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Publication Order of Lady Jane and Mrs Forbes Books

Murder Most English (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sea View Cottage Conspiracy (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Body at Penford Priory (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unfortunate Death of Lord Longbottom (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

B.D. Churston is the pen name of the writing team of a husband, wife, and their adult son who form an amazing partnership.

One of them has been working in radio and TV for at least 25 years, another has been working as a teacher for more than two decades and the other is a very good illustrator.
Churston published “Murder Most English” their debut novel and the first of the “Lady Jane & Mrs. Forbes Mystery” novels in 2022 and has been writing ever since.

The series of novels are set in England during the late 1920s which has to be one of historical fiction’s most popular eras.

B.D. Churston as a team is huge on Agatha Christie and there is a link to Christie in their pseudonym, given that they used to love spending family holidays in Devon many years ago.
Churston can usually be found on their website where they usually provide details on upcoming books and any other news.

“Murder Most English” is one of the best novels that B.D. Churston has ever written. In this light-hearted cozy we are treated to a great story as Kate Forbes and Lady Jane Scott her niece are about to become amateur sleuths.
The novel is set in 1927 England during the month of December. Kate and Jane had been close companions when Jane was a child but niece and aunt began drifting apart when she went to college and started living a very different life.
In this first novel of the series, they have a chance to reunite when they get invited to Linton Hall where there will be a society birthday.

But Jane is now an academically minded and independent 26-year-old and Aunt Kate is not so sure that she will have any role in her niece’s life now that she is just an unassuming widow.
At the party, Edward who is Lord Linton’s heir is back after spending several years in Paris. But he is still the old arrogant kid he was and he upsets many of the guests.

For Lady Jane and Kate who were looking forward to expensive champagne and canapes, the last thing they expected was that they would become amateur sleuths.

But then they find themselves pitting their wits against Scotland Yard’s Inspector Ridley to ensure that the wrong person will not be forced to pay for the crimes of another.
Faced with a motley crew of schemers, eccentrics, and social climbers, niece and aunt need to work together and untangle a web of deceit, lies, and secrets to find the culprit.

B.D. Churston’s novel “The Sea View Cottage Conspiracy” is a work set in 1928 England in the small hamlet of Sandham-on-Sea.

When Lady Jane Scott decides that she would be better off living with Kate Forbes her aunt, they are looking forward to relaxing on the beach, delicious clotted cream teas and Punch and Judy shows.
However, the activities of several suspicious persons, the disappearance of an elderly villager, and the arrival of Scotland Yard’s Inspector Ridley throw their well-laid plans into jeopardy.
It does look like they will not be having any fun with scrumptious calories for now as they have to become amateur sleuths looking into an international conspiracy.

It is a classic Golden Age cozy with a lot of intrigue and humor that had vibes of “Murder She Wrote,” “Miss Marple,” and “Poirot.”

What you will love even better are the charming characters, understated and droll humor, and excellent plot that whets your appetite for the next in the series.

B.D. Churston’s “The Body at Penford Priory” is an interesting work of fiction that is nothing like what our favorite characters from the previous novels have ever had to investigate.

When Kate Forbes visits Lady Jane Scott her niece who is working on an archeological dig, they are excited about what they could find about life in medieval times.

However, they never expected to find a body that seems to have been buried no longer than two decades ago. It is a perplexing mystery that necessitates the authorities to send in Scotland Yard’s Inspector Ridley.

With all manner of intrigue and humor, it has to be one of my favorite novels in the series. It does seem that the author is getting better with each novel even as Kate Forbes and Lady Jane her niece are getting more savvy with their investigations.
All in all, it is an excellent work that had me engrossed from the first page to the last.

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