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Publication Order of Ilamantium Saga Books

The House of Fire (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Weeping Of Willows (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Price Of Power (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

B.K. Cook is an accomplished American author. He is known primarily for his fictional work the Ilamantium Saga.

The author was born in the state of Tennessee, where he grew up being outside quite frequently. The outdoors was where he would do just about everything and had a very traditional childhood of playing outdoors. B.K. would always go hunting and fishing and always took part in playing any sport that he could play. He has always enjoyed animals and nature. It is this love and natural passion that ended up leading him to attend the University of Tennessee, where he graduated with his degree in animal science.

B.K. resides in the state of Florida today. He is married and shares his life with two golden retrievers and his incredible wife. He is usually busy working at the hospital but when the author is not there, he can usually be caught at the beach, the gym, or going for a walk with his dogs and his wife.

The House of Fire is the first book in the Ilamantium Saga by B.K. Cook. This book first came out for readers to enjoy in 2022. If you love science fiction or fantasy stories or have just been looking for something new to read, check this book out!

Main character Ward was never meant to be destined for a great life. He was just supposed to be a crumb, just above a slave in stature as he served the nobles that see over Vail. He was furthermore not supposed to be chosen at the Affinity Ceremony and was definitely never intended to be the one on whom what the world would become would depend.

Ward is a crumb, and he has the skill for contending with animals and tracking them as well. He never really figured out why he had this gift, but just knew that he always felt that the forest was his home. It was a place that was safe away from Alcorn, which was always so busy.

Ward has always loved tracking wild game and tracking them, so that was part of the reason why he spent so much time in t he woods. But it also was because it was a way to get away from being bullied and get away from the noble born kids that were the same age as him, who always seemed to think that it was a good idea to beat him up and harass him.

Ward believes that he finally might have his chance when he is picked at the Affinity Ceremony. Everything that he has ever experienced in life has flipped when he finds out that he has hidden powers inside of him. This is a big deal because the powers are supposed to be something that the noble class only enjoys. But he has been the one to develop them against all the odds.

This situation puts him into The House of Fire. There Ward finds out that whatever limits he has are about to be pushed to the max, farther than he would have thought was possible. But on the way through this journey, he’s also about to find out some true things about the world that he did not know about before, and also find out some true things about his family’s past that he never would have figured out on his own. Things that could end up changing everything.

Can Ward get through all of the training that he is about to undergo at The House of Fire? Can he also manage to show people that crumbs are more than the stereotypes out there about them, or will he find that through failure he has a front-row seat to watch the world fall apart? Read this compelling fantasy to find out what happens!

The Weeping of Willows is the second book in the Ilamantium Saga by B.K. Cook. It first came out for readers to enjoy in 2023. If you loved the events of the first book and want to find out what else is going to happen, you have come to the right place.

Fire is a symbol of purity and many things. People can be cleansed through the fire, forged in the fire. It is by going through the fire that we are able to come back to the earth.

Ward has gone through the first year of training along with the other people on his team at the House of Fire. However, Vail’s truth and what they found out about betrayal is still on all of their minds as they come into the next year.

Ward goes through the seed ritual, but sees a change that ends up sending the country for a loop. He may have been a crumb in his former life, but now this lowly person has become one of Vail’s most powerful people. It’s quite the transformation to be had, and Ward is the one that is left behind that must contend with his new situation and what it means for him. He is determined that despite everything he will survive.

The team must go into the wilderness, where they are about to find that even though they have grown and learned a lot about themselves they are not prepared for what lies ahead of them. As they go through different dangers, revelations, and betrayals, the team must do what they can to survive.

Ward has his new power but must also serve as a leader and protect the team, who he cares about deeply. What will he do if those he cares about go like his father did? Will the former crumb be able to deal with not being able to keep his new family safe?

Or will he find that he now has the power to do much more than he ever imagined that he could and come out on top? Anything is possible in this rousing fantasy tale. Check out the second book in The Ilamantium Saga by B.K. Cook to find out what happens!

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