten that he cannot recognize himself. He craves her like a drug but also hates her with such a passion that he thinks he is going mad. The only good thing going for him is that he has so far managed to keep his obsession a secret with only his close friends being privy to it. But then he had hurt her badly and had to leave town to escape her anger. But after ten years, he is back and finds that she is just as much of a temptation as she once more than a decade ago. He blames her for his exile and wants to cause her pain yet she still holds his heart ransom. It is an exhilarating story full of rollercoaster turns and twists even if it can be dark and painful at times.

Reid’s second novel “Fear You” tells the story of Keiran Master and Lake Monroe who have been at loggerheads since they were children. She had given in to him far too many times and he knows it, she knows it and everyone else knows it. He is now back after spending a few years in prison and thinks she was responsible for his conviction. He is still demanding her submission and her body and is as dark as ever. She has had enough and is not going to give in, having had a bad experience whenever she did. But fighting him will be a whole new experience. As for Keiran, he has given in to his dark and shocking past and knows that he cannot escape the demons that have been with him for more than a decade. He blames these demons for making him want the woman he should have no business wanting. But he had promised to make her break and he is not going to let up. But after tasting her submission, and conquering her body he finds a new addiction that may be harder to give up. With secrets unfolding, danger closing in and identities being revealed, they may finally come to the realization of the real meaning of fear.

B.B. Reid’s third novel is “Fear Us” the story of Keenan and Sheldon. Keenan had his world torn apart about four years ago and came very close to losing his life. Then he learned that his father was not really his father and that his supposed cousin was actually his brother. The woman he loved and planned to marry also left him leaving him angry and all alone. He had left his girlfriend Sheldon and gone on to become a playboy. Sheldon had forgiven him for leaving and cheating on her numerous times but one can only take so much. When she learned that he had been having an affair with some teacher, she could not take it anymore and broke it off with him. He did not even get the chance to explain himself as she is determined to ensure he does not look into her eyes ever again. But then he had decided to leave even after they had talked about running away together. She could not have been more pained as she had been thinking of taking him back. Now he is back as an arrogant cold monster and wants her back. Will she be able to resist him?

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    Is there a sequel to The Protector by BB REid

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      I don’t believe B.B. Reid ever wrote a book called The Protector.


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