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B.J. Alpha
B.J. Alpha is an author of steamy romances. She lives in the UK with her two sons, husband, and three dogs.

She loves writing feisty heroines and scorching hot heroes who have dirty mouths. She really loves Dark Romance.

Being an avid reader turned writer, she loves nothing more than a night in with a good book.

“Cal” is the first novel in the “Secrets and Lies” series and was released in 2021. A second chance romance with a jealous/possessive hero, secret baby, and some steamy sex scenes. Get ready to be taken on a journey of Secrets and Lies.

Cal only knew her as Carmen, the little hottie from their night of passion in Vegas, the love of his life! Fifteen years later after tracking down this cyber thief that has stolen millions from Cal and his family, he’s holding a gun to her head thanks to her dumbass son. But he’s not only her son, as secrets get revealed and right when he believes that things can’t get any worse? The Cartel are after them.

Lily’s teen son leaves a trail of destruction behind him in his wake, the latest is stealing millions from this Mafia family. Cal the sexy guy from her past comes barreling back into Lily’s life, as if it weren’t chaotic enough, he is holding a gun to her head. Her former lover is now her savior, but she’s not too sure he can handle all of the secrets and chaotic baggage that they bring.

“Con” is the second novel in the “Secrets and Lies” series and was released in 2022. They see Con as the fun one. The party animal, playboy. What they did not see is the real Con. Broken and fractured beyond all repair. She did though, she saw all of it and loved him anyway. However he pushed her away, which was the worst mistake of his life and he has hated himself every single day since. However when the stars align and a chance to bring her back into his life arises, Con decides that he is not letting her get away this time around. Only it’s not just her anymore.

Con broke Will’s heart into a million pieces. His actions had some devastating consequences, so she moved on, and built a better life for herself hoping to just forget about Con O’Connell. However fate has got a different plan and when he shows up at her door yet again they are swept into their history, both the bad and the good. She has no choice in the matter but to look for protection in the incredibly tortured shadow of her own past.

“Finn” is the third novel in the “Secrets and Lies” series and was released in 2022. Finn’s ‘Angel’ vanished from her life when he needed her the most. Left for no reason. Gone. His heart shattered, the longing for her all consuming. When he tracks her down almost nine years later, she is not the same girl that she used to be. Gone is the innocent and sweet blonde that he fell in love with.

She’s been replaced with a cherry red, tattooed woman with a foul mouth. However she does not care, she’s his. Always has been, and always will be. However it is not just her any longer. Angel’s got secrets. And lies. What’s she running from? And why won’t Angel allow Finn protect her? He refuses to allow her to run away from them anymore. Secrets have got a way of coming out. He just hopes that they are strong enough to survive all of them.

Angel woke up in a hospital bed after making a dumb mistake, the very last thing she believed she would see was Finn O’Connell staring down at her. The man that she left, and whose heart she broke. The man that’s dangerous to be around. He doesn’t care at all that she’s not the innocent girl she was when they were young. He doesn’t even care about the scars she carries inside and out. Only thing he cares about is them becoming a family.

Angel cannot let him get close. There is far too much at risk. Too many lies and secrets will be uncovered. However when the only guy she has ever loved makes her this offer she cannot refuse, it leads to rather devastating consequences, putting everything that she has ever cared about in serious jeopardy. Can they pull together and survive these lies and secrets? Or is the truth going to rip them apart?

“Born Reckless” is the first novel in the “Born” series and was released in 2022. A bad ass FMC makes a major mistake causing her world to collide with this stuck up rich boy that hates her for it.

One night is all that it took to change Frankie’s life for the worse. She grew up without any real blood family around and no real home. That is up until her uncle decided to be an unwelcome hero. He offered Frankie a new life, a home in his mansion, and a brand new start at this exclusive private school. He believes he’s better than she is. They all do. Particularly his hot as hell adopted son, Cameron. The reason that she’s on lockdown.

Uncle Jimmy believes that he is doing her a favor, however she knows his secrets. Just like he knows hers. However the difference between them all, is she would rather live her previous life than one like this.

In just a single night, Frankie destroyed something which meant the world to him. After filing charges, Cameron inflicts what he believes is hell by having her sent to a detention center, this place without a future. Lock-up. Where she belongs. He wants to get revenge, what was lost to him forever, however he will take what he can get.

That is, until his adoptive dad introduces him to his niece, and Cameron sees before him the very bane of his existence. He refuses to look into her eyes, to give in to the intrigue she stirs inside of him. He refuses to want her. Up until the decision is not even his.

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